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April 24, 2013 by ANTONIN FILICETTI
Chocolate, A Love Story With Nature

Chocolate...let that word melt over your heart and soul for a second... Do you feel it? When we were little, we called it magic! That magic is real, and it's here to save the world!

For most people, our ancestors were gardeners of some sort, or at least had a very close relationship with the plants that shared their environment. As "civilization" has progressed, we have lost that connection to nature, manifesting some pretty nasty DIS-ease, physically, spiritually, and  existentially. We are now no closer to our fellow neighbors than our other living plant and animal friends. In losing the connection to nature, we have lost some of the true essence of humanity, our sensual ability to experience the beauty in relationship with all of the living world. Concrete jungles and over-stimulation have pulled us out of the raw beauty of nature, and our foods have been nutritionally robbed by the industrial food model. Our inherent search for sensual experience has been hamstrung with an assault on our aesthetic playground of a planet. 

We have evolved to find pleasure in the colors, smells, textures, and flavors that told our ancestors which foods were nutritious and full of life. In a beautifully harmonic evolutionary dance, the plants evolved to provide more nourishment and more sensual joy as ur relationships with them strengthened. Certain cultures respected and cultivated these relationships, particularly with extremely nutrient dense foods called Superfoods. One of these powerful plants, respected and even worshiped in multiple places, is the Cacao bean, the amazing plant used to make chocolate!

Cacao is an attempt by nature to call us back to our senses, literally!

Chocolate has connected people in a sensory experiential ecstasy for thousands of years, across continents and national barriers. It is arguably the most connecting food on the planet. When made from raw, unprocessed, Cacao, it has over 1,200 nutritive chemical  components, and, because of its amazing complexity it shares a quality with another super food, wine, in that it still can't be recreated by scientists in a lab. Nature is the only place to find this gift. Cacao is doubly groovy because it also plays well with a variety of other Superfoods, like Maca root, the food of Incan warriors, Goji berries, the most nutritive berry on the planet, and monoatomic minerals. It's easy to combine them into delicious, nutritious, life activating energy foods! 

I challenge you all to get back in touch with nature for a second, just by embracing your love for chocolate. Live fully in the pleasure and sensual bliss held in the real power of the plant medicine. Smell, touch, taste, and use your eyes to drink in the colors and flavors this beautiful garden has to offer. It's only in embracing our aesthetic roots,and returning to nature, that we will start to make the choices to bring the magic back. 

Antonin Filicetti
has a background in Nutrition, Psychology, Anthropology, Organic Permaculture, and Biodynamic farming. He can personally attest to the healing magic in plant based whole foods and believes in the right to grow the most nutritious, colorful, flavorful, food possible. Visit Wholly Cacao's Facebook page

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