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Join PreventDisease on Facebook, Test Your Knowledge and Win Great Prizes

Congratulations to our most recent winner Debbie S.

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September 5th, 2012, we introduced a testing ground to quiz all the sharp and educated readers that visit daily. If you would like to participate in testing your knowledge on nutrition, health and wellness, we'll be offering a special incentive, but it will only be on facebook.

For a limited time, facebook users will have the chance to win a full prize kit courtesy of Click on the image below for details on the prizes.

Click image for magnified view


The goal here is education and to demonstrate how well-informed our audience is (because we know you are). However, you must abide by the guidelines to play and win.

1. To participate, you must LIKE our page on facebook by clicking here. If you already like our page, no action is necessary. Questions may be posted with our without notice and at different time periods throughout the day to give all facebook users across all times zones a chance to participate.

2. There will be no repeat winners. If you won once, you can't win the same prize again.

3. There is only one answer permitted per participant per question. The first answer from each participant is the only one that will count. Multiple guesses will not be accepted.

4. Although there may be more than one answer, the most correct answer wins and there will only be one correct answer per question. Format will be either multiple choice or fill in the blank.

5. If two or more correct answers appear from different participants with the same timestamp, the first answer posted by facebook will win.

6. The answer must be stated assertively as "the answer is _______." Unsure answers such as "I think it's" or "maybe it's" or using a question mark (?) at the end of your answer will not be accepted even if you have correctly stated the right answer. In other words, we don't want lucky guess winners. If you delete any answer after posting, you automatically remove yourself from the competition.

7. So that others can quickly scroll up to see who won, and also see the correct answer, please do not keep guessing once the winner has been declared and review the previous comments first before answering.

8. There will be a 30 minute time limit with no hints. The prize kit will only be open for winning during this period. Should the 30 minutes expire, no prize kits will be rewarded for correct answers after the expired time.

9. If you're ready to play and win, be ready to respond to accept your prize. If the winner does not respond to our facebook message within 1 hour of requesting their address, the prize will be awarded to the second place runner-up winner and so on, no exceptions. Requests for delivery address will initiate less than 5 minutes after the winner has been declared. You can also message us directly by clicking the "Message" button on the top right side of our facebook page.

10. Prize kit delivery will be worldwide, but please note that delivery times may vary and can take up to 15 business days depending on your location.

Good luck to everyone and please do email us if you have any further questions, concerns or suggestions.


1. Which of the following has the highest antioxidant value (i.e. highest oxygen radical absorbance capacity)?

a. cinnamon
b. tumeric
c. oregano
d. cloves
e. acai
f. cocoa

Answer: d. cloves
Winner: Nguyen N.

2. Which of the following countries is GMO-Free or has a national ban implemented for genetically modified foods.

a. United States
b. France
c. Iceland
d. Canada
e. Venezuela
f. Australia

Answer: e. Venezuela
Winner: Alessandra L.

3. What is the only vitamin not found in an egg?

a. vitamin c
b. vitamin k
c. vitamin e
d. vitamin b
e. vitamin a
f. vitamin d

Answer: a. vitamin c
Winner: Stana M.

4. Please select the MOST CORRECT answer below. Note there are two blanks in this question corresponding to each of the multiple choice answers below it.

The _____________:
- exudes antibacterial substances to prevent infection
- increases/decreases blood flow through its blood vessel network to allow ____________
- is larger than all the other organs
- absorbs critical nutrients that prevent disease

a. lungs; exchange of gases
b. brain; delivery of glucose
c. liver; filtering toxins
d. kidneys; delivery of proteins
e. skin; heat regulation
f. heart; delivery of oxygen

Answer: e. skin; heat regulation
Winner: Yasha M.

5. What is the correct order of foods with the highest pesticide loads (highest left to lowest right)


a. strawberries > celery > cucumbers > spinach
b. apples > sweet bell peppers > blueberries > spinach
c. peaches > lettuce > cucumbers > celery
d. kiwi > apples > celery > lettuce
e. apples > strawberries > eggplant > grapes
f. sweet bell peppers > grapes > lettuce > blueberries

Answer: f. sweet bell peppers > grapes > lettuce > blueberries
Winner: Christie L.

6. Coconut oil is by far one of the healthiest oils in the world and we strongly advocate it to prevent disease. Which of the following is FALSE regarding Coconut Oil.

a. 50 percent of its fat content is rarely found in nature
b. can combat tooth decay
c. is composed primarily of medium-chain fatty acids
d. has a low smoke point
e. has anti-viral properties
f. is low in saturated fat

Answer: f. is low in saturated fat
Winner: Donna T.

7. Which of the following toxins is the only one now OPENLY ADMITTED by the US government to be harmful to our health, yet absolutely no action is being taken to restrict its use on a federal level.

a. fluoride in drinking water
b. genetically modified foods
c. geoengineering (chemtrails)
d. vaccinations
e. microwave appliances
f. fiberglass insulation

Answer: a. fluoride in drinking water
Winner: Deb L.

8. Immunotoxic, excitotoxic, nephrotoxic, neurotoxic, myotoxic, carcinogenic, allergic and sterility agents are ALL found in which of following?

a. genetically modified foods
b. aspartame and neotame
c. vaccines
d. farmed fish and seafood
e. enriched wheat
f. processed deli meats

Answer: c. vaccines
Winner: Angela K.

9. Which is the ONLY sport that encompasses ALL of the following:

- Develops total body strength, flexibility, coordination, and
aerobic development.
- Enhances gross motor skills.
- Allows athletes to compete as individuals AND as part of a group.
- Develops core conditioning at the highest level
- Promotes bursts of vigorous exercise which increases the body's ability to burn fat
- Creates the most complete transitional athlete to compete in other sports
- One of the few sports that works every muscle in the body

a. surfing
b. diving
c. gymnastics
d. dance
e. weightlifting
f. mountain climbing

Answer: c. gymnastics
Winner: Cheryl H.

10. If sealed and stored, which of the following foods will NEVER spoil or go rancid, even without refrigeration?

a. Flax Seeds
b. Dried Figs
c. Pecans
d. Honey
e. Sunflower Seeds
f. Coconut Oil

Answer: d. Honey
Winner: Alicia M.

11. How many chemicals are found in the human body today that were not found in anyone's body in the early 1900s AND which departments of the US Federal Government is the world's largest polluter:

a. 20-50; Department of Agriculture
b. 50-100; Department of Energy
c. 100-300; Department of Transportation
d. 300-500; Department of Defense
e. 500-1000; Food and Drug Administration
f. 1000-2000; Department of Homeland Security

Answer: d. 300-500; Department of Defense
Winner: Lawrence P.

Which of the following metals is the only one:
- whose intra molecular force is the lowest of all metals
- that biomagnifies through the food chain
- that is more toxic to living cells than all the other metals
- that is still used in conventional drugs, vaccines and cosmetics:

a. uranium
b. arsenic
c. cadmium
d. aluminium
e. lead
f. mercury

Answer: f. mercury
Winner: Alison G.

Which two of the following represent the largest nutrient deficiencies in the world?

a. zinc and iron
b. vitamin c and vitamin d
c. vitamin k and vitamin b12
d. magnesium and folic acid
e. iodine and omega-3
f. calcium and vitamin b6

Answer: a. zinc and iron
Winner: Debbie.S

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