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Nov 23, 2013 by SHELLEY TZORFAS
More Children are Getting Shot; Are You Ready to Talk About the Real Root Cause Now?

Nothing happens in a bubble and there is a reason that children are killing children. There are reasons why we suddenly have a generation of sick kids dependent on psychotropic, mood elevating, behavior modifying, mind controlling drugs.

At one time mind- altering drugs were sold on the street at strip mall parking lots while orders were placed over the phone. Supplies were measured in ounces and pounds, carefully weighed on scales, and placed in neat little plastic bags. Almost all of the young entrepreneurs went on to college. Sometimes I ponder,”Where are those kids now?” and “How did they turn out?” They were too young to have been exposed to the anti-materialistic philosophy of the previous 60s generation. Next, Generation X came along, then Generation Y. But it is the kids born from the 1990s to the 2000s that are the most mind altered and chemically different. This group of kids is nearly grown now.

This group of children seems to be always connected to something. Always wired; a laptop, IPhone, IPAD, texting, and they are a generation of kids asking, “Why Not?” This group of kids was hovered over in after-school programs, sports programs, and enrichment programs, and were rarely left alone or unsupervised. These kids didn’t meet outside after dinner to run to the street and play kickball, stickball, or other unorganized activities. They were pushed to have better standardized test scores, better SAT scores, and generally over inflated quarterly marking period scores formally known as report cards. This generation caused more parents to be ‘digitized’ as well. The parents went to the computer to look at the child’s grades then emailed the teacher while texting the school aides.

Despite all this overwhelming attention, this generation has the highest incidence of ADHD, Autism, Tourette’s Syndrome, Seizure Disorders, Bipolar Imbalances, Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD), and others.

This is the first US generation where “Well Baby Check-Ups,” are celebrated with 9 - 20 forms of Vaccines in one day. You might think the baby got only four shots but the 4 needles include DPT, MMR, or the new 6 in one shot. Every few weeks there are more shots. They have become the most shot-up generation around the globe. Consequently, their bodies and brains have been damaged with toxic adjuvant cocktails, added to trick the immune system, of Aluminum, Embalming fluids, Ether, Polysorbate 80, Antifreeze, Fetal cells, parts of rats brains, dog kidney cells, pigs, cows, caterpillar parts, Thimerosal, Formaldehyde, Squalene and one of my favorites, peanut by products leading to Anaphylactic shock and increased sales for Epi Pens.

This science experiment has had mostly tragic results. The kids are bouncing off the walls instead of playing with balls. They are aggressive, angry, learning disabled, and out of control, particularly the boys. I contend that the chemicals have damaged their brains. The chemicals have interfered with normal functioning as a whole. It is no longer one or two ill children that stand out, but whole groups of children that are increasingly affected. 1 in every 6 child in the US has a Developmental Disability. 1 in every 5 child has Neurological Impairment. 1 in 10 is estimated to have Attention Deficit Disorder.

Even school teachers are diagnosing and recommending medications and this was not the case until the US passed a law that said you could never sue a vaccine maker in regular courts. The vaccine industry was given permanent immunity. Thus, by this generation kids went from a few vaccines to more than 70 vaccines, 36 of which are administered before the age of two.

I am as moved by the recent Newtown shootings as you are. However, I am hopeful that this tragic incident ushers in a conversation that gets to the very ROOT of the problem. Perhaps this can be, “The Shot Heard Round the US?” The very root of the problem is that our kids are being assaulted with dangerous toxic substances from birth through the use of needles and this mad science experiment must stop! Remember that Science includes observation and you can easily observe the ill condition of today’s children in any movie theater, shopping mall, or area of congregation.

Some people think that guns are to blame, others think that single mom’s are to blame; some believe that just the psychiatric medications are to blame followed by the problems of genetically altered foods, video games, but these issues contribute to today’s problems, and are not at the core.

When you inject so many poisons into a developing nervous system, even in utero, it can head towards the brain and cause mini-strokes. The previously mentioned dangerous toxic adjuvant chemicals forever alter the children’s ability to regulate themselves via temperature, mood, feelings, and more. I long for the ‘good old days’ when the only drug dealer we worried about was the kid up the street. Remember, vaccines are drugs. People in white coats are drugging kids. The innocent kids have been perpetually shot up since birth in the “name” of health. By the time the infant is 3 hours old they have received a shot to prevent a sexually transmitted disease that they could not get unless he or she is an IV drug user, having sex, or if the mother has Hepatitis B. Common sense would be to test the mother’s blood to see if she has Hepatitis B, but rather than perform this simple task, the pharmaceutical industry preferred to have each newborn shot for profit. Not only that, it is one of the only shots created that is not really intended to benefit the baby, rather they hope that in 20-30 years from now Hepatitis B MIGHT decline.

Added to the list are injections given to pregnant women whose fetuses are exposed to Flu shots containing Thimerosal (49.6% ethyl mercury) and Diptheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus shots, more commonly known as a DPaT. It matters little that the Pertussis portion has been ineffective as evidenced by the ongoing epidemic in which the majority of children with Whooping Cough were already vaccinated multiple times yet still succumbed. Researchers have pointed out the Whooping Cough is now at its highest incidence since the time that vaccine was invented, despite all the many shots given for it.

Many parents claim their child’s seizures or collapsing began right after the second or third DPT shot but that continually falls on deaf ears. They are religiously told that their child’s sudden fever is just a coincidence; “the baby must have already had a virus”. They were NOT told that the package insert for the vaccine that the doctor receives says, ”May cause Autism, May cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, May cause Diabetes.”

Enough time has lapsed to see the results of over-vaccinating our kids, they have become chronically ill, increasingly threatening to themselves, their parents, schools, and neighborhoods, as well as a financial burden to all of society. Is it any wonder that these already chemically brain damaged children, who wound up requiring psychiatric medications for conditions ultimately caused by their vaccines, commit such violent crimes that we see today when kids decide to pick up guns and shoot their classmates.

When it comes to the art of wellness and immunity, let’s put the needles down and stop shooting innocent kids; thereby rolling back the need for psychiatric medication, because after all … “Less is More.” Now stick out your tongues and say, AHH.

Shelley Tzorfas has been working with children privately who are diagnosed with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other issues for more than 25 years in a 1-to-1 holistic program. She is the author of Recovering Autism, ADHD, and Special Needs. She believes there is a window of opportunity to empower and heal these children. You CAN do this; you the parent, can learn to heal your child now!

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