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Feb 12, 2014 by MONA DELFINO
Transference: Universal Energy Exchange

So many of you who know my articles and my work know that I am a healer of strong magnitude. I wanted to share with you something that I have noticed recently that seems to be making other light workers AND everyone else quite is called "Transference."

Over the years I have had several students tell me that they do not like doing massage because they feel everyone else's emotions. They ask, "Mona, can I shut that off so I don't have to feel that?" My answer usually goes something like, "If that is what you want, then maybe you need to consider going back to a 9 to 5 job. But even then, you will feel emotions from others because you are already sensitive." Well that's not the answer some people choose to hear, however, it's true.

It's not easy to turn off these feelings that seem to mimic someone else's emotions, so I have a method that works rather well. First of all, if you feel you aren't acting yourself or suspecting this might be someone else's energy you are "picking up,"simply state..."This isn't mine." Recognition is the best solution for clearing certain energies out of a body. It's not important to know whose it is necessarily, as you could have picked up a headache when you passed a gent in a grocery store.

Saying this out loud for yourself will usually counteract it and helps it dissipate. If it is indeed someone else's energy, you will be pleasantly surprised when you begin to feel better in just a few minutes.
You see, we are all (to some extent) energy runners. Science calls it "transducers...givers and receivers of energy." Recently I have noticed a huge influx of more telepathic communications with people and animals, and many clients and other colleagues are noticing the same. We are becoming "larger beings" in our spirit and as the Universe changes and grows, we do too. Therefore we are also becoming more innately connected to our fellow human family! 

I want to share this for anyone wondering what is happening to them, and if they are feeling stuck, lost, sleepless, anxious, etc. because the truth is it may not be you.

My friend, Bruce Lipton, Cellular Biologist and wonderful author of "Biology of Belief", "Spontaneous Evolution," and recently, "The Honeymoon Effect", clearly states that humans are like cells. Our environment can shift us into energies we do not necessarily want to adhere to. If you put a cancer cell in a petri dish of several healthy cells, the cancer cell will eventually become healthier, and visa versa. So it's our environment that can shift our perceptions.

The trick in this little ditty is to be able to be more aware as to not become a fish in the sea, so to speak. This is why it is so important for us to become who we truly are by accepting our deepness, and stay true to ourselves. In doing this, we can love better, feel more, stay compassionate, and have a fuller life.

In a world of extremes now, we are also becoming bigger in spiritual living. It's an awesome feeling to love, and not get too caught up in someone else's lesson. Stay true to you, and this can lead you to a future that is fulfilling on every level.

Much love to each of you in these incredible times we live in.
~  Mona Delfino~

Mona Delfino is a teacher, leader and healer, starting with being born Shaman. She has found her passion in seeing people heal from the depths of their soul, being able to assist them through the process with reading their souls energy from lifetimes that have created blockages in their freedom for todays times. Mona is a National Speaker and a leader in the field of Medical Intuition. She works on individuals through Skype, phone, and hands on sessions. Visit her website

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