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March 25, 2014 by RON RATHBURN
Kelee Meditation, Groundbreaking Research On The Mind and the Anatomy of the Kelee at UCSD

It is has long been known, in the world of medicine that emotional problems can manifest as physical ones.  Emotional stress becomes distress to the nervous system and does not allow it to work properly.  How does one decompress the stress that living in our modern society brings?  What makes Kelee meditation different? 

 If you study how most forms of meditation work, you will see they are actually a concentration exercise, where the student focuses on an object, a mantra, or on their breathing.  In Kelee meditation, the student learns to be still, in the place that precedes what they’re focusing upon.  By learning to still the mind in a specific way, via the anatomy of Kelee, and by learning the basic principles of the Kelee, a new way of understanding meditation, and the mind can be learned. And so, what is the Kelee?  The word Kelee (pronounced key-lee) is in ancient Sanskrit, Greek and Hebrew word, and means vessel or receptacle.  The Kelee is the receptacle of one’s life experience.  If one has not had any negative experiences in their life, their Kelee will be open.  But who hasn’t had any negative experiences? 

Have you ever been in a good state of mind and been triggered by someone into a bad mood?  When you find yourself reacting in ways, that you don’t like, you are experiencing negative emotion from thought-form images, commonly referred to as issues or compartments.  Compartments are negative emotional issues that become trapped within the Kelee.

And so, how does practicing Kelee meditation decompress negative emotion? 

For anyone who has tried to quiet their thought activity, the first thing they will say is, "It’s not easy" and "How do you stop thinking about negativity and looping through it"?

When you learn the basic principles of the Kelee, you will see there is a distinctive difference between the brain, where thinking is, and the mind.  When you access the deeper states of mind, you move away from the incessant brain chatter.  When you understand the anatomy of the Kelee, you will learn to relax out of brain function, and be still, in mind function.  It is from a still mind that you stop giving negative mental energy to compartments and feeding them.  Compartments are not only a negative feeling mentally, but have a degenerative effect on the central nervous system, and every other system in the body. Once in your Kelee, they can pull energy from your immune system 24/7. When you give energy to negativity, you are robbing your physical body of vitality.

To heal the physical body one must start by cleaning up the negative condition of the Kelee.  It is from learning to move out of the thinking process in the lesser Kelee, and relaxing into the greater Kelee, that detachment from thinking is achieved. This detachment from compartments starts the process of health and regeneration, soothing the nervous system into healing the physical body.      

The founder of Kelee meditation is Ron W. Rathbun. He began practicing stillness of mind in 1975, at the age of 19, as a way to help himself feel at peace within, and with the outside world.  Ron learned about the inner-workings of the Kelee, by carefully observing his thoughts and mind, after being still.  People who knew Ron, saw how much calmer and non-reactive he was, and asked him to teach them, what he had learned about the Kelee. 

Since those early years of teaching, how people have heard of KM, has been by word-of-mouth, or through his books.  In 2005, Dr. Daniel Lee a physician at UCSD was referred to Ron.  Dr. Lee was profoundly impacted by how practicing KM had helped him be a better physician and a better man.  He also realized that KM could greatly help his patients.  In 2013, Dr. Lee completed a five year medical study showing how practicing KM can significantly decrease one's stress, anxiety and depression. 

If you would like to learn Kelee meditation.  The first book to read is, Kelee Meditation: Free your Mind by Ron W. Rathbun.

The author also has several other publications on

If you would like to learn more about the Kelee and the health benefits of Kelee meditation, visit

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