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JUNE 3, 2014 by EDITOR
Facebook Censorship Filters At An All Time High Blocking Art and The Most Basic of Human Experiences

We wanted to give our readers a small sample of how excessive facebook censorship filters have become, blocking art and some of the most innocent moments, all due to the probability of offending specific groups of people who are just a tad too sensitive to content that is not offensive at all. Some may say that is subject to interpretation, so you be the judge.

BLOCKED - This image is a beautiful moment being shared between a mother and her child. Any genitalia is far too obscure to notice on the child and the mother's areola is hidden. The image was flagged and removed from facebook.

BLOCKED - An image we posted a few weeks ago (and had permission from the artist) was a beautiful work by Cheryl Ann Lipstreu portraying Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull. It is a powerful image that should have gone viral, but was flagged as “porn” by facebook. We only see beauty and artistic brilliance in this image, but apparently painted bodies are too intense for facebook viewers. Several complaints were made by facebook users, not just on our page but others, and consequently the image was removed.

BLOCKED - An image we posted today showing a very sweet moment from a child caught in the act of raiding the fridge was also blocked. What is ironic is that we captioned this image with the following text "You know our society has gone a little cuckoo when people need to censor a child's little bum because some people are offended." Despite the child's intentionally censored back side, this image was also removed by facebook and flagged as inappropriate.

BLOCKED - All children who see their mothers breastfeed at one point or another want to imitate them with their own dolls. This innocent photo captured that moment, but that's too offensive for facebook and it was removed.

BLOCKED - Facebook has something against elbows -- at least, elbows that somewhat resemble bare breasts. Within 24 hours of its posting, this photo was removed and an email was sent to the page owner notifying the group that their picture had violated the site's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. After noticing its mistake, Facebook sent a statement to the site apologizing for the error.

BLOCKED - According to their guidelines, Facebook will only remove naked breastfeeding photos where the nipple is clearly exposed. Not really as they remove hundreds of pictures per day such as the one below without even a hint of the nipple or areola exposed.

BLOCKED - A yoga pose while exposing a woman's behind is a no-no on facebook. A woman's rear-end in this position is far too revealing. Millions of close-ups of women in bikinis and G-strings on all sorts of facebook pages are fine, but an artistic pose showing her backside...sorry...facebook has got to take that down.

The above images are just a half dozen of thousands that are now being censored regularly on facebook. One of the biggest downfalls of the automated censors is that they cannot distinguish between art forms and subjective porn propaganda. Notices such as this one below are then sent to page owners with threats to take their entire page down for repeat offenses.

Facebook plays censor, judge and jury. There is no appeal process which is a problem when censorship occurs, as it so frequently does, in response to objections submitted by a third-party. A complaint-driven review procedure creates a very real risk that perfectly acceptable content will be triggered for removal based on the vocal objections of a disgruntled minority.

We understand everybody has levels of tolerance, however we will flat out tell our audience in no uncertain terms that if the above images offend you, please do unlike our facebook page and pursue other pages that better align with your sensibilities.

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