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Big Pharma Convinces The World Health Organization (WHO) To 'Strongly Encourage' All Gay Men Worldwide To Take AIDS Drugs

In a bold and cowardly move, the World Health Organization (WHO) has succumb to pressure from Big Pharma in promoting worldwide recommendations which "strongly encourage" all gay men to take AIDS drugs. It's a shocking precedent which sets up the mass medicating of a specific demographic of human beings, regardless of infection rates.

In the past decade, the emergence of competition from generic manufacturers, and direct negotiation with pharmaceutical companies have all contributed to a dramatic drop in the price of certain AIDS drugs. Pharmaceutical companies have pressured the WHO for more than a decade to encourage preventative drug therapy to gay and bisexual men who are more severely affected by AIDS than any other group.

For the first time, the WHO is now ‘strongly recommending’ gay men take antiretroviral AIDS drugs to protect themselves against infection. It's labeled pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP. That's another fancy term used by pencil pushers to create wide markets in the area of pharmaceutical drugs.

Some of the biggest names in Pharma are behind the push including Roche, Merck, Abbott, Bristol-Myers Squibb and others.

Many will remember in 2009 how investigations on the flu pandemic hype exposed the malicious intent by the agencies involved. The hype which was masterfully publicized by the WHO, CDC and other government agencies, was simply an evolving perpetual motor of deception.

Much like vaccination which takes a segment or potential percentage of an estimated population and attempts to create a preventive measure for the entire population, PrEP does much of the same thing based on shady science and manipulated studies. All of it is based on the presumption of risk, not actual risk. So-called AIDS experts are estimating that globally, HIV incidence among gay men could be cut by 20 to 25 percent through PrEP.

"Globally we are failing certain populations that have the greatest risk yet we know have universally poorer access to health services," said Gottfried Hirnschall, director of the WHO's department.

"The reason we are adding this to our prevention choices for men who have sex with men is that we have these very worrying increases in HIV incidence," added Rachel Baggaley, coordinator of the WHO's department for HIV/AIDS.

The WHO said studies estimate female sex workers are 14 times more likely to have HIV than other women, gay men are 19 times more likely to have HIV than the general population, and transgender women are almost 50 times more likely than other adults to have HIV. For injecting drug users, the risks of HIV infection can be 50 times higher than the general population. Based on these figures, the risk assessment is to cover all gay men.

These people are most at risk of becoming infected with the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS, yet are least likely to get HIV prevention, testing and treatment services, the Geneva-based United Nations health agency said.

There has been a stunning disregard for the scientific process and a very disturbing breach of public trust when it comes to research behind HIV and whether it causes AIDS at all.

Regardless, the WHO is hiding behind figures which show that high risk populations continue to have high infection rates, and their claim is to approach hard-to-reach gay populations to get the right prevention messages, or in other words, getting them the ineffective preventive drugs. "Failure to provide the drugs jeopardizes further progress against the global epidemic," claims the WHO.

The WHO report, released ahead of the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia on 20 July, said that by the end of 2013, around 13 million people worldwide were taking AIDS drug treatment.

The plan is to set the stage in the next decade to get the drugs into every gay man to expand the market and increase the profit base under the guise of protection.


Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.

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