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Connecting the Dots in Developing Brain Disorders

A recent Canadian study broadcast on CTV had surprising new findings on cerebral palsy. Historically, the disease has been linked to brain injury in the fetus. According to the information presented by the study, however, at least one in ten cases are due to an underlying genetic disorder. 

As CTV stated, "So ingrained has medical dogma been around the root causes of cerebral palsy that 'when I showed the results to our clinical geneticists, initially they didn't believe it,'" [principal investigator Stephen Scherer] said."

Scherer went on to say, "I think what's really interesting here is that what was thought to be an almost entirely environmental disorder (caused by fetal injury or infection) has a significant genetic component." 

In reality, it is preconceived dogma of root causes that drives the research studies; the only time researchers get any breakthrough is when they think outside the box, like this study did.

Still, the study concludes that parents may not be able to do anything to stave off cerebral palsy, which might not be the case. One BMJ study found that perinatal exposure to neurotropic viruses to be associated with preterm delivery and cerebral palsy.

JAMA published a study which indicated that the MMR vaccine is associated with an increased rate of febrile seizures, which could be attributed to vaccine-induced fever.

There is a connection with viruses and vaccinations; some are linked with fever and in turn liver toxicity causing jaundice. Perhaps the connection is with viral conditions resulting from vaccinations.

An Environmental Research paper stated, "Perinatal exposure to methylmercury is known to result in severe neurological effects on the developing fetus and infant, including cerebral palsy, mental retardation, and seizures."

paper from JAMA Pediatrics found interesting results in a similar vaccination study: "Severity of poisoning in mothers was related to the peak [methylmercury] concentration in their hair and in the infants to the maximum concentration in maternal hair during pregnancy. In nine cases of cerebral palsy, methylmercury exposure occurred only during the last trimester. All infants except three (two were orphaned soon after birth and one was bottle-fed) were exposed postnatally via suckling."

Natures provided relief without side effects:  First research if there are vaccination connections and or environmental contaminations, and then consider healthy brain boosters like DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) or a combination brain directed nutraceutical like Neurotransmitter Support, and lastly GABA, (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid)

DMAE: DMAE has the ability to enhance brain functions at the higher level and can compensate for various neuropsychological deficits ranging from cognitive processes to aging itself. DMAE greatly reduces the lipofusion from brain and nerve cells and is able to cross the blood brain barrier. DMAE has proven to be a safe alternative for such learning and behavior problems as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Hyperkinesias.

Neurotransmitter Support: Brain energy metabolism is very important to normal brain function, so it’s no surprise to find that this factor is reduced in Alzheimer’s victims and other dementia patients: the greater the loss of energy, the more severe the dementia.  Neurotransmitter Support’s precision formulation acts to improve brain energy metabolism, and with it, brain function.

GABA: Research done at The Pain & Stress Therapy Centre in San Antonio Texas has shown pure GABA 750 mg can mimic the tranquilizing effects of Valium or Librium without the possibility of addiction or fear of being sedated. GABA fills the receptor in the brain and feeds the brain what should be there. Pure GABA dissolves in water; it is tasteless, odorless, and the calming results occur within 10 to 12 minutes.

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