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The Benefits of Apple Cleansing

Now that autumn has arrived for those of us living above the equator, let's have a look at a simple detoxification routine that you can follow without making any major changes to your daily routine.

This is a simple detoxificantion routine that will bring many health benefits as you begin this plan.

This type of cleansing will regulate your digestive system and allow your liver to function more efficiently in burning calories and releasing fat from your cells. Ursolic acid from apple peels helps to fight growing waistlines by increasing calories burned.

Apples are a widely consumed, rich source of phytochemicals, and epidemiological studies have linked the consumption of apples with reduced risk of some cancers, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and diabetes. In the laboratory, apples have been found to have very strong antioxidant activity, inhibit cancer cell proliferation, decrease lipid oxidation, and lower cholesterol.

Canadian scientists have found that the fruit is more effective than other "superfoods" including green tea and blueberries as a source of antioxidants and chemical compounds called flavonoids that combat potentially life-threatening conditions. Two apples a day have been found to be more effective at reducing heart disease than statin medications.

Here's what you do:

Eat nothing but apples - any variety you like - whenever you are hungry, from the time that you wake up to the time that you usually have dinner.

For dinner, you can have what you usually have. But it would be best if you could have your dinner meal consist of at least 50 percent green vegetables.

Here are a few examples of optimal dinner meals:

Example A

Steamed broccoli
Brown rice

Example B

Steamed kale
2 organic eggs, scrambled

Example C

Steamed asparagus, spinach, and green peas
Three ounces of wild salmon

If you find yourself looking for a snack later on at night, go back to munching on apples. And if you really need something more, have your crisp apple slices with almond butter.

Do not eat bread, rice or starchy vegetables, such as potatoes (any kind), corn or artichokes. (See recommended dinner menu's below.)

As an alternate to apples, eat raw vegetables, but do not combine apples & veggies, make it one or the other. No dips, no sauces, eat the veggies raw or steamed.

If you're using a green food powder and/or any other whole food supplements, take one or both with your dinner meal.

That's it.

Many people who have followed this detox routine have reported losing unwanted weight, feeling more energetic, having clearer skin, and just plain feeling better than they have in a long time.

And because this routine will supply your body with healthy calories whenever you are hungry, the detoxification effects will not be so abrasive that you will have to take time off of work or from your daily routine to get extra rest.

Another nice feature to this routine is that you can benefit from following it for one day, several days, or even a few weeks.

Just one note of caution: if you have high blood sugar or any problems related to your blood sugar regulating mechanisms, you may want to substitute apples with non-sweet vegetables like lettuce, celery, tomatoes, and cucumber. And of course, before following this or any other detoxification routine for more than a few days, it's prudent for you to consult with a health care provider who can provide you with personalized guidance as you seek to get healthier.

Speaking of lettuce and celery, it's fine to eat them raw along with apples throughout the day - they'll provide plenty of minerals, and won't take anything away from the cleansing process.

Although apples are a huge benefit to the body, if you do have high blood sugar problems, you may want to substitute the apples with non-sweet vegetables like lettuce, spinach, celery and cucumber. But opt for apples for better cleansing results.

Hope this apple cleansing routine proves to be beneficial to your health.


Natasha Longo
has a master's degree in nutrition and is a certified fitness and nutritional counselor. She has consulted on public health policy and procurement in Canada, Australia, Spain, Ireland, England and Germany.

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