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OCTOBER 31, 2014 by EDITOR
25 Questions That Establish Your Health and Nutrition I.Q.

We often get so caught up in the promotion of specifics on health, nutrition and disease prevention, that we forget there are many people who have a very limited understanding of even the basics. We know many of you struggle to keep up with current information because our authors typically do not reintroduce factoids they know and take for granted. Whether you are just awakening to the new paradigm in health and wellness, or simply an avid reader and researcher, we've developed 25 questions that will help you assess your health and nutrition IQ. Be careful, because if you do really well, we may harass you to join our team.

Answers Key is at the bottom (don't peek until you've completed all 25 questions). Please answer honestly to test your knowledge without accessing any other source of information.

1. Which of the following has the highest antioxidant value (i.e. highest oxygen radical absorbance capacity)?

a. cinnamon
b. tumeric
c. oregano
d. cloves
e. acai
f. cocoa

2. Which of the following countries is GMO-Free or has a national ban implemented for genetically modified foods.

a. United States
b. France
c. Iceland
d. Canada
e. Venezuela
f. Australia

3. What is the only vitamin not found in an egg?

a. vitamin c
b. vitamin k
c. vitamin e
d. vitamin b
e. vitamin a
f. vitamin d

4. What is the correct order of foods with the highest pesticide loads (highest left to lowest right)


a. strawberries > celery > cucumbers > spinach
b. apples > sweet bell peppers > blueberries > spinach
c. peaches > lettuce > cucumbers > celery
d. kiwi > apples > celery > lettuce
e. apples > strawberries > eggplant > grapes
f. sweet bell peppers > grapes > lettuce > blueberries

5. Coconut oil is by far one of the healthiest oils in the world and we strongly advocate it to prevent disease. Which of the following is FALSE regarding Coconut Oil.

a. 50 percent of its fat content is rarely found in nature
b. can combat tooth decay
c. is composed primarily of medium-chain fatty acids
d. has a low smoke point
e. has anti-viral properties
f. is low in saturated fat

6. Which of the following toxins is the only one now OPENLY ADMITTED by the US government to be harmful to our health, yet absolutely no action is being taken to restrict its use on a federal level.

a. fluoride in drinking water
b. genetically modified foods
c. geoengineering (chemtrails)
d. vaccinations
e. microwave appliances
f. fiberglass insulation

7. Immunotoxic, excitotoxic, nephrotoxic, neurotoxic, myotoxic, carcinogenic, allergic and sterility agents are ALL found in which of following?

a. genetically modified foods
b. aspartame and neotame
c. vaccines
d. farmed fish and seafood
e. enriched wheat
f. processed deli meats

8. If sealed and stored, which of the following foods will NEVER spoil or go rancid, even without refrigeration?

a. Flax Seeds
b. Dried Figs
c. Pecans
d. Honey
e. Sunflower Seeds
f. Coconut Oil

9. How many chemicals are found in the human body today that were not found in anyone's body in the early 1900s AND which departments of the US Federal Government is the world's largest polluter:

a. 20-50; Department of Agriculture
b. 50-100; Department of Energy
c. 100-300; Department of Transportation
d. 300-500; Department of Defense
e. 500-1000; Food and Drug Administration
f. 1000-2000; Department of Homeland Security

Which of the following metals is the only one:
- whose intra molecular force is the lowest of all metals
- that biomagnifies through the food chain
- that is more toxic to living cells than all the other metals
- that is still used in conventional drugs, vaccines and cosmetics:

a. uranium
b. arsenic
c. cadmium
d. aluminium
e. lead
f. mercury

Which two of the following represent the largest nutrient deficiencies in the world?

a. zinc and iron
b. vitamin c and vitamin d
c. vitamin k and vitamin b12
d. magnesium and folic acid
e. iodine and omega-3
f. calcium and vitamin b6

12. Which of the following diagnostic tools is the ONLY ONE that DOES NOT cause cancer?

a. Therapeutic Ultrasound
b. Thermography
c. Mammography
d. X-Rays
e. Positron Emission Tomography
f. CT Scans

13. Consumption of which of the following FAILS to prevent heart risks AND lower blood pressure?

a. Dark Chocolate
b. Foods Containing Vitamin C
c. Low Salt Diet
d. Pea Protein
e. Gazpacho
f. Cranberry Juice

14. Which of the following is the ONLY NON-TOXIC soy food fit for human consumption?

a. fresh green soybeans
b. dry soybeans, soy nuts or soy flour
c. soy milk (i.e. Silk, Vitasoy, soydream, westsoy)
d. Tempeh
e. Tofu
f. soy sprouts

15. Which of the following blockbuster drugs is the best selling and also linked to cancer, diabetes, alzheimer's, memory loss, dementia, depression and kidney damage? Moreover, scientists are now discovering that it acts to artificially decrease something in the body that could cause long-term and negative health effects.

a. Advair Diskus
b. Nexium
c. Plavix
d. Seroquel
e. Lipitor
f. Abilify

16. Which of the following minerals is vital to human health AND the initial trigger in our immune response to healing?

a. zinc
b. magnesium
c. selenium
d. potassium
e. calcium
f. sodium

17. What vitamins can be produced in the body?

a. D and K
b. B12 and C
c. B6 and E
d. B3 and C
e. B7 and C
f. D and E

18. Which organ is responsible for the greatest loss of potassium?

a. liver
b. large intestine
c. skin
d. kidney
e. pancreas
f. heart

19. Human body factoid: For every 5 pounds of fat gained, how many miles of new blood vessels are formed in the body?

a. 7
b. 15
c. 35
d. 48
e. 60
f. 82

20. Which of the following vegetables has the highest vitamin C content?

a. broccoli
b. chives
c. parsley
d. kale
e. tomatoes
f. red peppers

21. Which gland in the human body is responsible for all of the following?

-Secretion of the Hormone Melatonin
-Regulation of Endocrine Functions
-Causes Feeling of Sleepiness
-Influences Sexual Development
-Considered The "Third Eye"
-Accumulates High Levels of Fluoride

a. pancreas
b. pituitary
c. pineal
d. hypothalamus
e. thyroid
f. adrenals

22. Which of the following burns the LEAST amount of calories?

a. sleeping
b. sitting, playing video games
c. sitting, watching TV
d. sitting, browsing the internet
e. sitting, staring at the wall
f. lying down, talking on the phone

23. Which of the following foods IS NOT an incomplete protein?

a. Quinoa
b. Black Sesame Seeds
c. Kidney Beans
d. Soy Nut
e. Corn
f. Wheat

24. What is the essential base for all metabolic processes in the body?

a. Vitamins
b. Bacteria
c. Carbohydrates
d. Proteins
e. Fats
f. Water

25. The ONLY scientific (and extremely negligible) evidence that has EVER validated the effectiveness of fluoride in terms of cavity prevention has been through which type of application:

a. Ingested
b. Topical
c. Inhaled
d. Aerosolized
e. Injected
f. Naturalized

* Answer Key *


Less than 10 Correct -
You need to brush up on the wealth of information available at your finger tips. Sign up for our newsletter, visit our facebook page or simply cruise through our website for information that will empower you to learn more.

10-17 Correct - You're getting there. You have developed a foundation in some principles and likely on your way to expanding in many other areas.

18-20 Correct - Well done and you are no newbie at this. You've done considerable research and obtained a good level of knowledge to get to this level.

21-23 Correct - You are well-versed in progressive concepts related to holistic health and nutrition. Your knowledge is approaching a high level in alternative and complementary health and you probably find it challenging to listen to the jargon of mainstream educators in health and nutrition. If you get any smarter they'll call you a quack.

24+ Correct
- You are either one of our authors or you should be. Did you use google for every question? If not, there is no two ways about're a superstar. Contact us.


1) d. cloves
2) e. Venezuela
3) a. vitamin c
4) f. sweet bell peppers > grapes > lettuce > blueberries
5) f. is low in saturated fat
6) a. fluoride in drinking water
7) c. vaccines
8) d. Honey
9) d. 300-500; Department of Defense
10) f. mercury
11) a. zinc and iron
12) b. Thermography
13) c. Low Salt Diet
14) d. Tempeh
15) e. Lipitor
16) e. calcium
17) a. D and K
18) d. kidney
19) c. 35
20) f. red peppers
21) c. pineal
22) c. sitting, watching TV (yes it's the right answer)
23) a. Quinoa
24) f. Water
25) b. Topical

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