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The Disease-Free Revolution

Being healthy and disease-free is not rocket science. It is actually quite simple when you understand how your body operates and you cooperate with it to build health. The basic advice is: “Stop doing the wrong things, and start doing the right things!” That is the message in a new well-researched publication, The Disease-Free Revolution, by Ron Garner.

The conventional medical, pharmaceutical, and processed food industries don't present the subject of health in a clear and concise manner to the public. We are led to believe that it is natural and inevitable for us to develop diseases as we grow older. But this is not true. So, why is this subject so confusing? Could it be that this confusion has been intentional? Answering these questions and presenting a straight-forward understanding on how to be healthy and prevent disease is the purpose of The Disease-Free Revolution.

We need a revolution in the way we think about health and disease because we are being deceived and lied to on a regular basis by the very people and industries we have been taught to rely on for our health and nutritional well-being. Our reliance on quick pharmaceutical fixes from the conventional medical system, and processed foods with chemical additives are the main reasons behind our rising disease statistics. We need to become informed, take personal responsibility, and make final decisions regarding our own health.

Call it conspiracy or not, but the fact is that we are the market for these huge money-making industries, and keeping us uninformed, misinformed, and confused is critical to their financial success. But in the meantime we continue to become sick and suffer needlessly. We have been conditioned by lack of true health education and slick marketing to eat whatever appeals to us, and then to seek help from the conventional medical system when things start to go wrong in our bodies.

Could it be that the increasing disease statistics and dependence on pharmaceutical drugs has been purposeful and well-planned by the pharmaceutical industry, whose origins date back to the 1800s?

In The Disease-Free Revolution you will find research regarding the health situation in America which tells us that:

  • You die earlier and spend more time disabled if you're an American rather than a member of most other advanced nations in the world -- p. 26
  • Today's baby boomers are unhealthy and getting worse -- p. 26
  • The American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States -- p. 27
  • Conventional medicine treats only the symptoms of disease, but does not correct the basic causes -- p. 92

Medical doctors are trained to look for disease, and then to use pharmaceutical drugs as their treatment of choice. They receive almost no instruction in medical school about the nutritional aspects of disease prevention. After leaving medical school, doctors receive their ongoing education about the effectiveness of new drugs from pharmaceutical company representatives, whose main objective is to convince doctors to sell their products. Big-pharma is really the one in control, and profits are a main objective.

  • Conventional medicine, with its drug-treatment mindset, typically views the human body only as a chemical entity. This thinking is 80 to 90 years out of date and is based on the view that the universe is just made up of matter. This completely ignores the electrical energy factors of the human body and health. Here is the important point -- all living things have living chemistry. The human body is composed of cells that are alive with electricity. Drugs and chemical additives in processed foods are synthetic and contain no life or electricity. Drugs can cause the body to react and at times will save lives from serious infections for example, but they cannot replenish life forces and build health. In fact, over time they do the opposite and create imbalance in the body. They should be used only as a temporary measure in times of emergency.

The Disease-Free Revolution
addresses these issues and offers natural solutions. It is written in plain language free of medical jargon, and contains over 100 references to quotes from doctors, scientific studies, other health books and medical articles, as well as inspiring stories from people who have transformed their health. Also included are many suggested sources for readers' further study and discovery. Sections in this practical health book explain:

  • How the human body is designed to operate, why it breaks down to disease, and what it needs to be able to produce energetic and lasting health
  • What nutritional and lifestyle factors lead to disease and should be avoided
  • How to change over to a health recovery program, and what to expect during the transition period
  • How our attitudes, emotions, and beliefs affect our health
  • The truth regarding deceptions and lies about: fat makes you fat, salt is bad for you, cholesterol is bad for you, and that chemotherapy and radiation are the only effective treatments for cancer -- even though most doctors would not submit to these treatments if they had cancer
  • How to build a healthy body. Included is an important section about the part of the body where the vast majority of all disease begins, and how to address it with a natural whole food that can re-charge your immune system and rejuvenate your entire body.

The book is unique and timely informative in that it gives you the keys to gain personal power over your health program and shows you how you can live a disease-free life. It is truly a natural health library in one publication with information that will never go out of date because it explains how to work with your body to keep it in balance as nature intended.

The Disease-Free Revolution is available from in both digital and print formats.

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