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Conservation-Friendly Faucet May Be The Most Captivating Geometric Design Ever

Bathroom faucets have evolved from the lowly status of being tools to wash our hands to status symbols. A student recently designed a conservation-friendly faucet that form stunning geometric patterns as the tap is turned on. The faucet weaves small jets of water into intricate, cross-hatched designs similar to crystal glassware. The design is simple and minimalistic making it perfectly suitable for modern bathrooms.

Water Saving
Compared with traditional faucets, the design saves 15% water in the same pressure as conventional faucets during a 60 minute period.

Water comes out faster by 0.4 seconds making it more convenient due to its one-touch operation.

The design gently cascades water on the hands reducing the impact water force per unit area.

In his design, designer Simin Qiu intended to keep to the “gentle and swirly” nature of water. To that end, he designed a system of turbines installed inside the faucet to create different swirly flows. Similar to a massaging shower head, the Swirl Faucet has three different settings for swirlosity. Choose from a helix-like flow, a spaghetti noodle swirl, or go for the gusto and select the elaborate lattice-work column of water. Whichever you choose, you and your houseguests will be mesmerized by the gentle artwork formed by the flowing water.

The faucet has a few other design differences from its predecessors. Instead of controlling the faucet with a knob or level, the Swirl Faucet operates with the touch of a button. This enables the overall design to be sleek and sexy, with no awkward angles or funky shapes.

Qiu hopes his design will be as pleasing to the environment as it is to the eye of its beholders. The Swirl Faucet is intended to control the flow of water in such a way that water usage is reduced by 15% over traditional faucets. Designers have worked to create other faucets that help reduce water flow, and it’s nice to see another attractive option. We just hope to see it graduate from the concept phase and hit the market!


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