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Isagenix On Damage Control As They Consider Reformulating Ingredients After Backlash

Once information is exposed, it's difficult to reclaim a reputable status without change. Hence the Isagenix dilemma which has led the company down a path of uncertainty with many in their sales force questioning the integrity of the products they endorse. After it was discovered last year that Isagenix lies to their distributors and consumers about GMOs, preservatives and artificial ingredients, the company is now considering changing their formulations to phase out questionable ingredients.isagenix
Within 24 hours of the release of my original article last year, Isagenix went on the defensive with a very misinformed response which I later updated and integrated into the original article, explaining point by point, why the details they listed as facts were nothing more than opinions written by an individual whose forte was obviously not nutrition.

Now that more people have become informed on the toxic and GMO nature of the ingredients used in Isagenix products such as canola oil, synthetic vitamins, harmful oils, dangerous emulsifiers and preservatives, word has surfaced that the company is now considering changing their formulations in many of their products.

Dozens of emails from both distributors and consumers were received with gratitude that the information was finally being published and a debate could finally ensue, especially after years of the company dodging criticism regarding their ingredients. According to discussions with several Isagenix associates, there was a backlash from many reps who approached their superiors to find out "the truth" about why specific formulations are used instead of healthier alternatives.

"It was expected," said Sam Levine, a chemist who runs an independent lab which tests for heavy metals in foods. "We're detecting a greater percentage of heavy metals and toxins in natural health foods and supplements every day and the public is growing more skeptical regarding 'natural' and 'organic' claims," he stated.

Although it's not clear exactly which changes to specific ingredients are being made, a multitude of products will likely be affected. Isagenix has yet to release a formal statement of any modifications to their formulations and none of my emails to the company have been returned with any updates.

Despite Isagenix's use of Canola Oil, which is extracted from a plant now modified and resistant to Monsanto's herbicide Roundup, the company continues to claim that "Isagenix does not include any GM foods or ingredients in its products, nor does the company include any additives or processing aids in its products that contain any novel DNA or protein from a GM food." There is NO Non-GMO Canola used in the food industry. Monsanto's strains now dominate the entire spectrum of Canola so any assertion of there being organic or non-gmo varieties are not based on any reality. The cross-bred varieties of Canola are no longer being used in the food industry.

Isagenix also continues to make exaggerated claims based on the so-called "effectiveness" of their products including that they improve resistance to illness, reduce craving, improves body composition, and slow the aging process. This of course comes without any real independent investigation of any kind. I still have not found any supporting studies anywhere to justify how their processed liquids and powders help anybody achieve the above claims more than a improved diet and exercise regimen.

I would certainly commend Isagenix for any changes being made which strive for healthier ingredients. If those changes being discussed do materialize, I will again conduct another investigation to assess whether Isagenix products are worthy of human consumption, but until these harmful ingredients present in over 70% of their products are removed, my recommendation has not changed and I highly recommend to stay clear of these products and stick to a healthy whole food diet.

Natasha Longo has a master's degree in nutrition and is a certified fitness and nutritional counselor. She has consulted on public health policy and procurement in Canada, Australia, Spain, Ireland, England and Germany.

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