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APRIL 1, 2015 by EDITOR
Announcing 35 Shocking Revelations Regarding Health and Disease Prevention That Have Now Transformed Our Vision For The Future

This is a special day because it is one that has brought a wave of wisdom, clarity, complete transparency and transformation to our entire perspective on health, wellness and disease prevention. We were enlightened with 35 revelations today which shocked us to our core and we're sharing them with you in the hopes you will spread this profound information to help educate others.


1. Pharmaceuticals are designed to restore health. All diseases can be restored through pharmaceutical intervention and the idea of things like diet, nutrition, sunlight and exercise restoring health is the stuff of fairy tales.

2. Vaccination brings immunity and is the savior of humankind from disease. The last 200 years prove it. In fact, by repeating over and over that the historical application of vaccines prevented infectious disease in our world, we can only reinforce the position to educate the masses. Health and disease prevention is impossible without vaccination. When diseases emerge in those vaccinated, it is always the result of an unvaccinated person.

3. The cure for cancer is just around the corner. Please keep supporting all cancer societies because they channel all funds towards this cure...which did we mention is just around the corner?

4. Menopause is a diseased condition. It must be stabilized through drug therapy. It's the best way and the only way towards a better life once women reach this unfortunate and inevitable condition.

5. Doctors are only guided by their Hippocratic oath and would never and could never base any of their decisions on money especially pertaining to the health of their patients.

6. Newborns are diseased and require immediate vaccination, antibiotics and vitamin K injections. They won't survive long without this.

7. When children are sick, they need antibiotics to heal. How else do you expect them to heal without antibiotics?

8. When a child has a fever they must consume Tylenol or risk that fever spiraling out of control leading to convulsions or death. It is one of the safest medications on the market.

9. Poor eyesight is normal as we age and corrective lenses are the best way to correct and even reverse this problem according to optometrists who are well trained in preserving eyesight throughout a human's lifespan.

10. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) and wireless radiation are not harmful to humans. In fact, more evidence is pointing to cell phone radiation preventing brain disorders. There are no human health stakes by any significant margin to exposing the entire world to EMF.

11. Sunscreen protects you from the sun's harmful rays. The best thing you can do for your health is protect yourself from the sun as much as possible, especially since the sun causes cancer and deadly melanoma

12. Hospitals are safe, clean and a haven of healing. They're an amazing place to give birth. They're filled with staff who are well informed on all aspects of disease prevention and they feed you great health promoting food if you are ever fortunate enough to be submitted overnight. Don't worry as it's now easier to get in so you'll have your chance eventually.

13. The purpose of the health care industry is health. It would be silly if the health care industry promoted disease. Then we would have to call it the disease care industry. We're are all just very lucky it's called the health care industry.

14. Milk is a good source of calcium, excellent for our bones and the prevention of osteoporosis. You never outgrow your need for milk. Why would you when it's a good source of calcium.

15. Vitamin C is ascorbic acid, so when you see ascorbic acid in processed foods, what you're really getting is a healthy dose of Vitamin C.

16. Aspirin prevents heart attacks. If your doctor recommends aspirin, you should never question that advice.

17. Heart drugs improve the heart. Since the heart is always diseased after a certain age, drugs will reverse that, slowly and gradually as long as drugs continue to be consumed for a lifetime. Nothing you can do naturally will ever improve a heart condition like drugs can.

18. The FDA thoroughly tests all drugs before they go on the market, otherwise they would never be released. All FDA approved drugs are inherently safe and effective through unbiased peer reviewed scientific studies.

19. Pregnancy is a serious medical condition. Pregnant women must be vaccinated to prevent the mother and fetus from becoming diseased.

20. Only through repeated notifications via the mainstream media can the public be properly informed of major health crises. Since this is always accomplished through the most genuine, loving and supporting methods, there is no better way of accomplishing this goal.

21. Modern dentistry is by far the best method to protect our oral health. Not only is dentistry based on using health promoting products to place in our mouths, but dental procedures and practices are safe, effective with no adverse long-term health effects.

22. Chemotherapy and radiation are effective cures for cancer. Indiscriminately poisoning and burning cells eventually leads to restoring health. That's why it's important to force any unwilling patients to submit to chemotherapy for their own good. Because chemotherapy works for a very large percentage of cancer patients, it's important to educate people on the effectiveness.

23. Children diagnosed with ear infections should be given antibiotics immediately ‘just in case’, especially since they've been proven to have a significant impact on resolving the issue.

24. HIV is the cause of AIDS. It is an accepted and a profoundly established scientific fact we must not dispute.

25. Without vaccines, infectious diseases will return. Why? Because newborns, infants and children are diseased conditions. They are not capable of fending off diseases without vaccination. The steady rise in RNA viruses around the world has absolutely nothing to do with vaccination.

26. Fluoridated water is preventive. Fluoride in the city water protects your teeth. But don't swallow it in your toothpaste (which contains the exact same amount as in a glass of water) because if you do you must call poison control.

27. Flu shots prevent the flu. Ignore what the CDC says about flu vaccines not working. That was just a fluke. Only facts show that flu vaccines work.

28. Vaccines are thoroughly tested before being placed on the mandated schedule. The FDA would never allow these vaccines to be injected into our children if they were not thoroughly tested.

29. Doctors are certain that the benefits of vaccines far outweigh any possible risks, otherwise they would not recommend them.

30. Bioterrorist and pandemic threats are always true if they are announced by the World Health Organization and the CDC.

31. Chronic pain is a natural consequence of aging and it has nothing to do with a medicalized society. It is something we must all accept and deal with.

32. Soy is your healthiest source of protein and should never be avoided.

33. Insulin shots cure for Type II diabetes. Don't worry about correcting your diet or exercising as those will never reverse Type II diabetes like drugs can.

34. Allergy medicine will cure allergies. There is no specific reason allergies are dramatically rising, but medication can address the problem regardless.

35. Government is the gatekeeper of health security. That's why they protect us from evil plants like Cannabis. They always know best. They are could they not? Listen, obey, don't question and the future of human health will be just fine.

Based on these revelations, we will be converting PreventDisease into a truly health promoting platform endorsing vaccination, pharmaceutical drugs, and all the foods recommended by our governments via the food pyramid. We are so fortunate that we are now awakened with this new found information and promise to do our best to make our government proud.

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