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MAY 21, 2015 by APRIL McCARTHY
Large Mega-Retailers Putting Junk Food On The Back Burner As More Consumers Continue To Reject Processed Poisons

Several top suppliers summoned to Target Corp. ’s headquarters early this year left digesting some difficult news: Their brands were no longer special. Representatives informed several suppliers, including Kraft, General Mills Inc, Campbell Soup Co, Kellogg Co and others of plans earlier this year that will begin phasing out junk foods in favor of healthier alternatives.


The move is designed to reflect the changing tastes of Americans looking for healthier options.

Canned soup, a category facing a long decline, will be de-emphasized. The processed foods sold by Kraft Foods Group Inc. and others will move down the totem pole, while fancy sauces and oils will move up.

Shoppers have long been shifting to fresh and healthy-sounding foods at the expense of canned and bagged goods in the aging center of the supermarket.

Target To Put Emphasis on Small, Organic and Natural brands

Target wants their consumers to know that they are listening. If you are hoping to purchase your Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cornflakes or other popular branded cereals, you may see less of a variety. Target brought together top suppliers and let them know that their popular brands may not be popular at Target stores in the future.

Targets CEO, Brian Cornell, has noticed that consumers prefer fresh and healthy food provided at good prices. Cornell believes that consumer requests will leave some of the more popular brands in the lurch in the future.

“That doesn’t mean that mac and cheese is being eliminated, but clearly assortment is being shaped around what consumers are looking for,” Cornell said in a recent interview.

It is fair to say that this news came as a big blow to suppliers. Over the past decade, these suppliers have spent time expanding their offices near Target’s headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. In return, Target gave them millions of dollars in sales for the past years.

It's another example of how the tides are changing as more consumers demand better foods more helpful instead of harmful for their health.


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