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Amino Acids: Do You Know If Yours Are Derived from Human or Animal By-products?

The amazing power of amino acids--pure medicine if given in the correct form and right dosages. But are you familiar with how amino acids are processed and how far do you go to ensure product quality?

Fermentation process is designed for added cellular delivery due to its enzymatic form, 30 enzymes opposed to only 3 to 5 with the chemical extraction process.
One of the benefits of fermentation is the non-animal process; something many customers attest is an important benefit of the fermentation process. Most amino acids are made by extraction or a chemical synthesis and not by fermentation. Using an extraction process is not environmentally friendly and uses sewage sludge, avian feathers or human hair in the process.

Before buying amino acids read what is on the label or check the company’s website in order to see if was produced by fermentation, and is non-GMO with no risk of cross contamination.

Natural relaxant, sleep aid, used for certain addictions. Is also considered important for those suffering from MS.

Tissue repair and collagen production, herpes virus, growth hormone.

Mood regulator, helps addictions, produces melanin.

Reduces the risk of heart disease, fat burner, releases growth hormone and produces nitric oxide. A very effective amino acid when manufactured via fermentation. Also known to increase insulin sensitivity

Pain control, appetite control, releases endorphins.

Glucose formation, central nervous system maintenance, builds muscle tissue. Studies have postulated that low Glycine may contribute to motor neuron disease (MND), as glycine is reduced by 30% in the spinal cord of those with MND.

Helps brain metabolism and sex drive, and reduces stress.

Speeds up metabolism, good for heart health and the nervous system.

Some of the reasons higher quality amino acids (i.e. Life Choice) cost more than others are because they are non-animal sourced, meet the USP/EP/JP and FCC compendia, and are manufactured under cGMP standards.

Pharmaceutical quality used in every component of the manufacturing process resulting in professional, therapeutic medicine without compromise. 

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