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Why Are USP Pharmaceutical Grade Nutriceuticals Paramount For Quality?

USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia, the world’s only independent, not-for-profit, scientific and non-government pharmacopeia. This means, when you choose a USP Dietary Supplement, you are getting a product that meets the highest quality standards and developed using the very best science available and guided by a commitment to improving public health and safety.
Basically there are three different grades of raw materials used in nutritional products. They are:

Pharmaceutical Grade -
meets pharmaceutical standards (97.5%+) purity.

Food Grade
 - meets standards set for human consumption (lower quality manufacturing with added fillers)

Feed Grade
 - meets standards set for animal consumption (lowest quality w/little or no regulation. Most vitamin companies sell this quality!) It's the old saying..."You get what you pay for, if it is too cheap, it is for a reason, it bypasses product quality oversight”
The difference between them is basically one of manufacturing quality and purity. Technically no substance is 100% pure; other substances may be present such as various minerals.

The difference between the grades is basically in the processing, harsh chemical extraction residues, lack of quality testing and less absorbable to the cellular level, when a product is labeled USP pharmaceutical grade, it is of the highest quality and purity standards available.

With respect to amino acids, there are several criterion by which pharmaceutical grade is judged. They must be in excess of 97.5% purity, have a uniform crystalline structure, and be white in color. The end results receive the highest rating: Pure Pharmaceutical Grade.

The Federal Pure food and Drug Act of 1906 were the first to recognize the USP as the "official compendia" thereby giving official status to drugs and other substances set forth in that book. Since that time, the USP has evolved as the official reference book which sets the standards for the quality and purity of therapeutic agents used in medical practice. Consequently, the USP standard is utilized by the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA, while the Physician's Desk Reference (PDR), which describes the uses of the therapeutic agents, is utilized by physicians as medicine.

The USP standard provides assurance to the consumer, as well as those involved in manufacturing and processing, that the quality and purity of the raw materials utilized in the formulations are of the highest pharmaceutical grade standards. Consequently, the USP standard is guaranteeing a reliable standard of excellence - a standard that nutraceuticals such as Life Choice use and make available to its customers. High quality nutriceutical products are also typically EP and JP Grade. That means European and Japanese Pharmaceutical grade, the world’s standard is USP grade.

When you use choose USP grade nutriceuticals you can be assured that you are using the very best, the products contain and meet the highest quality ingredients standards available anywhere in the world. Look for vitamins, minerals and amino acids have been tested and analyzed in the raw material stage and again after manufacturing in modern laboratories, using the latest testing equipment to ensure therapeutic results each and every time. Look for Certificates of Analysis for each element used proving the purity minimum of 99% pure with most at 99.6% or higher, never from sourced genetically modified organisms (GMO).

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