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Who Will Own Your Health In The Future?

Who owns your health now? Who has owned your health in the past? Who will own your health in the future? Health ownership is an exciting and relatively new concept that we must face if we are to ever advance our health.

There is actually a very small percentage of people globally that can affimatively declare health ownership. But what is health ownership exactly? It has already been loosely defined by several media outlets, and it is likely an evolving definition. We describe health ownership as taking control of your health through daily physical and mental exercise, responsible eating habits and following a natural approach to medicine that reinforces healthy initiatives.

In our current society, we exercise less, sleep less, work more, eat nutritionally deficient and processed foods, and we're mentally and physically exhausted on a daily basis. In essence, we are slowly destroying ourselves and we're creating a health infrastructure to cater to this lifestyle; one that will only further corrupt the health of future generations. Does your lifestyle own your health?

One of the biggest problems to the disbelief of many is advancing technology. People are just not moving enough. You're talking about a dramatic decrease in our level of physical activity from just 30 to 50 years ago. That's a relatively insignificant amount of time for our bodies to adapt in comparison to the activity levels we had evolved to before the technological era. It is in our nature to make things easier for ourselves. However, such initiatives are destined to negatively impact our health, especially as communication throughout the world becomes more efficient. Does technology own your health?

The conventional system of healthcare is unfortunately very flawed. We rely heavily on unnecessary drugs and medical procedures that has degraded the very health we are trying to advance. The pharmaceutical empires currently control many regulating government and healthcare agencies which firmly grasp the "legal" entities that make many dangerous drugs easily marketable to Physicians and their patient's. Moreover, natural and effective supplements and unconventional food systems are being viciously attacked and underminded by such "legal" entities despite their effectiveness to enhance health and prevent disease. Does our conventional system of healthcare own your health?

These are only some of many questions that still remain unanswered. We need to answer them. We need to provoke discussions and leadership in our communities, cities, states, provinces and countries around the world. If we don't aspire to voice the truth about health and to better control our governments, we will never own our health again.

We have reached an era where our educators are able to communicate a better understanding of the human body, its structure and function. We have the scientific evidence that establishes preventive and natural practices as the most effective form of eliminating disease and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We have the ability to promote a healthier future for ourselves and our children. And we have the technology to publicize this knowledge across the globe. So what are we waiting for?


The following are some PD team quotes we've accumulated from our "Ask an Expert" responses. We hope it will further stimulate discussions on the topic of exercise and health ownership.

"The world's population and advancing technology will always correlate with a global decline in human health."

"There will be a revolution in our physical well-being the day we exercise for our health rather than our vanity."

"Exercise is as fundamental to our health as technology is to communication."

"Every 10 steps you take burns 1 calorie. Walking is the one of the most powerful tools in your health arsenal."

"The motivation for movement fuels physical activity and the procrastination of movement fuels obesity."

"At the end of the day, the only difference between gaining weight and losing weight is calorie surplus and calorie deficit respectively."

"Diversity is a key ingredient in any successful fitness regimen."

"Exercise can be as easy and fun or hard and grueling as you make it…you make the choice."

February 28, 2007

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