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Protect Our Children:
Prohibit Junk Foods In Schools

Children are suffering from an epidemic of obesity. In spite of this, purveyors of junk food increasingly are able to use public schools as a platform for their marketing campaigns. In effect, the junk food lobby has latched onto the compulsory school laws as a way to corral a captive audience of impressionable children.

Parents should guide the eating habits of their kids. Corporations have no business wedging into that relationship. Schools should support parents in this.

We are what we eat, as the old saying goes; and in this the schools play an important part, for good or ill. Schools should encourage healthful eating habits and exercise. They should not become marketing zones and shopping centers in which junk food manufacturers get open access to impressionable children.

Contact your government to protect our children by prohibiting the marketing and sale of junk food in schools.

1. Schools should help parents promote good nutrition, rather than support junk food companies that promote products high in added sugar and fat.
Municipalities and school boards should prohibit the marketing of junk food on school property:

o Prohibit contracts that obligate children to watch or listen to ads for junk food on school property.
o Prohibit display of visual advertisements for junk food in school, such as billboards, signs, posters, and logo placements.
o Prohibit the use of corporate-sponsored curricula featuring or promoting junk food products.
o Prohibit exclusive marketing ("pouring rights") contracts between soda beverage companies and school districts, school food service agencies and school groups.

2. Schools should make healthful food available to children.
Municipalities and school boards should ban the sale or distribution of junk food on school property:

o Prohibit sale of junk food on school property, including, but not limited to, a la carte, beforeschool or afterschool programs, concession stands or vending machines.
o Prohibit distribution of junk food as a reward or prize for good behavior or exemplary performance.
o Prohibit distribution of free samples of junk food on school property.
o Amend ordinances to prohibit marketing of junk food to children on school property.

3. Schools should be rewarded for exceeding federal nutrition standards.
Municipalities and school boards should provide financial rewards to school districts, schools and food service agencies that exceed federal nutrition guidelines and obey restrictions on the sale of junk food in schools:

o School districts and school food service agencies should exceed the nutritional standards of School Lunch Programs and School Breakfast Programs, especially by providing plenty of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, fat-free dairy products, local and organic products, but no foods with hydrogenated vegetable shortening, and few or no fried foods.
o School districts and school food service agencies should restrict certain foods (i.e. no nutritional value) with zero-tolerance in all schools.

Reference Source 159
August 23, 2007


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