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Another Reason Why You Need
To Question Any Cancer Task Force

Once in a great while, a report emerges from the medical establishment that's so myopic and devoid of wisdom that it boggles the mind. A new candidate for the "most ignorant medical advice" has emerged from none other than the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force -- a group of over 100 doctors and nurses who collectively have failed to publicly recognize any significant link between diet and breast cancer.

By combining their ignorance into a "Task Force," they have managed to create a pompous-sounding document that purports to explain why black women die from breast cancer at much higher rates than white women; yet all they've really created is a self-serving presentation of medical myths grounded upon the false belief that breast cancer is essentially caused by a deficiency in mammograms.

In 113 pages of text containing 37 recommendations for how to solve the breast cancer problem with black women, there is not a single mention of vitamin D. You heard that correctly: This miracle nutrient which has been scientifically shown to prevent 77 percent of all breast cancers -- a nutrient that is deficient in virtually all black women living in North America -- apparently didn't even cross the minds of these 100 doctors, nurses and cancer "experts" who contributed to this highly publicized report. If it did cross their minds, it was certainly not considered significant enough to warrant a single mention in this 113-page report: Not even a footnote!

You can read the full report yourself by clicking here.

A Remarkable Gap In Nutritional Knowledge

For 100 doctors and health experts to somehow miss the significance of vitamin D in preventing breast cancer in black women seems nothing short of astonishing. As recent research has shown, the vast majority of black women are chronically deficient in vitamin D. How deficient? Consider this: 92.4 percent of their children are being born with vitamin D deficiencies so severe that many are diagnosed with rickets. This is even true among black women who were taking prenatal vitamins.

So why are black women so much more deficient in vitamin D than white women? The answer is right under our noses: Skin color! Darker skin pigmentation blocks ultraviolet light absorption which generates vitamin D in the skin. Since vitamin D is a substance that halts the growth of cancer tumors when circulating in the blood, it's not at all complex to understand why vitamin D deficiency in black women would result in higher breast cancer mortality.

The report fails to mention vitamin D, sunlight, skin color or even information about how geographical locations alter breast cancer risk due to variations in sunlight intensity!

Myth vs. Fact About Breast Cancer

Let's get to some facts about breast cancer. Forget all the hype and propaganda put out by the breast cancer industry and this astonishingly ignorant task force. Here's the truth about breast cancer you won't read in the mainstream media:

• 90% of breast cancer is preventable through changes in diet and lifestyle

• The average breast cancer patient is worth over $800,000 in revenues to the cancer industry

Vitamin D, all by itself, can prevent nearly 4 out of 5 cases of breast cancer.

• You can get all the vitamin D you need absolutely free of charge by exposing your skin to sunlight.

• Every woman who prevents breast cancer represents a LOSS of $800,000 in revenue for the breast cancer industry

• Chemotherapy causes permanent brain damage.

• There is no such thing as a pharmaceutical "cure" for breast cancer. The "search for the cure" is a marketing gimmick.

• Mammography harms 10 women for every 1 woman that it helps.

• All woman have cancer cells. Microtumors exist in healthy bodies. Simply spotting a microtumor on a mammogram does not mean the tumor is necessarily a health risk.

• Processed meat products containing sodium nitrite cause breast cancer.

• Many cosmetic products and personal care products contain cancer-causing chemicals.

• There is no motivation for anyone in the cancer industry to teach cancer prevention. Preventing cancer means losing repeat customers.

• Chemotherapy is only effective on 1% - 2% of patients. (Source: Ralph Moss)

• Black men and women are being exploited by the cancer industry as lucrative profit centers for chemotherapy. See

Task Force Theories On Breast Cancer

The task force report did manage to come up with three theories on why black women are dying from breast cancer at much higher rates than white women. These three theories are:

1. Black women receive fewer mammograms

2. Black women receive mammograms of inferior quality

3. Black women have inadequate access to quality treatment once a cancer is diagnosed.

These three theories are nothing short of ludicrous. If breast cancer was prevented by mammograms, most middle-class white women wouldn't have breast cancer at all! Mammograms do not prevent breast cancer. They only recruit breast cancer patients. In fact, mammograms actually cause breast cancer because they emit radiation and cause DNA damage in breast cells.

To claim that black women only need more mammograms and more chemotherapy is nothing less than a grand medical deception. Didn't anyone think to ask the obvious question about differences between white women and black women? Skin pigmentation! Darker skin blocks UV light. Less light means lower vitamin D production, and that means faster tumor growth. Is this so difficult for conventionally-trained medical doctors to understand?

Black women are needlessly dying of a disease that's simple to prevent. The system of organized medicine that controls the cancer industry today is preying upon black women, pretending to not know why they keep dying from cancer, and refusing to tell them the truth about how their skin color causes vitamin D deficiency.

Who Are These Task Force "Experts?"

By associating their names with this document, these doctors, nurses and oncologists have cemented their names in a document of great historical significance: It will be looked upon with ridicule and laughter in the near future -- held up as an example of the incredible arrogance and short-sightedness of doctors in an era of pharmaceutical-controlled medicine.

Ultimately, what they've shown us is that doctors and oncologists are simply not qualified to talk about breast cancer. They apparently have no education in cancer prevention, no understanding of nutrition and absolutely no willingness to teach themselves the most important facts about how to really prevent breast cancer in black women.

Somehow, those individuals who know the least have been put in charge of health care, and those who know the most about how to prevent disease have been labeled criminals or run out of the country.

The Dark Ages of Modern Medicine

This is how we have arrived at the system of medicine that is killing millions of people today, where we have an entire system of medicine that somehow, astonishingly, has not yet realized that what you eat and absorb is the primary determining factor of the health your body expresses.

We remain in the Dark Ages of modern medicine. What will lead us out of it? A return to nature, as usual. Look at the sun: Our answers are being broadcast across the universe, spanning the emptiness of space and illuminating our own skin. Look at the weeds in your yard, the bushes, trees and plants growing in the fields and forests nearby. Those are your medicines. Look at the foods growing out of the ground: The nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. These are your nourishment. Mother Nature provides all the medicine we need to slash cancer rates by 90%, and she doesn't charge a dime in royalties or patent fees. She keeps on giving, generation after generation, hoping that one day a race of human beings will walk this planet with the humility to listen to her.

Until that day comes, our fellow human beings will continue to suffer under the arrogance, greed and myopia so eloquently demonstrated by such Cancer Task Forces. Through the combined efforts of over 100 cancer experts, they have produced a document of remarkable ignorance, and one that shall forever serve as a valuable reminder of what went wrong with 21st century medicine and why so many human beings were lost to a disease that could be prevented for free.

Reference Source 136
October 23, 2007


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