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Field of Alliance: A Peace Project Commitment
June 30, 2010 | Consciousness
Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field. I will meet you there. -Rumi

How to Win at Weight Loss
June 30, 2010 | YourWeight
It took me three years of playing tennis to learn the lesson I'm about to share with you, and another two to realize that it was the perfect metaphor for weight loss.

Experts Warn That Body Scanners Deliver
20 Times More Radiation Than First Thought

June 30, 2010 | EMF
Full body scanners at airports could increase your risk of skin cancer, experts warn.

15 Things Your Feet Say About Your Health
June 30, 2010 | HumanBody
Want to make a ten-second check on somebody's well-being without feeling their forehead? Sneak a peek at their feet. "You can detect everything from diabetes to nutritional deficiencies just by examining the feet," says Jane Andersen, DPM, president of the American Association of Women Podiatrists and a spokeswoman for the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Scientists Claim Shopping Makes Men Impotent
June 30, 2010 | Toxins
Researchers have found that a chemical compound found on some till receipts contains enough of the hazardous substance Bisphenol A (BPA) to suppress male hormones in the body.

What is Emotional Detoxification?
June 29, 2010 | MentalHealth
Unresolved issues can hinder our lives. We find out about the process of emotional detoxification.

A New Paradigm in Medicine
June 29, 2010 | Prevention
We do not have to die from cancer nor do we have to wait to go blind or amputate our feet because of diabetic conditions. With cancer and diabetic rates going through the roof the time to start treating oneself for both conditions is right now. Prevention of cancer and diabetes could also be called life extension treatments for they go hand in hand; they are really one and the same so why wait till one receives the diagnosis?

New Study Helps Explain Decompression Sickness
June 29, 2010 | HumanBody
As you go about your day-to-day activities, tiny bubbles of nitrogen come and go inside your tissues. This is not a problem unless you happen to experience large changes in ambient pressure, such as those encountered by scuba divers and astronauts. During large, fast pressure drops, these bubbles can grow and lead to decompression sickness, popularly known as "the bends."

Acupuncture: Promoting Strong Blood Circulation Throughout Your Legs and Feet
June 29, 2010 | Healing
Why should you be concerned with promoting healthy blood circulation throughout your lower extremities? Because solid blood flow to your thighs, legs, and feet can help accomplish all of the following.

Energy Dependence: China Has Basically Purchased Ecuador
June 29, 2010 | GovernmentAbuse
Is China purchasing its own Latin American Country? China now finances a majority of the public energy projects underway in Ecuador. Recent deals include an 85% stake in a hydroelectric dam that will cover a third of the country's energy needs by 2016. Chinese firms will also take charge of most construction.

National Health Federation
Sets Up Camp in Canada!

June 28, 2010 | Pollution
The National Health Federation, the world's oldest and largest health freedom organization, has just adopted Canada as one of its member nations, by founding "the NHF Canada" and welcoming our Canadian allies into the fold as partners in our efforts to protect the health rights of consumers world-wide.

Do Bad Dreams Lead To High Anxiety?
June 28, 2010 | MentalHealth
In one of the biggest studies in the area, results show that bad dreams are associated with health problems - from insomnia, fatigue and headaches, to depression and anxiety.

Hoop Those Calories Away!
June 28, 2010 | Fitness
Hooping has come a long way since its widespread popularity in the 1950s, as it has moved from being a toy to being a dance and exercise aid.

Gulf Coast Toxicity Syndrome
June 28, 2010 | Pollution
Vicki B. Escarra, President and CEO of Feeding America, wrote, "Alongside natural disaster, a very real human disaster looms. The recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has wrought havoc on sea and on land. But attention is now turning to the long-term effects the disaster will have on the coastlines, on businesses, and on American men, women and children. The immediate effects of the oil spill are obvious. Others, such as its effects on American families, will be hard to measure and will take years to document."

They Just Don't Learn: CDC Votes To Poison Children Again With Two Doses of Vaccines
June 25, 2010 | PandemicFlu
Parents of children over 6 months and under 9 years beware. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is once again choosing to adopt policies which poison your children with what is now two doses of seasonal flu vaccine this fall.

No Need To Dread Death
June 25, 2010 | Consciousness
Being aware of dying does not mean fearing it but realising that it's a part of the renewal process of the universe.

Danger of Tsunamis From Methane?
June 25, 2010 | Pollution
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found high concentrations of gases in the Gulf of Mexico area. The escape of other poisonous gases associated with an underground methane bubble -- such as hydrogen sulfide, benzene and methylene chloride -- have also been found.

Nutritionist Group Criticizes JAMA Vitamin B Study
June 25, 2010 | Antioxidants
UK group, the Health Supplements Information Service (HSIS), has added to criticism of a recent Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) study that found folic acid and vitamin B12 did not benefit heart attack survivors.

Benzene and Hydrogen Sulfide: Very Real Dangers in the Gulf and Beyond
June 25, 2010 | Pollution
While most of the focus has been directed to the millions of gallons of oil that have escaped from the damaged BP rig in the Gulf of Mexico, many environmentalists and disease specialists are now stating that the real danger to humans from this crisis may be the massive amounts of benzene and hydrogen sulfide that are escaping into the air.

Has BP Drilled Into an Asphalt Volcano?
June 24, 2010 | Pollution
As coastal residents along the Gulf are on high alert after the BP fiasco, emerging evidence suggests that the drill site is an asphalt volcano, a rare type of submarine volcano (seamount) first discovered in 2003.

Will Big Pharma Soon Promote Drugs To Overcome Fear?
June 24, 2010 | Drugs
Scientists have pinpointed an area of the brain that is vital in overcoming fear and a pill that gives cowards courage could be in the pipeline.

Methane in Gulf is 1 Million Times Normal Level
June 24, 2010 | Pollution
As much as 1 million times the normal level of methane gas has been found in some regions near the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, enough to potentially deplete oxygen and create a dead zone, U.S. scientists said on Tuesday.

Analyzing Food and Beverages With Magnetic Levitation
June 24, 2010 | Nutrition
Scientists are reporting development of a new use for magnetic levitation, or "maglev," the futuristic technology best known for enabling high-speed passenger trains to float above the tracks. In ACS' bi-weekly Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, they describe putting maglev to use in an inexpensive sensor for analyzing food, water, and other beverages.

Coffee May Protect Against Head and Neck Cancers
June 23, 2010 | Antioxidants
Data on the effects of coffee on cancer risk have been mixed. However, results of a recent study add to the brewing evidence that drinking coffee protects against cancer, this time against head and neck cancer.

Brain Scans Are Allowing Scientists to Read Your Mind
June 23, 2010 | HumanBody
Brain scans may be able to predict what you will do better than you can yourself, and might offer a powerful tool for advertisers or health officials seeking to motivate consumers, researchers said.

Why Women Are More Sensitive to Stress
June 23, 2010 | Lifestyle
Women are more likely to suffer from depression and stress out than their cool male counterparts. New research suggests there might be a biological reason for the gender difference.

Granite Countertops May Be Hazardous to Your Health
June 23, 2010 | Pollution
At issue is whether granite emits dangerous amounts of radon, a colorless and odorless gas that is known to cause lung cancer.

Bee Decline Could Be Due To Chemicals
June 23, 2010 | Pollution
A cocktail of chemicals from pesticides could be damaging the brains of British bees, according to scientists about to embark on a study into why the populations of the insects have dropped so rapidly in recent decades. By affecting the way bees' brains work, the pesticides might be affecting the ability of bees to find food or communicate with others in their colonies.

Why You Need To Know What Methane Hydrate Is
June 22, 2010 | Pollution
Originally thought to occur only in the outer regions of the Solar System where temperatures are low and water ice is common, a significant amount of methane hydrate is deposited under sediments on the ocean floors of Earth. The BP Gulf disaster could unlock millions of cubic feet of this gas which could potentially have devastating consequences for the entire planet.

Vaccinating Infants: The Risk To India's Newborns
June 22, 2010 | Vaccines
A sly fudging of facts is pushing India into buying vaccine backed by the WHO that may may have killed children in other countries.

How the BP Gulf Disaster Could Kill Millions
June 22, 2010 | Pollution
Disturbing evidence is mounting that something frightening is happening deep under the waters of the Gulf of Mexico-something far worse than the BP oil gusher.

Fathers and Families in Crisis
June 22, 2010 | Lifestyle
In the Western world, the traditional family is in crisis mode. In what should come as no big surprise, those societies with the greatest sexual license, also have the highest divorce rates. Those that have the least toleration for sexual deviancy and pornography, have the lowest.

Are You Slowly Killing Your Family with Your Laundry Detergent?
June 22, 2010 | Toxins
The detergent you're using may contain a potent cancer-causing chemical that the manufacturer doesn't even have to list on the label. This loophole reduces the odds that you'll ever discover it's in there.

Creating Disease: Big Pharma and Disease Mongering
June 22, 2010 | BigPharma
You may think there is enough disease in the world already, and that no one would want to add to the diseases that we humans must deal with. But there is a powerful industry in our society that is working overtime to invent illnesses and to convince us we are suffering from them.

Researchers Detect Reassortment of H1N1 Virus While
Drug Makers Announce Manufacture of H5N1 Vaccine

June 21, 2010 | PandemicFlu
Just as Japan's largest drug maker admits developing a vaccine for H5N1, Hong Researchers have detected a reassortment of the H1N1 flu virus.

Mom's Kiss Protects Newborns From Infections
June 21, 2010 | HumanBody
A mother's kiss could give newborn babies lifelong protection against sore throats and ear infections, found a world-first study in New Zealand.

Australian Chief Medical Officer Admits Seasonal Flu
Vaccinations Should Be Suspended For Young Children

June 21, 2010 | Vaccines
Australia's Chief Medical Officer announced that after considering the results to date of a comprehensive study into the safety of seasonal flu vaccine for young children, he has advised, as a precaution, the suspension of season flu vaccination for healthy children under the age of five years.

Scientists Create Genetically Modified Monster Fish
June 18, 2010 | GMO
Scientists have created a genetically modified 'monster' salmon which could soon be on dinner tables around the world.

Expert Predicts A Great Event Will
Determine The Course of This Century

June 18, 2010 | TheUniverse
A 'Doomsday' moment will take place in 2014 - and will determine whether the 21st century is full of violence and poverty or will be peaceful and prosperous, according to a Cambridge University professor.

Are Genes The Cause of Your Dislike of Exercise?
June 18, 2010 | Lifestyle
Individuals who stand to gain the most from changing their behaviors are the most likely to defensively downplay that fact and instead blame genetics, a new study suggests.

Blame Testosterone If She Doesn't Trust You
June 18, 2010 | Hormones
The glue that binds a human society together is trust. But people who trust others too much are likely to get taken for a ride. Both trust and distrust, it now seems, are influenced by hormones that can induce people to ratchet their feeling of trust up or down.

A Different Perspective of Creation, Time and The Cycle of Life
June 18, 2010 | Consciousness
Jaina cosmogony offers a different perspective of creation, time and the cycle of life, writes Ashok Vohra...

Cell Phone Users 5 Times More Likely To Develop Tumours
June 17, 2010 | EMF
People who talk on mobile phones are up to five times more likely to develop brain tumours than those who stick to landlines, academics have warned.

Can Your Blood Type Determine Your Ideal Weight?
June 17, 2010 | YourWeight
First advocated by Peter D'Adamo, a naturopathic physician who believed he had found a link between a person's blood type and the foods their bodies would best be able to digest and absorb, the blood-type diet claims to be as much about health, energy and longevity as it is about weight loss. Still, it's the promise of shrinkage after just a few weeks following a personalised eating plan that appeals the most.

Why Do Certain Diseases Go Into Remission During Pregnancy?
June 17, 2010 | Pregnancy
During pregnancy, many women experience remission of autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and uveitis. Now, scientists have described a biological mechanism responsible for changes in the immune system that helps to explain the remission.

Death and the Afterlife
June 17, 2010 | Consciousness
Everyday in your sleep, nature provides you a tiny glimpse of death. Death is akin to sleep. Sleep provides you deep rest. Sleep heals you, comforts you, and makes you fresh for the next day. Similarly, death provides rest to your soul. What is death?

What Causes Male Menopause?
June 17, 2010 | Hormones
Scientists have for the first time identified the symptoms associated with what has been termed late-onset hypogonadism or 'male menopause' caused by a reduction in testosterone production in aging men.

Nasa Warns Solar Flares Willl Cause Widespread
Blackouts and Devastation To Electrical Grid

June 16, 2010 | TheUniverse
National power grids could overheat and air travel severely disrupted while electronic items, navigation devices and major satellites could stop working after the Sun reaches its maximum power in a few years.

UN Report: Food Prices To Rise By Up To 40%
June 16, 2010 | GovernmentAbuse
Food prices are set to rise as much as 40% over the coming decade amid growing demand from emerging markets and for biofuel production, according to a United Nations report today which warns of rising hunger and food insecurity.

Chemtrail Particulates Destroying Hundreds of Acres of Crops
June 16, 2010 | Geoengineering
Something is killing crops, trees, even weeds and nobody can explain why in the U.S. Midsouth.

How Bacteria Boost the Immune System
June 16, 2010 | Immunity
Scientists have long known that certain types of bacteria boost the immune system. Now, Loyola University Health System researchers have discovered how bacteria perform this essential task.

Black Tea Matches Green Tea In Weight and Fat Loss Potential
June 15, 2010 | YourWeight
Like green tea, extracts from black tea may also help reduce weight gain and cut body fat levels, says a new study from Japan with rats and mice.

Gulf Oil Spill "Could Go on Years and Years" ...
June 15, 2010 | Pollution
The Obama Administration and senior BP officials are frantically working not to stop the world's worst oil disaster, but to hide the true extent of the actual ecological catastrophe. Senior researchers tell us that the BP drilling hit one of the oil migration channels and that the leakage could continue for years unless decisive steps are undertaken, something that seems far from the present strategy.

Reduce Your Diabetes Risk One Simple Way:
Exchange White Rice Dishes With Brown Rice

June 15, 2010 | Diabetes
In a new study, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) have found that eating five or more servings of white rice per week was associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. In contrast, eating two or more servings of brown rice per week was associated with a lower risk of the disease.

Brush Your Teeth To Prevent Heart Disease
June 15, 2010 | OralHealth
People who fail to brush their teeth twice a day are putting themselves at risk of heart disease, research suggests.

Obama Claims Gulf Coast Seafood Safe and
That "Things Are Going To Return To Normal"

June 15, 2010 | GovernmentAbuse
In a newly optimistic tone, President Barack Obama promised that "things are going to return to normal" along the stricken Gulf Coast and the region's fouled waters will be in even better shape than before the catastrophic BP oil spill.

Girls Are Now Reaching Puberty Before Age 10
June 14, 2010 | HumanBody
The latest research suggests that a generation of girls are reaching puberty before the age of 10, raising fears they may also begin sexual activity earlier.

Morgellons Victims Across the US and Europe
June 14, 2010 | Diseases
Over the past ten years, more than 100 000 people in the United States and in Europe have complained about a strange and devastating skin disease known as Morgellons. This issue would normally be confined to scientific medical journals if the Pentagon and federal "law-enforcement" agencies were not so actively engaged in hiding it from the public.

Experts Say TV is Bad Yoga Teacher
June 14, 2010 | Fitness
Do you sit and perform complicated yoga postures day after day at home with only TV as your instructor? It may be time to turn the idiot box off, as experts warn that practising yoga through mass media without proper guidance can do more harm than good.

10 Poisonous Foods For Your Pets
June 14, 2010 | Pets
There are some healthy "people foods" for pets (only small amounts– not replacements for pet food). But there are also many foods that can be dangerous to our feline friends and canine companions.

Think Twice Before You Eat or Drink Anything Out of a Can
June 11, 2010 | Toxins
Bisphenol A (BPA), is ubiquitous. Simply put, just about anything you eat that comes out of a can -- from Campbell's Chicken Soup and SpaghettiOs to Diet Coke and BumbleBee Tuna -- contains the same exact chemical.

Polyphenols in Red Wine and Green Tea Halt Prostate Cancer Growth
June 11, 2010 | Antioxidants
In what could lead to a major advance in the treatment of prostate cancer, scientists now know exactly why polyphenols in red wine and green tea inhibit cancer growth.

Women Who Work Out Together Far More Likely To Lose Weight
June 11, 2010 | Fitness
Desperately trying to shed the pounds? You are far more likely to success if you diet and exercise with a friend.

Laughter Affects Your Body Like Exercise
June 11, 2010 | Happiness
Repetitive laughter could have the same effects on the body as exercise, according to a new study.

More Active Sun Means Nasty Solar Storms Ahead
June 10, 2010 | TheUniverse
The sun is about to get a lot more active, which could have ill effects on Earth. So to prepare, top sun scientists met Tuesday to discuss the best ways to protect Earth's satellites and other vital systems from the coming solar storms.

New Evidence: Drinking Coffee May Reduce the Risk of Diabetes
June 10, 2010 | Diabetes
Scientists are reporting new evidence that drinking coffee may help prevent diabetes and that caffeine may be the ingredient largely responsible for this effect. Their findings, among the first animal studies to demonstrate this apparent link, appear in ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Reality Check: The Soy "Health Food" Lie That Could Hurt You
June 10, 2010 | Toxins
If you stop 10 strangers on the street and ask them if soy is health food, most will probably say yes, of course, everyone knows soy is healthy. They'll say it's health food. But it's junk. It's a perception vs. reality thing.

Starvation Mode Doesn't Exist
June 10, 2010 | Nutrition
The theory of Starvation Mode is an idea that fuels Obsessive Compulsive Eating in North America and throughout the world. This is just another example of fear mongering and confusion created by the food, diet and supplement industry that ultimately leads to obsessive compulsive eating.

Media Censorship on the BP Oil Fiasco
and Increasing Evidence of Foul Play

June 10, 2010 | GovernmentAbuse
News unfolding from the oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico has linked media censorship to investment bankers at Goldman Sachs (GS) stewarding the Vatican's wealth, and increasing evidence that the explosion was intended.

Autism: Made in the USA Transcript
June 10, 2010 | Vaccines
During the Greenbelt MD Film Festival a documentary was shown which addressed a dramatic rise in autism cases in children, as well as deemed likely causes (primarily vaccinations), as well as methods which have alleviated the effects of autism for some children. But, this documentary has twice now come under fire on the part of Sandra Lange in the Greenbelt News Review.

EWG Warns Teflon Chemical Approved in Drinking Water
June 9, 2010 | Water
North Carolinians could be exposed to much higher concentrations of a notorious Teflon chemical than the rest of the country under a proposed state regulation that would allow unsafe levels of the contaminant in drinking water, scientists at Environmental Working Group (EWG) warn.

Ripple effects of the BP oil spill
June 9, 2010 | Pollution
Photo Gallery: Clean-up crews are removing blobs of oil that have washed ashore in Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. Meantime, the disaster is taking a toll on the oil-drenched sea life and birds, especially brown pelicans.

Neurotoxin Pesticide Sprayed By BP Now Tops 1 Million Gallons
June 9, 2010 | Pollution
BP's latest oil spill response update for June 4th says the total amount of the dispersant used in the Gulf of Mexico more than 1,021,000 gallons.

Work Is What You Make of It
June 9, 2010 | Lifestyle
Work and mentally renounce the fruits achieved thereafter. Don't let the shadow of personal prejudice affect how you perceive work.

Sleep May Restore Color Perception
June 9, 2010 | Sleep
Color perception drifts away from neutrality during wakefulness and is restored during sleep, suggests a research abstract that will be presented Wednesday, June 9, 2010, in San Antonio, Texas, at SLEEP 2010, the 24th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC.

Short People Are More Prone To Heart Disease
June 9, 2010 | Diseases
Short people are 50 per cent likelier than tall people to die prematurely of heart disease, researchers reported today in a major review of three million people.

WHO To Investigate Themselves In
How They Handled H1N1 Flu Pandemic

June 7, 2010 | PandemicFlu
The head of a World Health Organisation panel probing the handling of the flu pandemic said Monday that criticism of the agency's role which emerged last week would be taken up by his review.

The Holographic Universe: It's All Illusion
June 7, 2010 | TheUniverse
The holographic universe proves that the physical world we believe is real is in fact illusion. Energy fields are decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world.

As the Sun Awakens...
June 7, 2010 | TheUniverse
Earth and space are about to come into contact in a way that's new to human history. To make preparations, authorities in Washington DC are holding a meeting: The Space Weather Enterprise Forum at the National Press Club on June 8th.

Conflicts of Interest: WHO and
the Pandemic Flu "Conspiracies"

June 7, 2010 | PandemicFlu
Key scientists advising the World Health Organization on planning for an influenza pandemic had done paid work for pharmaceutical firms that stood to gain from the guidance they were preparing. These conflicts of interest have never been publicly disclosed by WHO, and WHO has dismissed inquiries into its handling of the A/H1N1 pandemic as "conspiracy theories."

Hip Exercises Found Effective Curbing Common Knee Pain in Runners
June 7, 2010 | Healing
A twice weekly hip strengthening regimen performed for six weeks proved surprisingly effective at reducing -- and in some cases eliminating -- knee pain referred to as patellofemoral pain (PFP) in female runners.

The Mind-Matter Connection
June 7, 2010 | Consciousness
Though everything in existence is just energy, the realm of the personal - all its love, poetry, lunacy, rage and beauty - means a lot to you and you get attached to all the things around you.

The Libido Diet
June 4, 2010 | Sex
Is your love life missing the zing? Here are 11 foods that can provide the spark to your lack luster sexual appetite and increase your libido.

How Chilli Promotes Fat Burning
June 4, 2010 | Antioxidants
Capsaicin, the compound gives red chilli pepper its heat, may exert its benefits at the protein level to boost fat burning and energy production, says new research.

Even Dental X-rays Raise Your Cancer Risk
June 4, 2010 | Cancer
Dental X-rays given to millions every year may dramatically increase the risk of thyroid cancer, scientists warned last night.

Top 5 Vitamins That Protect Against Cancer
June 4, 2010 | Antioxidants
The best way to beat cancer naturally is to adopt a lifestyle to prevent it. Healthy, nutrient-rich food is an essential part of any anti-cancer plan. Here are 5 vitamins that help protect against cancer.

How The Drilling For Natural Gas
Is Destroying Our Air and Water

June 3, 2010 | Pollution
It is happening all across America and now in Europe and Africa as well - rural landowners wake up one day to find a lucrative offer from a multinational energy conglomerate wanting to lease their property for natural gas. But what comes out of the ground with that natural gas? How does it affect our air and drinking water? GASLAND is a powerful personal documentary that confronts these questions with spirit, strength, and a sense of humor.

Stimulating Effects of Coffee
May Be An Illusion, Study Finds

June 3, 2010 | Nutrition
The stimulatory effects of caffeine may be nothing more than an illusion, according to new research that shows there is no real benefit to be gained from the habitual morning cup of coffee.

Meditation Reduces The
Emotional Impact of Pain

June 3, 2010 | ManagingPain
People who meditate regularly find pain less unpleasant because their brains anticipate the pain less, a new study has found.

Chinese Hiding Three Million Babies a Year
June 3, 2010 | GovernmentAbuse
As many as three million Chinese babies are hidden by their parents every year in order to get around the country's one-child policy, a researcher has discovered.

How to Exercise 100%
Safely With Chronic Diseases

June 2, 2010 | Fitness
Some patients with heart disease can die during exercise due to heart attacks (coronary artery spasm). Similarly, the exercise-induced asthma attack is a well-known phenomenon. Which physical exercise is most beneficial or safest in terms of health restoration?

New Blood Test Can Spot
Cancer Before it Develops

June 2, 2010 | Cancer
The test is the first to accurately recognise the signals sent out by a person's immune system as cancerous. Early research suggests that the signals can be detected up to five years before a tumour is spotted, giving doctors and patients a vital head start in treating the illness.

Don't Skip Your Brain Food - Eat Breakfast
June 2, 2010 | Lifestyle
Are you suffering from acidity, obesity or reduced attention span? Perhaps you are skipping breakfast, also called brain food and the most important meal of the day.

Protective Baby Covers Offer Convenience and Protection For Your Infant
June 2, 2010 | ChildHealth
The importance of germ protection is critical during the first few months of a baby's life. Grandma new best when saying not to leave the house the first two months! Now, protective carrier covers offer a great way to help protect your baby from the elements.

Green Tea May Block Lung Cancer
June 1, 2010 | Antioxidants
Drinking green tea may offer some protection against lung cancer, say experts who studied the disease at a medical university in Taiwan.

Ten Minutes of Exercise
Has Long Lasting Effects

June 1, 2010 | Fitness
Ten minutes of brisk exercise triggers metabolic changes that last at least an hour. The unfair news for panting newbies: The more fit you are, the more benefits you just might be getting.

What Happens When We Get Angry?
June 1, 2010 | Lifestyle
A new investigation lead by scientists from the University of Valencia (UV) analyzes the changes in the brain's cardiovascular, hormonal and asymmetric activation response when we get angry.


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