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From Dee
Welcome to the world where, as the FDA recently put it, people "do not have a fundamental right to choose their own food".... courtesy of Monsanto and your friendly local government.

A Monsanto-based menu can destroy the human race. It is far worse than you could ever imagine.

What this article does not say is that the Monsanto-government cabal can initiate nasty cross-industry sanctions via their trade agreements, where recalcitrant countries only have one vote, and where their domestic laws are toothless. These trade groups are already in existence, and there are too many to count. Any nation is subject to the dictates of the group, or they cannot belong any more... and none of the member nations will trade with them if they opt out.

By now most people should be able to put it together: if a nation signs a trade agreement, it becomes subject to the wishes of the group. Those wishes supercede domestic laws and make the people powerless to fight back in any legal sense. This is the end of sovereignty, the ability to self-rule. It is also the end of the value of the vote, because our voice means nothing when we only have one vote at the trade table.

And look who is pulling the strings here: A corporation. One whose avarice and lust for profit is unequalled in human history, whose crimes are legendary, and in whose wake lay the bodies of many thousands of Indian farmers devastated by their seed... a mere token of the deaths that will occur if this corporation is allowed to control our government and we do not claw back our sovereignty before it is entirely gone.

In fact, we have no idea just how much sovereignty Canada has left: Canada has signed more than 10 trade agreements and another dozen are on the table. And Monsanto's slimy fingers are all over our government, as Harper slavishly bends to their every whim.

And you also must realize: when our sovereignty went down the toilet, so did our Bill of Rights, because, due to our "international obligations", the trade group will decide what sort of rights may co-exist with their goals, not our government.

One graphic example: The WHO decides to mandate that every country must vaccinate every citizen against their latest idea of a pandemic. All signatories to the UN and WTO must comply. So where did our right to refuse go? Out the window with the sovereignty, with the stroke of a pen. And this is not just one vaccine: this company would adulterate the entire food supply of the world.

What is described below is a monstrous crime against humanity for which, in a more just world, many people would face the hangman. As it is, there stands only one thing between this behemoth and its goal of owning, and profiting from, all life: US.

Please read Inge's pointed comment below and forward broadly.

-------Original Message-------

From: cdsapi

Cdsapi’s Added Comments:
It is WAR on many fronts; and our governments (USA and Canada) are waging war against all non-compliant countries to protect and promote Monsanto at the expense of humanity and the environment.
Monsanto, on its own, can’t make it in the Commercial Marketplace - so it has to rely on government intervention, diplomatic blackmail, sanctions and targeted penalties to force the world’s populations to buy and consume a toxic food supply that is destined to destroy its health and the environment.

In a marketplace of Free Enterprise, the laws of Supply and Demand determine the market. The consumer has the right to buy or not to buy. If the DEMAND disappears, the product or service disappears.
With Monsanto’s GMOs, we have products and a technology that no consumer wants, and is doing its utmost to avoid – and the USA government, as Monsanto’s ‘strongman bully’, uses its diplomatic and military clout to DEMAND that people buy products that they DO NOT want – OR suffer sanctions and punishments, implemented via Trade Wars.
Welcome to the world of commercial terrorism and tyranny through corrupt governance!.
And the US government/corporate marriage leads the parade! And they claim to be bringing “democracy” and “economic opportunity” to other countries? Evil in action!

From Dee

New Zealand law mirrors US and Canada, fake food safety bills

From Dee
I suggest a serious read of this information, because it is unfortunately really bang on.
Bill C-36 set up just such a ministerial dictatorship over "Consumer Product Safety"... and of course anything that is bought is consumed, so that's pretty much everything. Then the Harperian government started its assault on the Canadian Wheat Board... the farmer's marketing medium which is supposed to exist to get the best deals for Canadian farmers.... the same ones they want to give up their land to Big Agro.
Up here it is "same song, different verse".
Losing your right to grow, harvest and consume your own food

From Dee
Waking up to what we Are, and What we can Be: Thoughts on this Week’s Latest Panic
By Kevin D. Annett

I’ve been advised by people apparently in the know that America officially became a police state this past week, with the passing of President Obama’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).
Meanwhile, across the waters, friends in Ireland have just denounced in righteous indignation the convening of “secret courts” of the Roman Catholic Church to investigate itself for raping children, and silence in-house stool pigeons in the process.
Well now, that’s all a big surprise.
I guess the outraged internet commentators who tremble and bemoan the repercussions of the NDAA have never heard about that great liberator Abraham Lincoln’s “emergency measure” laws during the U.S. civil war, whereby he shut down opposition newspapers, jailed dissenters without trial or habeas corpus, and ran the country like a one man fief.
And what’s so new about there being one law for us, and another for child-killing priests? Secret church courts? Yeah, I’ve been there.
I often think that the degree of our moral outrage at injustice is directly proportional to the degree of our own ignorance and naivety about the kind of culture we live in, and loyally maintain: one that has been built on and thrives upon the crushing oppression of all sorts of people by both church and state, here at home and abroad.
The only problem these days, it seems, is that such an iron hand is now starting to descend on the lives of certain privileged, bourgeois, dare I say “white” folks: a fact that’s supposed to get us all concerned. I mean, we can’t have our rights violated now, can we?
I’ve seen friends killed by cops, thrown from their homes, blacklisted into suicide and legally robbed of everything by official agents of law and order. Most of these people were dark skinned, or poor, or simply alone. And all during their torture, nobody complained about how their fate marked the commencing of totalitarianism in our midst.
Ah, but those were just isolated individuals, you might reply. These new police state laws affect everybody. Well listen up, dummy: how did you think those laws we now face were able to come about, except by what was happening first to all of my friends, while you all stood by and looked the other way? They were the trial runs, the test cases. And now it’s your turn.
If not poetic justice, you could call it historical inevitability.
I helped make this present sorry mess happen, too, of course. I was only shaken out of some of my own complicity when I experienced the big boot of church tyrants who tried and sentenced me to public execution in a secret ecclesiastical court that no law could touch. The Attorney General for British Columbia even said so, in a letter to me: “The internal disciplinary processes of the United Church are outside the jurisdiction of this department (read: the law)”. I told the world about that particular tyranny, and nobody cared, starting with the B.C. Civil Liberties Association and every lawyer in sight.
I don’t carry much of a grudge anymore about all that cruelty, regardless of how it destroyed my life, because it opened my eyes. It put me on a higher and necessary path and purpose. So I counsel all of today’s chicken littles who see the sky crashing down on their little world at the hands of that evil Mr. Obama to realize that Big Brother is actually giving all of you a rare gift, and an opportunity: to know how the rest of us live.
Be that as it may, another advantage of all this unusual honesty by the state in so openly declaring its monstrous nature is that it puts more and more of us in the same boat. Our ranks are swelling with some very pissed off people. Like any naked act of terror, the NDAA and other such assaults is creating a new generation of freedom fighters where once resided mere bubble headed techno serfs. So I thank Obama, really, for his efforts at sharpening the minds and the love of liberty in so many erstwhile complicit Americans.
As for his counterparts in the hierarchy of that even more ancient tyranny called Roman Catholicism, all those pathetic priestly turds are the best thing that’s happened for secular humanism and free thinking since the days of Martin Luther. I hear that some of the Irish are so outraged at these secret church courts that they’re planning on invading their sessions and trashing them, and putting the child-raping priests on trial in common law courts of their own making.
And being Irish, you can bet your brogans they’ll do it, too.
Man, I love tyranny. I love repressive laws. They’re the whip that awakens a slumbering humanity, and forces us to know what matters, and what we must do.
One of the guys that made the American Revolution and its Republic, and whose words would undoubtedly qualify him for arrest and secret trial by the present U.S. government, was good old Thomas Paine. Battling exactly the same tyranny that grips America today, and facing the same odds as we do, Tom Paine exhorted the stumbling and weary veterans at Valley Forge with these words, born of misery and oppression:
These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly …
And …
An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot. For such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants is the liberty of appearing. I love the man who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death. So if there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.
Now is the time, friends. Take strength from the blows, walk not in fear, especially of one another, and stand as one now, in our great company of ancestors who were not those of timid disposition.
Are we not ready?

From Dee
Support Kansans for Vaccine Rights’ Conscientious Exemption HB 2094
If you value freedom of choice in health care decisions for your children in Kansas go to and sign the petition to show your support for the conscientious exemption option in State-Mandated Vaccinations HB 2094. Those from out-of-state may also sign the petition. Although Kansas legislators will consider only those residents in Kansas, it sends a message to other states who will be watching......'Hommedieu/stephen104.htm
by Dr Stephen L'Hommedieu

From Eileen (mentions eugenics, Rockefeller foundation) Dr. Nancy Banks (including curing with GAP diet) Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

Dear Eileen -- I have gone through your above links and punched the following comments, respectively.
You may circulate them.

Dr. Leo Rebello says:
January 2, 2012 at 9:00 am
Dr. Nancy Banks did not say anything new that I did not know of. But I admire her courage to call a spade a spade, when her colleagues are afraid of the medical establishment.
In India now, there are 4 million plus children suffering from Autism. And vaccines are clandestinely and through corrupt methods tested on ignorant and poor people with super star like Amitabh Bachchan (who has not given OPV to his newborn grand daughter called ‘Baby B’ as she is yet unnamed) and that school boy Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar vouching for OPV, because his older wife is a doctor (who has forgotten her medicine as she runs a restaurant business). Millions of followers of these two ignoramuses take their advice as Gospel Truth and give their children Pentavalent vaccines, OPVs, Hep-B and cervical vaccines without application of mind.
In our childhood I remember, I had only one BCG vaccine (I have the mark still on my hand) and how I dreaded vaccines and injections and the reason why I became a Holistic Health Guru. Today, there are something like 40 vaccines being pumped into children by two years of age. What madness. Bloody murdering maniacs.
Please read my following four articles in particular:-
1.. Revised Oath for Doctors — 2003.
2.. World Health Reforms Agenda — 2004.
3.. How to Treat Cancers Naturally — 2005
4.. There is no Vaccine against Ignorance — 2006.
5.. War on Your Health — 2009.
To hell with CDC, FDA, Codex – all bastard children of WHO/UN run by Jewish mafia. Replace the WHOre with World Traditional and Natural Medicine Organisation – world is healthy and sane because of TNM
trusted by 80% of the world population still.
For Alternative Paradigm, World without Wars, Holistic Health and Holistic Development, in solidarity, I remain, yours with very best wishes for 2012.
Dr. Leo Rebello, Bombay
Dr. Natasha Campbell of UK treats Austistic children with diet.
She has coined a new label called GAPS -- Gut and Psychology Syndrome
My response to her :
Dr. Leo Rebello says:
January 2, 2012 at 9:19 pm
Not only ASDs, but cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, NMDs, tumours, obesity and for that matter all diseases are colon related. So, this GAPS is nothing new. Also in Traditional and Natural Medicine, we do not treat a disease or a symptom, we clean the whole system and cleaning starts with drainage system, namely, the Colon. Otherwise, the shit circulates in the blood stream and body, mind and spirit is disturbed.

From Facebook
When you think about your life, all your relationships, experiences, regrets and mistakes, know that you needed all of them to grow, expand and become the person you are today--for this is exactly where you need to be.

"No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place."
-- Zen


Bob Borer
Exactly where I need to be? So crime, abuse, disease, betrayal, mistakes, etc...are all good for me?? And I should just sit back and let them happen?
Yes, Bob. You cannot be a part of all those things you describe without being part of the vibration that attracted those experiences. You are attracting them for a reason and you may perceive them in a negative context right now, but you will know how they served you at a later point in your life, or in the after life. But they have served you, otherwise you wouldn't have attracted them. If you don't like where you are in your experience, then you are in full control to change your vibration and hence the consequential path of your life. You're not a victim in this game and you're fully participating in everything that happens to you. Learn to love yourself for who you are and know that you are loved for who you are.

Bob Borer
Thanks. I actually have a pretty good life. I was speaking more by way of proxy. I find it hard to believe the molested or murdered one yr old asked for it. A thousand more examples could be given. It's hardly intuitive to make the victim the culprit in every case.
Only ego and perception makes it hard to believe. To fully understand these concepts, you must grasp the reality of reincarnation and the recycling and integration of souls. It is especially difficult to accept when children experience what we perceive as negative events. But the universe doesn't operate in any other way. Children who are murdered or molested are indeed vibrating at a specific frequency to attract this experience, but most of these children are fulfilling contracts agreed on before conception. Those that abuse or murder them have also been party to these contracts. When the veil is lifted, both the abuser and the abused see how the experience has served them. We have all been murderers and murdered, abusers and abused, men and women, rich and poor, died young and lived old at some point in past lives. We've done it all. That is why we are at this juncture now ascending to levels that have never been experienced by humans. We are masters at this game and our role is about to change.

From Dee
Thank you, Kevin, for this timely reminder...

A man very dear to me, a Christian scholar who has been declared a "cult" leader by the
FBI, has been saying for years that in order to get out of this state we must deny it fully and no longer participate.

It's very difficult.

Most of us survive through our interaction with the commercial world and its evilness. But
people stay in it for the lack of an alternative, which is why those alternatives will only reveal
themselves when the false world collapses... too late for the feast, as the Christians say...

Those of us who are awake, not dead, must become dead to our former selves, if we are to weather the storms approaching us, and let go of everything that is wrong with the world.

Our conveniences have made us weak in mind, but not in ability.

Our spirits, though subjugated with fear, will be inflamed by our new perspective of the reality
we now must navigate.

And our hearts, bruised, wounded and anesthetized, will beat hard and fast to restore our lives
in a new way...

It is a time for optimism, not fear: just as when we renovate a house, we must rip away that which is old and no longer serviceable, and build again, the work has purpose.

In this New Year, which many believe will be our last in this form, let us ensure that we live our lives in a way which brings us peace at the end of them, that we do no harm, that we pass without
guilt or shame for what we have been and done.
We will reap what we have sown, but we cannot reap what we have not sown. Resolve now
to plant only crops you wish to harvest and consume and sustain life with, and you will reap the safety of God.

Singing a Farewell Lament to Ourselves at the End of a World, and at the Birth of Another: Understanding 2012
by Kevin D. Annett

New Year’s Eve in Nanaimo, as the rain falls quietly on a year’s memories, and on an unhurried dawn.

The old adage is true, it seems: that as we age, the years come and go more quickly, but so do the lessons of our life. Tonight, they crowd me as I gaze out at the night, and at the faces of those who died and that which was revealed.

Billie Combes was killed in a Vancouver hospital on February 26, having spoken too readily of the royal Thing that abducted forever ten children from a Christian internment camp in Kamloops.

Billie was a stumbling man of fifty seven, long lived for a street Indian, and he cried so easily whenever he remembered his internment, and the little ones he could never save. The last time I ever saw him, he actually smiled, and told me that I was his friend.

The crowned Thing Billie named barred me from England on May 29 with the kind of cold efficiency that once made it ruler of our planet. It gazed at me through the thick, banal lenses of a Border Agency cop who didn’t even smile at the jokes I cracked.

The African woman and her baby who shared my immigration prison cell weren’t laughing that night, either. Both of them were quietly crying. The world ends like this, says the poet T.S. Eliot: not with a bang, but a whimper.

Equally muffled cries arose from the hardened soil that I turned on November 21, near to the death house called the Mush Hole Indian residential school, built by the crowned Thing in 1832. I held in my hands the bones of unknown children on that day as one world ended, and another began.

Those three moments – the truth, the silencing, and the lonely vindication – blaze at me as this year ends, and we all wonder what 2012 will bring: not so much to remind me of the way things are, as to mark the termination of that whole trapped arrangement.

The lesson that it is all over has been yelping at me for some years now, and not because of a Mayan calendar. Frankly, I’ve been too intent on gnawing at the bare bones of injustice to notice what the lesson has been saying. Perhaps it was Billie’s death that paused my efforts, and made me able to recognize what finally came to rest in my hands – and what it all means.

I’ve done a lot of funerals over the years, and I’ve enjoyed most of them because of their inescapable honesty. The official mourners often seem mildly ashamed at their secret joy, of breathing while another lies dead in front of them, but what matters is that not one of them can deny what has happened. They all know the truth, and have to deal with it, somehow. Such are birthing moments.

The corpse makes them realize life, and its fragile perfection. Something is enlargened in them by facing death, and that awareness denies fear a place to enter, for in their mourning, there is vanquished the illusory hope that permits lies to take root.

Endings are what we mortals live for, because they define us. They are our most sacred encounters, for they sum up everything.

My Gaelic ancestors have a word for this summing up: Caoineadh, “the beautiful song”, which was traditionally sung at a chieftain’s funeral by hereditary mourners known as “keeners”.

The public wailing of these women was in fact the telling of the chieftain’s life story: his victories and his defeats, his character, and the purpose of his being. As his life was recounted, the soul – which was said to hover over its corpse for three days – took comfort and strength from the lessons of this latest life, for its next journey to another incarnation.

The stereotypical Irish wake – a happy drunk fest, according to British Imperial detractors – was in truth the pinnacle of community joy, for in their shared lament, everyone played a part in the completion of the cosmic cycle of one life, in the re-birthing of a soul imbued with wisdom and grace.

Their mourning was in fact the first gasping breath of a new existence.

That’s how I see our situation as 2012 dawns.
Typically, our attention as a people has been on everything but ourselves: on the Mayan cycle, or other people’s prophecies, and not on our own. Yet everything in us speaks a simple truth, known to us away from the clatter of life and our own worry, and that is this: we cannot be born into the new world awaiting us, because we have not yet learned that we have already died.

Our modern western world is like a wandering spirit that knows not that is has passed on, and is trapped and terrified in an illusory limbo world. It is small wonder that the Nuu-chah-nulth people where I live first called us Europeans the “mu multh nees”: ghost people.

We have been such a people for some time – but in our deep fear and denial of death, of what we have become, we have been blind to ourselves.

It’s hardly an accident that as our Christian culture became more psychotic and blood soaked over the centuries, its fear of death multiplied, for we see the world not as it is, but as we are.

Much as modern America’s terrorist-obsessed mind has no escape but in more violence because it sees everyone as a reflection of its own terror, the western world spawned by a “catholic” church that tried to murder Christ and his way can no longer know the life that comes after death. And so we can only fear and deny the fact that we have already died.

I’m not mistaken that we as a people are not simply dying, but are already dead. And here’s the simple proof.

A people who are alive respond with outrage, and action, when the lives of their children are threatened. They rush to protect the future generation. They cannot live alongside that which murders or rapes them.

Similarly, a people who are alive defend their natural world and its sacred bounty and health, for their very existence depends on their doing so.

On the other hand, a people who have died do not respond to any of these threats, for they feel nothing. They cannot perform the most basic steps of self-preservation. They simply function, like parts of an unthinking machine, just as we are doing: but in our case, our actions as a culture all seem designed to actually ensure our own final destruction.

That is who and what we have become: denizens of Necropolis – the City of the Dead, which sucks the vitality out of all life on our planet. And the more we impact our world, the quicker the death we embody spreads, toxifying and radiating our world. And what we do to ourselves in the material world is an expression of a spiritual death that long preceded it.

How can we awaken our collective self – our higher mind – to our own death? By lamenting. We can sing to ourselves our own Caoineadh, the beautiful recounting of who we were and what we did in our life as a people – and how we came to die. And then our hovering soul will know it is time to release, and move on.

Tonight, I awakened to the fact that this is precisely what I’ve been doing since 1995: counseling my own people through their death agony by telling the tale of how something called European Christendom caused its own destruction, and those it conquered.

I called it an exorcism when I stood outside the Vatican on two occasions and compelled a dead spirit to depart from there. But then, as now, I was simply singing the same requiem ritual to that which is finally awakening to its own demise.

So what does all this mean for us now, on the first day of a momentous new year?

For nearly twenty years, I have described and documented the crimes of my people, and brought them to the world. And yet ultimately, all of these efforts have fallen on deaf hearts and ears: those of the dead.

There is no public reaction to all the evidence of murder and torture of children by church and state, because there can be no response that actually stops the crime from happening again. We have finally recognized what we are a part of: soulless institutions of the Lie, that have no heart or purpose save self-perpetuation. And so now, to quote one of my friends, it is time to “Leave the dead to bury the dead”.

It is time to let go of everything, and allow our collective self to dream its being into a new life, and begin all over again.

So I’m not worrying anymore about proving to the world that Mohawk children were murdered and buried on the grounds of the Brantford Anglican school. We know it happened. So does the Crown and Church of England, who caused the slaughter.

Instead, I am resolved to dismantle both of those institutions, and all those like them, so that they can do no more harm. Only thus can we awaken their inhabitants to their dead condition, and allow their souls move on.

To do so, we don’t need another Tribunal, or an Inquiry into the obvious. For even with such an inquiry and its final proof that those who rule this society are mass killers, who would impose on these guilty groups any sentence? How can we enforce our verdict on the Genocide, without wielding our own force to make justice real?

We are faced, ultimately, with a question of power, and who wields its. We need therefore a spiritual and a political revolution, from the bottom up, to reinvent society so that the City of Death is no more.

To replenish itself, the land lies fallow every few years. So too must we now let go of a murderous social disorder to allow ourselves to regenerate, and build a culture based on the Great Law of peace and equality.

Thus, at the same time as we stop paying taxes and voting away our autonomy, and sever our economic involvement with society, we reclaim that stolen by a few, beginning with the land and our families. From the ground up, we fashion a republic of spiritual and social Equals in harmony with the earth.

So I turn my back on Canada, and its churches, and its corporate oligarchy, as I call you to do too, and on the City of Death wherever you encounter it.

I pledge myself in this year of 2012 to help begin our new life as a people whose allegiance is the Natural Law, by reclaiming our minds, our land, and our people from the death they have dwelt in for too long.

Now is the time for poets and bards to sing our captive hearts into a new reality, and for our true warriors to overthrow Necropolis and establish justice in the land, and the Natural Order.

We have sought fruitlessly for humanity from institutions that have none. Their time is over, and they will fall at our hands.

From Susan
Appreciate the vision, but this is not the brightest idea, especially if they think they can do this without the PTBs permission. This sounds like an attempt to control the opposition on internet censorship.

From Phil
When it collapses, which it will, the people will decide what to replace it with, not larger world systems. It will begin from a micro perspective and initiatives not macro. They just don’t get this. Don’t they realize that if there are bad intentions involved, regardless how they gift wrap it, that the world will see through it? A good chunk of the veil has been lifted in this respect. We’re well past the point of deception and if they don’t see this, then they simply don’t comprehend how the world has evolved.

I listened to the 24 minute interview and I am not buying the guest's story. He asking others to just accept the sanitized version of the NWO and world currency because a large group of government officials say the present economic system is self-destructing and the world is ready to play fair.
He even implied the 'dark side' sees the writing on the wall and they are willing to go legit now because they realize their scams are being exposed. 'Ascend' or be left out, he says.
Just trust the 'players' who know how finance works, accept the global currency and there are ways the debt will be written off, he says. Bull hockey !!!
Pure propaganda malarky to trick the world into thinking a global banking and political system is not only a good idea, but necessary. How else do you think the criminal banking elites are going to sell their con to the world, but to trick us into believing their agenda is the only way to go?

Subject: 130 nations to broadcast a statement about a new global economic restructuring arising in 2012
Conscious Media Network has been approached by a representative of
global leaders and financiers from 130 nations to broadcast a statement
about a new global economic restructuring arising in 2012.


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