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From Jeremy
August 5, 2010
To Yvonne Jeffery, Calgary Herald.

I am writing in response to the article by Kashif Ahmed and Eric Miller for your publication entitled
"Natural Health products should be better controlled".

I do not belong to any wonderful organization with a profound name, nor am I an influential or charismatic personality. I am just a Canadian who likes to think I can take a sip of apple juice, or eat a banana without having to get a prescription to do so.

It would appear that these two young people above are law graduates from Saskatchewan and I find that hard to believe judging by their loose deductions and general case making.

The general tenor of their piece is that NHPs are dangerous, and need to be treated as drugs, and the supporters of NHPs are only interested in having their own way. Actually I think the pharmaceutical companies fit that description much better.

So let us look at some of the inconsistencies shall we?

“The proposed CCPSA (Bill C-36) would prohibit the sale of poisonous or dangerous products to consumers. Yet, NHPs, no matter how hazardous they may be, receive a blanket exception.”
OK just tell me how many people have been killed by a hazardous NHP in the last twenty years and compare it even to Gardasil this year and, if there are more NHP deaths, then I will listen to more of this completely un legal argument with no foundation in fact or truth.

This paragraph:
“The reality remains that drugs are chemicals and NHPs with any biological effects are drugs. Hence, the benchmark for regulating alternative medicines must be similar to pharmaceuticals and should accordingly meet the requirements by health regulators for public safety”
assumes so much that is not even related that I am befuddled. Garlic is a drug?
I agree that drugs are chemicals, but fail to make the same connection to biological effects from NHPs making them into drugs.
Firstly: Natural means by nature, that is to say the ingredients occur in a natural state somewhere in this wonderful world of ours. They are usually put into the body in the form of food and allow the body to use what it needs for its benefit and the rest is passed out in the normal way.
Secondly: Drugs are chemical cocktails that do not allow the body the choice of whether it needs them or not, the effect is preordained and any excess is usually still in the body long after any beneficial effect (if there is one) is gone.

Direct complaints:

Zicam nasal spray could indeed be harmful to some users but to claim that it would destroy all users sense of smell and taste is rather an exaggeration. I would also question how many natural health products are ingested through the nasal passages anyway. Most pharmaceutical nose sprays that I have ever tried have a temporary numbing effect too. I am not familiar with Zicam and am unable to find too much about the contents or the make up of the company that makes it but I suspect there are pharmaceutical chemicals involved. This is my surmise not fact.

L-arginine test “ was ended early because of an extremely high mortality amongst the treatment group”.

Quote from Wikipedia:

A clinical trial found that patients taking an L-arginine supplement following a heart attack didn't improve in their vascular tone or their hearts' ability to pump. In fact, six more patients who were taking L-arginine died than those taking a placebo and the study was stopped early with the recommendation the supplement not be used by heart attack patients.

Please note that six is not an extreme number when talking in terms of drugs, but with NHPs it is an extreme number, even though the test people were already sick with weak hearts and L-arginine was not for them. It is not clear how many people died in the test, but only 6 more were taking L-arginine. That was enough to stop the tests.
How many people died last year from the vaccination for the H1N1 and how many more are still having side effects and yet the vaccination is still available, and with no proof that it did or will do any good at all.

“These incidents are in no way isolated and clearly indicate the need for regulatory oversight of NHPs.”
Is this the sort of argument that a court would accept? No case history of these supposed incidents; no justification for the statement, just a generalized sentence with no backing, but perhaps showing a political and financial bias.

Perhaps at this point it should be pointed out that most of the foods used by natural health users have been known and used by people for many thousands of years to ease pains or stop ailments. Drugs have been around for a mere two hundred years and have caused more problems to the human body than they have affected safe and biologically sound “cures”. The big difference which our two heroes have not explained is that pharmaceutical drugs are a big business, and that big pharma are angry that they can’t get at the profits to be made from the use of naturally occurring, un patentable and safe consumable foods.

The real meat of their article however is founded on the same premise of statements without backing of proof that Bill C-36 is absolutely necessary for the safety and health of Canadians and that NHPs should be included as they are such a health hazard. Their case has not been made to me.

The modern Bill or Act of parliament is nothing more than a skeleton around which, and without the approval of parliament, are built the regulations. These regulations of any act are where the government brings out the club for submission by strong arm tactics.

The Health Food Stores and naturopathic doctors are under attack by this ‘poor under powered Health Canada’ by use of the regulations under the Food and Drug Act.

Marigold Compounding Pharmacy, Courtney BC
Dr Dahl, Edmonton AB
The Grow-in Grocers , West Vanouver, BC
To name a few, check them out.

There is no need for Bill C-36 to involve NHPs as they are being brutally and ruthlessly policed already. However what Bill C-36 does do is indicate that foreign governments will take over our laws and regulations, and whilst those of us who have been saying this were being accused of being conspiracy theorist nuts, it has now been clearly shown by the prime minister that he is full steam ahead to give Canada over to those global powers. His words claim that it is "absolutely vital" that we loose our sovereignty in order to be financially healthy.

This is what Bill C-36 is really about.

Thank you for starting this discussion.


If you don't like what you see or hear do something about it instead of complaining.

From Phil Segrave []
August 4, 2010
Do not be blind sided by ignorance, apathy and denial, read the following message:

...''Vaccine researcher and Naturopathic Doctor, Dave Mihalovic said "the H1N1 swine flu hype heavily promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and mainstream media is all about the push to vaccinate world populations."

According to Mihalovic, "there is only one thing that happens when you are injected with a vaccine. You introduce a biological and chemical toxin which degrades your immune system." ...

Cytokine storm

A cytokine storm, or hypercytokinemia is a potentially fatal immune reaction consisting of a positive feedback loop between cytokines and immune cells, with highly elevated levels of various cytokines

...Researcher and author, Patrick Jordan, has exposed the unfolding plan to kill vast numbers of people through engineered viruses and vaccines. He says that they have long perfected vaccines that switch off the human immune system and US troops have often been used as guinea pigs.

Patrick Jordan's research uncovers a three-tier vaccine system. The first inoculation turns off white blood cells (the immune system); the second injects viruses; and the third switches the immune system on again...

...'In the middle period viruses are expanding around the body, but the person doesn't feel sick because the immune system is not fighting them. When the immune system kicks in again it unleashes such an assault on the virus cocktail that it kills the body.

This is known as a cytokine storm when the immune system is so overwhelmed that it sends too many antibodies at the same time to infected areas of the body and the body kills itself.'...

If you have any doubts that biological warfare agents have this capability, watch Dr Len Horowitz's video:

In Lies We Trust Part 1 of 16


From Phil Segrave []
August 4, 2010
Doctors have been told not to use a particular flu jab on 110,000 children after it was linked with a tenfold increase in convulsions caused by high fever.
Children given the jab in Australia, made by CSL and marketed in the UK by Pfizer, suffered febrile convulsions in the following hours and days.

From Eileen Dannemann []
August 3, 2010
Vaccine activist: These soldiers get plenty of vaccines on top of their own inordinately massive childhood vaccines since the 80s (with high levels of Thimerosal)...despite the fact that they are the ADHD, ADD, Autism spectrum generation. With the Obamacare bill, government is focusing on uptake of adolescence by funding the School Based Health Clinics and school based vaccination sites. This next generation of soldiers having gotten the childhood and the adolescent push will really be ready to die... for their country.

Support the Vaccine Liberation Army. We are ready to send out our own troops when school starts...but we need funding to buy 60,000 stickers for the fall initiative. See Sticker Strategy

Since many of the drugs are labeled "suicidal", no wonder there is an epidemic of suicides in the military...yet the newest report disregards the use of psyche drugs in their evaluation of why so many soldiers are committing suicide.

Medicating the Military

From Eileen Dannemann []
August 3, 2010
Send this to anyone you know who has been accused of Vaccine/Shaken Baby Syndrome- Survey online

From: Catherine

Dear Members of the Vaccine Issues Community:
Please take a look at the site below and note the Shaken Baby Syndrome Survey that is being taken.
Would you please network it within your group/community so that parents who are accused
of SBS can see that something is being done to help clear the air about the misguided SBS.

From Phil Segrave []
August 3, 2010

First of all, wars are waged for political power and money by the international banking crime syndicates. It is already documented public knowledge that the infamous 'Gulf of Tonken' incident which President Johnson used as an excuse to escalate the Vietnam War, rather than pull out as President Kennedy was going to do, was orchestrated to get the States further involved.

France used to colonize that area in the 50's and fought for over a decade to retain influence over it finally redrawing. American foreign policy went in to fill the vacuum just prior to Kennedy's term in office. When the French pulled out, war hawks justified the escalation to stop Vietnam from falling under Communist China's sphere of influence. One of the reasons President Kennedy was assassinated was because he announced a pull out.

Based on research, the U. S. loaned billions to Russia who loaned it to China to finance the other side of the war during that period. All major battle plans of both sides were forwarded to the war planners under the international bankers. The strategy was not to let either side, the U. S. or the North Vietnamize get the upper hand so the war would drag on for years making billions for war contractors and profiteers.

The U. S. military was not allowed to win the war. The Viet Cong were advised of every major offensive. What finally ended it was political, which is what usually ends most wars. The Viet Cong knew time was on their side so they avoided all head on engagements and chose to fight guerrilla style throughout the war until public sentiment in the U. S. turned completely against it.

Remember, nothing happens by random accident. All conflicts are managed just like this including WWI and WWII.

Both German and Japan wanted to surrender for over a year before the end of WWII. Roosevelt new the Japanese fleet was headed to Pearl Habor and ordered major battle ships into the harbor. Dropping the A bomb on Japan was completely unnecessary.

The Iraq war II was planned before 911. There was no proven connection between Iraq and Al-CIADA or WMD. U. S. foreign policy financed Al-CIADA during the Russian war in Afganistan and before that financed Iraq's Saddam Hussiens war with Iran. The war in Afganistan serves multiple agendas: Oil, heroin and a staging area to wage war with Iran.

There are always three parties involved in wars: Those who fight them, those who pay for them and those who profit from them.

The preceding analysis is based on years of study, but do not take my word for anything. The truth is out there for those who want it.


Phil, do you have any knowledge of what started the vietnam war? I know I read something on it a while back but I forgot what
I read. It seems the US wanted something but I can't remember. If you can let me know. Thanks, violet.

From Dee Nicholson []
August 2, 2010
With incidents occurring everywhere (G20-Toronto; Dziekanski Murder-Vancouver; Pushing down of woman with cerebral palsy-Vancouver) that include tasering, unlawful arrest, illegal procedures, bullying, threatening, intentional wounding, and even DEATH, it is time that the people stand up and say whoa... you will NOT break the law while "enforcing" it, and you WILL be held accountable for your actions.
Police must NOT be allowed to investigate themselves, and NO POLICE OFFICER SHOULD BE TRIED FOR OFFENCES EXCEPT IN A PUBLIC COURT... no private disciplinary hearings where evidence is not properly processed!

-------Original Message-------

From: cdsapi

Out of control – but protected by the law!

What you are about to witness does more than boggle that mind – it shakes the foundation of what we call “civilized society”.

Who are the “treats to society” who justify their own “terrorizing” in the name of the “enforcing the law”? Who can engage in “criminal behavior” and then hide behind a “badge” for “justification”.?
1. Several questions have to be asked:
1. when law enforcement becomes totally lawless and corrupt, where does the citizen and society turn for “authentic protection”. The Gestapo is beginning to look alarming similar.

2. What kind of society produces this kind of “mentality”. How did “peace officers” metamorphe into “brutal power-freaks”?

It is time to acknowledge that a society that tolerates exposing its children - from the youngest age - to violent entertainment. violent games, contorted, hideously ugly toys, violent movies, violent video games, in a valueless society focused on “rights and power”, endorsing a warring mentality and assertive, subduing confrontation, will produce children who often grow up to become adults with this desensitized, lawless mentality and brutality. When these “warped” personalities end up in the police force, where they are then additionally subjected to training that focuses on a “subdue the enemy – citizens ARE the enemy – assert YOUR domination” philosophy – this is how society ends up.

Watch this - This one just sends one over the edge. Happening with alarming regularity.

These cops are American - watch this insanity - this is footage from the cops own dash cam.

Police Overreact with a Taser Gun

CopsCarsandCrashes | October 24, 2008 In this clip a swerving car is stopped by highway police, only for the officers to overreact - only slightly! - when making the arrest using his taser and pepper spray...

And don't be smug - Canadian cops are just as bad.

There is a solution - and it starts with the development and teaching of “Character” as THE fundamental in any functional society. If a society fails to develop the disciplines of self-control, it will inevitably be faced with the brutality of “externally enforced, legalized controls”.
The choice is between “developing internal Character and sound attitudes” OR facing an “Externally Policed society”. The above illustration shows us what it looks like – and how totally intolerable it is. The choice to reverse this is also ours – and only ours.
It is a question of what we are prepared to police – “the planting of the seeds” or “the inevitable end results”. Welcome to the choice between a “functional society” or a “dysfunctional POLICED society”. Both are of our making. Remember that these people grew up as “our children” and were drawn from within “our society”. They are the product of OUR society. Therefore it is up to us to reexamine the erosion of our “civil” foundation during the past 50 years, and to realize that we cannot afford to continue failing our children and our society.


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