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From Phil Segrave
Fable of the porcupine

It was the coldest winter ever. Many animals died because of the cold. The porcupines, realizing
the situation, decided to group together to keep warm. This way they covered and protected
themselves; but the quills of each one wounded their closest companions. After awhile, they
decided to distance themselves one from the other and they began to die, alone and frozen.
So they had to make a choice: either accept the quills of their companions or disappear from the Earth.
Wisely, they decided to go back to being together. They learned to live with the little wounds caused
by the close relationship with their companions in order to receive the warmth that came from the others.
This way they were able to survive.

Moral of the story: The best relationship is not the one that brings
together perfect people, but when each individual learns to live with the
imperfections of others and can admire the other person's good qualities.
The real moral of the story..?


From Phil Segrave

The technologies described below are the next steps up from former Nazi like 'your papers please' physical (obtrusive pat downs) searches and (toxic xrays) screenings without a constitutional 'probable cause' standard or even an unconstitutional 'reasonable belief' standard.
...'If you fly within the United States in the future, keep your expression neutral, do not blink too much or too little, and do not sweat. Carefully maintain a normal respiration and heart beat as you submit to demands from Homeland Security agents. If you question or resist their demands, you could be detained as a pre-crime suspect, fined up to $11,000 and added to a No Fly list.'..
Just like the with unaudited electronic voting machine software, these little unaditied proprietary pre-crime (see the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise) mind reading devices can be programmed with false incriminations and can cause politically incorrect suspects a lot of grief if someone's name is on a government target list:

Add to this the facial recognition software they use on crowds (I sent that out yesterday)
and you have a full-blown police state where everyone is a suspect and no-one is safe... from the government....

-------Original Message-------

From: Paul

Just in case anyone thought that things could not get worse, this is not exactly life immitating art, but some of the terms are the same.
I think I shall start a new business, renting soundproof rooms where people who actually care about freedom can go to vent their agony before they are arrested for being anti social.

Coming Soon to an Airport Near You
by Wendy McElroy, July 6, 2011
If you fly within the United States in the future, keep your expression neutral, do not blink too much or too little, and do not sweat. Carefully maintain a normal respiration and heart beat as you submit to demands from Homeland Security agents. If you question or resist their demands, you could be detained as a pre-crime suspect, fined up to $11,000 and added to a No Fly list.
On July 5, a headline in the bioethical news source BioEdge declared, “‘Pre-crime’ terrorist detector field tested in US.” BioEdge explained that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has finished initial testing of Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST), which is “designed to spot people who intend to commit a terrorist act.” According to DHS documents, however, FAST targets a far broader range of people, from “individuals planning to cause a disturbance or use false documents to individuals who are planning an assassination or terrorist attack. The future time horizon can range from planning an event years in advance to planning to carry out the act immediately after passing through screening.”
Unlike most other security measures, FAST is not aimed at finding contraband or explosives but at identifying suspicious people before they can cause trouble. FAST expands a trend currently expressed through the behavior detection officers who are part of a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) program entitled Screening Passengers by Observation Technique (SPOT). These TSA screeners are trained to spot and detain questionable people even if the people have done nothing wrong; about 3,000 behavior-detection officers are currently spread throughout America’s airport system.
FAST aims at mechanizing this detection process, although on-site human analysts will still receive and interpret the data. Pre-criminals will be identified through the use of remote cardiovascular and respiratory sensors, a remote eye tracker, thermal cameras, high-resolution video, and an audio monitor for pitch change. Additional sensors, such as pheromone detectors, are being considered. People with aberrant readings are likely to receive “special treatment” on the suspicion of their being suspicious.
In the recent field test, sensors were embedded in an isolated corridor through which volunteers passed and were “read” as they did so. It is not possible to assess how reliable the readings were because the data is classified. Earlier lab tests, however, claim an accuracy rate of about 70 per cent but the tests were non-random, with no blind study or other standard controls. Nevertheless, Undersecretary for the Science and Technology Directorate for Homeland Security, Jay Cohen, has pronounced the first stage of FAST to be a “home run.” This means the program will not only seek to expand but will also be installed in areas through which everyone must pass.
The FAST screening of passengers has three possible stages. If any person triggers a “flag.” then the sensors transmit a warning to on-site analysts, and the person may be taken to one side. The flagged person undergoes “micro-facial scanning and enhanced questioning” during which muscle movements in the face are measured to ascertain his mood and intentions. After enhanced screening, the person is assigned a “malintent level” that determines his subsequent handling.
What happens to those judged as a high risk? No information is available but it is reasonable to assume the treatment would not differ significantly from that which was meted out by TSA behavior-detection officers.
In August 2009, a California college student named Nicholas George went through a checkpoint at the Philadelphia airport. George was studying Arabic. In his bag, TSA behavior-detection officers found both flash cards with Arabic words and a book on foreign policy. He received “enhanced questioning” before being handcuffed by the Philadelphia police, who held him for four hours. After being questioned by F.B.I. agents, George was released without charges.

Backlash against FAST
Most criticism of FAST revolves around the accuracy of the data. In Nature News (May 26, 2010) Sharon Weinberger explained,
“No scientific evidence exists to support the detection or inference of future behaviour, including intent,” declares a 2008 report prepared by the JASON defence advisory group. And the TSA had no business deploying SPOT across the nation’s airports “without first validating the scientific basis for identifying suspicious passengers in an airport environment,” stated a two-year review of the programme released on 20 May by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the investigative arm of the US Congress.
Many experts do not believe there are identifiable physiological indicators that are directly linked to malicious intentions or pre-criminals. The indicators measured by FAST — for example, a speedy heart beat — could easily be caused by the anxiety of confronting armed TSA officers, a fear of flying, a fight with your spouse, stress at work, being in a rush, or too much coffee. In short, many experts do not consider FAST’s mission to be scientific or technologically sound. To them, it is akin to phrenology — a “science” revolving around the shape and measurement of the brain and skull — which became a tool through which some 19th-century police departments detected pre-criminals by examining the bumps on their heads.
But critiques of data effectiveness miss the point of FAST. The point is to expand social control and, at that task, FAST may prove remarkably effective.
Since 9/11, the TSA has conditioned Americans to accept an ever-increasing totalitarianism at airports in exchange for the “privilege” of traveling within their own nation. From rigid I.D. requirements to stripping off clothing at command, from tiny bottles in plastic bags to porn scanners and pat-downs ... Americans have proven to be amazingly compliant, even when a stranger gropes their children’s genitals. The TSA is helping to create the Newer American — a citizen who is even more obedient than before and half-frightened and half-awed by men in uniform. The Newer American lines up passively in queues to have his rights and dignity violated by ill-mannered, ill-trained thugs who claim to be his protectors, and is even grateful for it.
In reality, the TSA is the antithesis of a protector. It views all flyers as pre-criminals to be surveilled because it presumes them to be guilty, not innocent. Guilty flyers can currently “prove” their innocence by submitting to a series of indignities that violate all Fourth Amendment rights. And, then, if no contraband is found and no wrong attitude expressed, the TSA will move on to the next guilty flyer. With FAST, however, there is no possibility of proving your innocence; the absence of contraband and a properly subservient attitude cannot hide your perspiration from the sensors; you are condemned by your unexpressed thoughts and emotions, by your presumed malicious intentions. Based solely on the calculations of machinery, you can be detained, placed under surveillance or arrested. Your movements, not your actions, make you guilty.

FAST is coming soon
The field test for FAST has been declared “a success.” The program is a logical extension of the TSA’s behavior-detection officers, SPOT, and the malintent programs. Certainly within TSA, there is a push to go high tech and ever expand its authority.
Nevertheless, it is not certain that FAST will be implemented throughout the airport system. Cost is one barrier. Practical concerns, such as the high rate of false positives, is another. Political backlash poses a problem.
Perhaps the most ominous aspect of FAST is that the field tests were conducted by using a movable lab of equipment and people, which resembled nothing so much as a huge recreational trailer. The lab, officials assure us, can be transported to provide security for trains, malls, public events ... for everything from an inauguration to little Johnnie’s birthday party. Yes, the totalitarianism that defines the modern airport can now visit your neighborhood, like a depraved ice cream truck, and force feed you “a sense of freedom.”

From Facebook
U.S. Decrees That Marijuana Has No Accepted Medical Use
Debbi Dorey Absolute BS!!!
Naomi Zuckerman as usual, showing their complete ignorance of the issue....
# Only the most potent natural remedies would have such a response from government entities. Marijuana is one of the most powerful plants in this category. Is has a specific energy signature within its structure that can CURE dozens and possibly hundreds of fatal diseases.
Marie R Helm Imbeciles. Greedy government. This countrys health continues to decline... Here, take these PILLS. Grrrrrrrrr
Suzan Macco I wanna grow it in my garden and give it to all who are having pain inflicted upon them from traditional medicine.
Daniel Young
What? What? What? Tis blasphemy! Denial of this plant is not only denial of the priniciples this country was founded on but it is denial of the abundance God has put here on the Earth for us to take advantage of! Our government is going to ...push our people over the limit, the last straw as it were, and we will revolt! Can you feel it coming? This institution of the fallen can drain us of our rights and dignity for so long, just how long do they expect us to pretend to put up with all their unamerican behavior?!See
Allan Marryatt so the USA is right and the rest of the world that uses it as medicine is wrong? I think I smell big pharma pulling the strings of government
Mark Active ‎"Accepted" being the operative word. Nothing in government circles is "accepted" if it helps the people. That's why anything "accepted"by the government should be rejected by the people.
Naomi Zuckerman i hope everyone is deluging the white house and their senators/reps with all these responses........i've sent emails to all
Nicole Hapeman
I think what they were trying to say is that there is no monetary value to the government as of yet. We all know there are medical benefits to pot. but my pharmacy, doctors and my Govt. don't make a dime on it....YET. They would rather ...see me loose my house because I have to buy an anti vomiting pill at $80 a pill than let me grow my own medication(organic of course) for free. If you believe what the Govt. tell you..............anything the govt. tells you....... you are a fool.See More
Pat Brodniak-Carbonaro The FDA is working on eliminating our rights to use any natural herbal plants. They are going to use this one as their example. Soon you wont be able to buy any. Better start growing what you need.
David Moule Pathetic and kind of laughable conclusion... one that is sure to change when they either decriminalize to reap the tax windfall, or have bought up the supply chain, (whilst keeping illegal for citizens to grow for own or business use).
Brooke Prim ‎:(
Chris Jones
the reason they ban this when u look at the bigger picture is because of population reduction, control and keeping people poor and miserable suffering big pharma - drugs that have far worse consequences than almost anything else. basically ...we are force fed drugs in a dictatorship form of society via fluoride, mercury, vaccines, and other lethal chemicals in water. food is also a no go area too. its obvious why they are doing this. they play the game of the bankers regime of killing people slowly and destroying their lives bit by bit.See More
David Moule Neither do they want for your consciousness to be expanded...

From Phil Segrave
Why Fukushima Can Happen Here: What the NRC and Nuclear Industry Dont Want You to Know on Video

The well-known safety flaws of Mark 1 Boiling Water Reactors have gained significant attention in the wake of the four reactor accidents at Fukushima, but a more insidious danger lurks. In this video nuclear engineers Arnie Gundersen and David Lochbaum discuss how the US regulators and regulatory process have left Americans unprotected. They walk, step-by-step, through the events of the Japanese meltdowns and consider how the knowledge gained from Fukushima applies to the nuclear industry worldwide. They discuss "points of vulnerability" in American plants, some of which have been unaddressed by the NRC for three decades. Finally, they concluded that an accident with the consequences of Fukushima could happen in the US.

With more radioactive Cesium in the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant's spent fuel pool than was released by Fukushima, Chernobyl, and all nuclear bomb testing combined, Gundersen and Lockbaum ask why there is not a single procedure in place to deal with a crisis in the fuel pool? These and more safety questions are discussed in this forum presented by the C-10 Foundation at the Boston Public Library. Special thanks to Herb Moyer for the excellent video and Geoff Sutton for the frame-by-frame graphics of the Unit 3 explosion.

From Glenn

Watch this video, spread this video to everyone on your list. The plan has been initiated.

From Dee Nicholson

By Bill Sardi
Knowledge of Health, Inc.
July 10, 2011

The dietary-supplement industry has only 90 days to comment on the FDA's new dietary ingredient guidelines,[1] which would require many supplements currently on the market (since 1994 when the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act was passed) to undergo onerous and expensive safety testing.
Some of the animal testing would require three years to complete. It is difficult to ascertain the cost of meeting these new requirements but it appears to be in the millions of dollars for each ingredient. It would take three years before any new dietary ingredient could be introduced as well. Essentially, the only way these natural medicines would remain on the market is to make them expensive prescription drugs. You are talking about many well-known supplements such as resveratrol, hyaluronic acid, piperine, curcumin, etc.
Some companies with broad product lines would have to spend $20 million to $100 million in order to keep existing products on the market. All this to just get paperwork in order as there is no clear and present danger to consumers posed by dietary supplements.
The entire 47-page document issued by the FDA is so overwhelming as to throw a mortal blow to the supplement industry. It is not known whether public outcry will influence the FDA as it is an aloof organization that is obviously responsible for protecting America's pharmaceutical industry to the point of recklessly approving prescription drugs that, like Vioxx, have killed thousands.
The supplement industry is recoiling, ready to make pleas to politicians. In other words, beg for mercy. The supplement industry could be forced to take 17 steps backward in time, to 1994, and utilize only those molecules and processes that were in existence then. The fact that the FDA dropped this guidance upon the industry like a bomb instead of gaining their input prior to its writing suggests the FDA knows what it is doing – creating a doomsday document. RIP dietary supplements unless something is done soon.

[1] The FDA Draft Guidance for Industry on New Dietary Ingredients may be read at:

The NHF has organized a letter-writing campaign to Congress calling for it to force the FDA to rescind this document. NHF will be submitting comments against the Guidance document directly to the FDA but does not expect it to listen, as it never has unless its pharmaceutical-industry masters yank its chain. Lawsuits and mass action may need to be the second step if Congress fails to act. Stay tuned.

From Facebook
DNA, Cancer and Meditation: Is There a Connection?

Debra Yvonne Mathis Much research has already documented the changes in brain waves that occur as the result of meditation, deep breathing and mindfulness training. We are on the verge of a huge shift in which this research will trickle down and out into public awareness, and effect policies, education and belief systems.
Debra Yvonne Mathis Important to realize/understand is that changes in brain waves can translate to better health outcomes; what we think and believe CAN induce stress (which equals high levels of cortisone being released), but can also have the opposite, more helpful/positive effect.


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