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From Dee Nicholson
I strongly suggest that you view the video OR read the transcript of this interview,
because it clearly outlines ALL of the devastating effects of genetic modification on ANY
living system. It goes far beyond the vague warnings we hear and specifies how it all works, why it's so deadly, and how many systems are affected by the use of GMO.

Monsanto's Micro-Monster Could Kill Us All
Monsanto has unleashed a micro-monster that could kill us all.
That's according to Dr. Don Huber, an agricultural scientist and expert in microbial ecology, who's convinced that Monsanto's genetically engineered "RoundUp Ready" crops are responsible for a new micro-monster that's causing an outbreak of new plant, animal and human diseases.
Please watch Dr. Joseph Mercola's interview with Dr. Huber and then write USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, as Dr. Huber has, and urge him to place a moratorium on Monsanto's RoundUp Ready crops until scientists learn more about this deadly micro-monster.

From Dee Nicholson
Carriers Admit to Installing Hidden App
Friday 2 December 2011
by: Josh Levy, Save the Internet | Report
The cellphone spying saga is heating up.
On Friday, Rep. Ed Markey joined Sen. Al Franken in demanding answers from Carrier IQ, the company that has worked with mobile carriers to install a hidden application that has the ability to secretly track nearly everything users do — including the keys they press, the numbers they dial and the websites they visit — on more than 140 million cellphones. Researcher Trevor Eckhart uncovered the secret app.
Rep. Ed Markey has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Carrier IQ.
News about the issue has spread like wildfire, and every tech blog worth its salt is on the case. Here are a few updates that have come in since we first dug into this issue Thursday:
AT&T and Sprint have admitted to installing Carrier IQ’s software on their phones.
The Wall Street Journal’s tech blog AllThingsD spoke to Larry Lenhart and Andrew Coward, Carrier IQ’s CEO and VP of marketing, whose carefully scripted responses left a lot to be desired. “The software receives a huge amount of information from the operating system,” Lenhart said. “But just because it receives it doesn’t mean that it’s being used to gather intelligence about the user or passed along to the carrier.” In other words, Carrier IQ has the ability to track nearly everything you’re doing, but it doesn’t necessarily do anything with all that info. Why should we trust this company to do the right thing?
Also of interest is how Lenhart and Coward passed the buck on to the carriers. They’re essentially saying, “We just provide the tools to spy on you. The carriers decide how they want to use them.”
HTC (the maker of the phone that Eckhart used to expose Carrier IQ) claims it doesn’t receive data from Carrier IQ. Nevertheless, HTC and Samsung got hit with a lawsuit claiming that, as others have suggested, the software violates laws against wiretapping).
Free Press is continuing to press Congress and the Justice Department to investigate Carrier IQ.
People are tired of these unwarranted, unannounced intrusions into their online lives. As Sophos analyst Chester Wisniewski put it, “the community is becoming fed up with being spied upon, our personal lives and habits being invaded through secret programs and increasingly complicated and confusing privacy statements.”

From cdsapi
When Governments and Corporations “elect themselves” to run our lives, look at the mess we inherit! And what an alarming mess it is! If there is not a nefarious agenda – hiding under the umbrella of “enhancing health” - can someone explain to me why we are annually spending billions of taxpayer dollars (that we have to borrow because we don’t have any) to vaccinate newborn infants and very young children (who have neither a mature immune system nor a neurological system that can cope with these toxic injected assaults), for childhood diseases that were always “one-time experiences, mostly of one week duration, and of minor concern”, and gave people permanent immunity, protecting newborn infants because the mother’s breast-milk also carried the antibodies – real, lasting antibodies that vaccinations fail to produce.
In addition, ALL viral diseases are easily treated with mega-Vitamin C, and for the few rare cases with complications, IV Vitamin C will make short order of the problems. Interestingly, Dr. Klenner reported to the AMA in the late 1940s that he was routinely curing Polio within 3 days with IV Vit C – much to the chagrin of the AMA (the Big Pharma gatekeeper), which completely ignored his research, but then blacklisted him from publishing in medical journals, preventing him from reporting this research to the medical community for 25 years. The result was that many people ended up needlessly paralyzed or/and in iron lungs, or died. The Big Pharma/Big Medical alliance then proceeded to spend multimillions of dollars trying to disprove that IV intravenous works - which they could not do because it does - so the best that they could muster was to simply make “a Declaration to that effect” – which still stands– to hell with any evidence or substantiation.
Over the past fifty years, the number of children needing repetitive medical care, and the number of chronic conditions for which they are being treated, has proportionally paralleled the incremental increase in the number of childhood vaccinations administered, especially after the introduction of multiple vaccines, and has exploded exponentially since newborn infants have become the targeted population, and the multiples have become insanely irresponsible.
Unfortunately, now the only children remaining truly healthy appear to be found in the unvaccinated population – which the government, via mandate, is trying very hard to eradicate. That is why they are demanding 100% compliance under the excuse of “needing HERD immunity”. For decades they have refused to do a statistical examination of the two populations because that investigative comparison would divulge the obvious truths – vaccinations do not improve the overall health of children, and all too frequently lead to life-long chronic and degenerative health problems, especially abnormal and defective brain/nerve/endocrine function – the trade-off for a questionable practice, for a problem that was neither untreatable nor a serious problem to begin with – and a problem that statistics show was disappearing on its own due to other factors like sanitation and nutrition. And certainly treatable at far less cost than the horrendous expense and infrastructure involved with the vaccine industry’s apparatus. (Follow the money!)
For instance they have completely ignored the fact that the Amish community, that did not vaccinate their children, did not have any internal autism cases. (Apparently so much pressure has now been brought to bear that some of the Amish have now capitulated and have begun to vaccinate as per government mandate.)
Consider the total cost of the H1N1 Flu shots mania, and the cost of the annual flu shots that ads promote ad infinitum, despite the fact that so far no one has been able to produce a single piece of evidence that shows that the flu vaccines are either safe or effective in preventing the flu – all that is available is a “Declaration to that effect”. Who needs proof when the protection of an agenda and “a corporate economy” are at stake! (And so we sacrifice a generation of children.)
And now we have Hallmark coming to the Government’s and Big Pharma’s rescue.
Folks - It is time to “OCCUPY” Hallmark - and definitely to boycott all its business enterprises. You certainly won’t see me writing another Hallmark card! How about you?
I suggest that you write them to inform them of your boycott. Hopefully this will result in their receiving a few million letters “of no-buy intent”. We, too, can let “money talk!”

From cdsapi
6 Shocking Revelations About Wall Street’s “Secret Government”

Cdsapi’s Added Comment:
The enemy is within, and the slithering dragons must be slain. A better-rigged casino game is hard to conceive – and their bouncers are standing guard at the doors.
Why had we not cracked down on the corruption, the milking and fleecing operations, a long time ago, when the symptoms were evident to anyone who cared or dared to analyze, based on PRINCIPLES? Do we need a mirror to see how our society has allowed itself to be brainwashed into cultivating and embracing gambling and corruption as a culture – with the primary focus on “personal individual gain” - condemning corruption only when we find ourselves on the “receiving end”. The Monopoly Game mentality seems to be endemic from top to bottom. “Everything is okay as long as ‘I’ am on the winning side.”
We seem to have become a society that endorses and relies on a philosophical ideology that embraces the idea that the rewards of gambling will be everyone’s rescue – and then we wonders why the quicksand upon which the casino is built doesn’t support any vital infrastructures.
It absolutely floors me when, in this very sobering time that needs serious reevaluation and frflection, I hear commentators, pundits and advisors, faced of this threatening financial collapse, explain how these are “times of opportunity” if only we are astute enough to search out the niches where one can still profit from the speculative casino game. Far too many people are jealous of the Wall Street gangsters, rather than revolted by them – until it hits them in their pockets. Given half a chance, they would do the same, jettison Principle for Expediency, and call it “capitalizing on opportunity”. Far too many are opposed to removing the “casino speculation” from scenario, with a return to honest business transactions.
Yes there are a few rare anomalies – Ron Paul, David Kuccinch, Cynthia McKinney to name a few – who still believe in service to society for the benefit of society (rather than just bleeding it for personal gain) and engage in an honest search for solutions. On a local level, many have found solutions in cooperative ventures.
We used to call it Character and Statesmanship. When we are prepared to support people of character and statesmanship, they will appear. For a long time now, honest people haven’t had a hope in hell of getting promoted into positions of leadership. As long as citizens - voters - allow themselves to be hoodwinked and bribed into endorsing fast-talking liars because they are deemed “to be somebody “ thanks to the money rattling in their pockets, we will continue to be “ruled” by people of abominably deceitful character - and then we decry the fact that the casino game within the halls of governance continues to expand exponentially.
When the Titanic begins to sink, this is not the time to play one more poker-hand to “profit just one more time”, when all hands are required to lower the lifeboats to salvage as much as possible. As never before, we are all in this boat together, and we either sink or swim together, depending on our ability and willingness to think fundamentally and act cooperatively. And we won’t do it by fleecing each other, on any level. We have to pull together – or we will sink together.
The Occupy Movement was generated by people who finally declared that they were no longer willing to be milked/fleeced/conned by criminals on Wall Street. Now the Occupy Movement needs to focus on society’s willingness to abandon an indoctrinated, self-centered “individualism”, realizing that when the Golden Rule becomes central, the talents, tools, resources, time and ingenuity within a dedicated society can bypassing the casino gangsters - and set up new structures that work.
The finances and hence the politics of the world has been engineered, controlled and finagled by the Rothschild Criminal Bankster Syndicate for over 200 years, fermenting wars, engineering financial depressions and collapses, to enhance their milking/fleecing theft operations. Each round made them a lot richer, but this present “created” financial crisis takes the “gold crown in criminality” as they intend to “foreclose” on the world’s remaining resources.
The Occupy Movement is a sign that the population is at last waking up to see through this grim reality of criminality - and is “standing up”. Not only do these billionaire criminals have to be called to accountability, but the focus has to turn to creating democratic infrastructures that work and operate on impeccable integrity and honesty.

We have to start with refusing to operate under the privately-owned World Bank/Federal Reserve and the IMF.
It is interesting that one of the main reasons that Libya was attacked was its refusal to submit and become subservient to the dictates and fleecing operations of the World Bank/IMF casino game. Libya had no debt, had interest-free money through its own bank, an advanced infrastructure, citizens had free education, free medical services, subsidized and very affordable energy, affordable food and lodging – and it used “its own resources” to fund these services, refusing to let international Corporations siphon off the profits.

Today, thanks to the banksters’ Secret Government, NATO-led “humanitarian liberation”, the Libyans are once again totally impoverished.
Can we take a lesson from this as to where we have to start, and what “recommended New World Order solutions” we must never fall for!


Click here: 6 Shocking Revelations About Wall Street’s “Secret Government” | The [Occupy] 2012 Scenario


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