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From Dee
Who ever said the Russians are square? Moscow in winter flash mob

Sent just after hearing that Putin is (yet again) president of Russia.

From Dee
Good To Be Alive - YouTube

From Dee
By John Kaminski

Always have children of various ages present for all important events and decisions. Their input is often the deciding factor in whatever is to be decided.

The presence of children keeps adults real. Without the active consideration of children and sufficiently authentic regard for their input adults delude and misguide themselves with their own fearful abstractions. Caught up in the capricious nuisances of daily living, they forget why they're here, which is always to nurture children.

Kids are the living representation of hope, and should never be neglected or ignored. Adults who do that are futilely trying to escape their own pain with some meaningless and addictive distraction that always reflects their own childhood injuries.

And that's why the world is on a rapidly decaying treadmill, deluded and misguided, with no goal in sight except to survive another day, fleece some feckless sucker, and consume more unhealthy food.

Trust me, kids don't like it. Kids need stability. The rest of their lives is ruined by the lack of it. You can see it in the shadows on their faces, soon to grow into aggressive mannerisms later sedated by drugs to shape them into suitable inserts for prepositioned slots in consensus reality, every bit of divine inspiration hammered out of them by the time they're 13.

With each year life becomes more meaningless and inchoate, more against nature, each mind shaping event providing another reason to want to escape reality, which, upon adulthood, becomes millions of drunken sports fans all saying it is patriotic to demolish Afghanistan.

Children have a much better grasp of what it's like to be alive and utterly happy about the delights of the real world. It is a reality adults have abandoned so they may more efficiently make their wars to prove they are the strongest and will never die.

Age 7 and below have no cognizance of the empirical world beyond their reach. Yet any age from the very beginning has valid input into its own direction, which sensitive adults can readily perceive. From 7 to 16 kids replicate the idealistic framework they have received from their parents to conform to the inescapable rules of the world; after that it's up to the parents to keep them from getting sucked into some cockamamie social trend ultimately designed to vampirize them. Most kids get lost that way, and never find their way back to their parents.

Kids with one or fewer parents are another story, and that's the story of America and much of the world. But I've discovered something amazing and that's that kids who grow up chasing their parents from bar to bar and weathering the scars of their parents' flailing, through all of it, still have the sense of what's right and what's wrong, in many cases moreso than the majority of us who lucked out and had parents who tried their level best to guide us on our way.

You don't have to be the beast in order to see it, but you do have to see the beast in order not to be it.

Away from the kids, the beast rules, and we forget why we're here.

Lost in our own crippled abstractions, the shameful notion that brute force runs the world is clumsily and unconvincingly masked by sanctimonious religious rhetoric, holy words that magically erase our guilt over the murders of millions we ignore in pursuit of our obsessive compulsions.

And the beast is well along in his process to relieve you of your life. Don't make me count the ways again. That time is past. Choir practice is over. We need action now. The collective life of humanity ebbs away with each new chemtrail, and every politicians' lie.

What are we to do?

First, we are too recognize the true nature of our leaders, who haven't been chosen democratically for 150 years. Our resistance to knowing the true nature of our leaders is directly proportional to our dependence on the system that feeds us by profiting from the blood of others.

Remember what the ancient Greek sage Solon said. Politicians make the worst leaders because, like lawyers, all they can do is follow what they're paid to say, and they can't be trusted to ever reveal their true motives, or to seek for the genuine welfare of the people they have presumed to represent.

Civil War bankers like Salmon Chase, August Belmont and other Rothschild stooges began changing laws to ease the slide toward the Jewish financial takeover of America in 1913, but since they owned most of the newspapers and later the libraries, most of us haven't heard about it. The subterfuge continues.

Today we have people who were disgraced for their corruption in the past Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum being presented to us as prospective leaders in our darkening future, as the retrofitting of the American republic into a completely corrupt Jew master/goy slave society accelerates into a higher gear.

And activists are being surreptitiously eliminated one by one.

America has profited across the board from the trickle down of the blood of uneducated suckers throughout its entire existence.

This profit depends on everybody looking the other way when the real picture of America's behavior emerges.

Look the other way too long and the blood that's trickling is your own.

Thus this military push against the whole world, the logical extension of all our philosophies, predictably will consume itself and us in firestorms of deadly bravado. And what will it have proved?

That once again we have been unable to kill our own deaths, so we killed everything else trying to prove that we could.

This is the human entanglement. And it has us by the throat.

So our leaders are all complete phonies, who are treated respectfully by all those who want to participate in their game, as well as all those others millions of Americans who have no idea what they're talking about.

Our government depends on deceiving its own people in order to function, which is the whole premise of the Federal Reserve, the IRS etc., and people say, "Well, that's just the way it is." Remember to say that when they come for you, or take your last dime.

The propaganda bombardment by these fatuous Republican candidates is appallingly stupid, irrelevant and insincere, and big media hangs on their every meaningless word for the social programming it is, and yet ignores Christopher Bollyn's story that given the errors and the mysteries, all of the Iowa caucus results and all American elections from now on are completely meaningless numbers, shaped by the beast and its agents.

The crimes of all adults are always trackable to the injuries they suffered as children. Yet no is able or willing to make the connection. All you hear is . . .

"Everything is wrong. Everything is upside down."

And it's all true. And all because we have chosen to believe a lie.

The most beautiful picture I have ever seen appeared unexpectedly one morning on the front page of the Rocky Mountain News. It was the Eagle Nebula as seen through the Hubble Telescope, billions of light years tall, resplendent blue and glittering gold, and actually, as fine a picture of God as I've ever seen.

In it glows the dazzlingly unfathomable fabric of the firmament of life itself, billions of years old and possessed of incomprehensible energy, one of uncountable numbers of spectacular scenes no matter where you turn in the heavens.

The fabric is becoming fathomable. Inconceivably long spiral strands of plasma energy also known as dark matter make up 99 percent of the known universe and enmesh absolutely everything most especially life itself in its invisible web of communicative connectivity, even as the daisy opens her petals to the Sun.

Pervasive magnetic fields in deep space form plasma helixes travel among the galaxies with a universal energy that animates everything. And lo and behold, the Sun is not burning like they said it was it's lit up by electricity, receiving energy from everywhere in the universe.

That's right, sunspots are caused by the Sun RECEIVING energy from the universe. Think of a duck pooping in a pond from high altitude. The sunspot is the splash.

Some months back, I learned from listening to Clif High that the auroras show the energy from the Sun that the Earth is receiving. And from every health food nut I've ever known I've learned that energy from the Sun is best received through the medium of fresh vegetables, which guarantee our perfect health without a single pill.

Close up photos of these sunspots reveal the Sun to be hollow, merely an electrical substation in the greater galaxy, passing these zillions of communicative particles to every living thing. If this is the case, as Thornhill says it is, then nuclear power is not natural.

Like so many other supposedly beneficial innovations that have been foisted upon the public over the years oil, booze, crack, pharmaceutical quackery, fluoride, cigarettes, MSG nuclear power ranks at the top of the list for ultimate danger to the human species, especially now after Fukushima when it has pervaded and degraded every aspect of life of life on this planet.

If Thornhill's electric model of the universe is right, then nuclear power is an utter hoax, the true alchemy of evil, something (as the Ayatollah said) we would never contemplate using, never mind in weaponry.

It is probably too late to demand that all nuclear applications should be shut down immediately, because the sheer spread of the material over the last 50 years makes it impossible to calculate what will happen when the Sun suddenly raises the temperature of the Earth.

This new perception of the electrical connection among all living things augurs new hope for planetary peace, because the many ideological struggles between competing religions will dissipate in the new understanding of our electrical connection to everything.

But beyond that lurks the everpresent question that has dogged us since that darned comet electrified us into consciousness all those years ago, with its tremendous lightning bolts, earthquakes and dragons blotting out the Sun etching an unmistakeable fear in our cortexes that morphed over time into the metaphorical anthropomorphic rendition of the wrathful god.

Victims are always blamed. The people who got crunched by the comet were later cast as the villains of history, blamed for their own misfortune. Surely the wrath of the Gods could not have happened for no good reason.

There was much talk of cannibalism, though, vestiges of which seep down into our psyches by consuming the body of Christ at Holy Communion. Joseph Atwill says that's an inside Roman joke played on the Jews who became Christians.

But central to all the problems humans have ever had is about living forever. It can't be done, and you should disabuse yourself of the notion that it can be done.

The notion that it can be done is responsible for all the misery in the world. Every occupation, every trade, every science, and especially every religion, is based on conquering that which cannot be conquered, going against nature in every instance, instead of understanding the true nature of things, which is temporal in every single instance of anything that lives.

By living your life following rules set forth for you by ancient doctrines, you tell yourself that you are following the wisdom of the world and living a righteous life because of it. But ask yourself this? What have these holy ancient rules ever produced in the world but the mass slaughter of ignorant innocents?

The hypocrisy of the victors is matched only by the futility of what they have stolen, which always weakens the society the ill-gotten prize was meant to strengthen.

Also, the notion that you can live forever by uttering certain prayers leads directly to the mindless slaughter of others who say the same prayers but use different words.

I can see no time in history where this has not been the case. Basically, nothing has changed in the last 10,000 years, except that we have diminished our physical abilities significantly by all these modern conveniences. Today, we couldn't survive without being plugged into this poisonous grid we've created.

We are choking ourselves with our own false abstract notions about what reality really is, letting the numbers in the cooked books tell us who we are.

If our religious structures could somehow be recalibrated minus the false notion of people rising from the tomb, everything would be different the jobs would be functional and worthwhile, the leaders would be happy and noble, peace would reign supreme.

But instead we have chosen to fetishize our own fears which is really our own disbelief into nothing but corruption, chaos and injustice. And all those murders over failing to conform to imposed abstractions.

People delude themselves into thinking the concept of one's soul or spirit will guarantee them eternal consciousness. If you think that is true, then you are trapped in a delusion that has been given to you by priests.

The way out of all of it the way to neutralize the shadow is to be who you always thought you could be, in every instance, paying homage to no uniformed outlaw who challenges your perfect morality with unjust wars and illegal laws. That's the doorway to slavery.

The priests lied to you. People are not corrupt. With enough food and faith in a system, they can be pretty decent.

No faith in any of these systems remains. We need a new one. The question I always ask is . . . how can you not believe?

The Buddha told us that when you acknowledge the end that all life demands as its payment for your gifts, then all quarrels cease at once.

Any philosophy that is not firmly formed on the principle of unlimited freedom of thought is BULLSHIT. Put that on my tombstone, please.

When you're doing something for yourself, you're actually killing yourself; but when you're doing something for someone else, well, that's how you keep yourself alive.

Religion hijacks your analog self with a priest-created higher authority, and dictates what you can think. So simply recognize the divine in everything you see, and you can cast aside all that mind control crap and go on about your business of finding out why we're here.

Trust people to do the right thing. Given half a chance, they will.

Unless they are operating on a false belief system, which is the case with every single religious person in the world.

As things stand now, the electric model of the universe stands as the most useful explanation of reality, and the practical path that potentially can lead us beyond this self-inflicted mythological torment that has bathed the world in blood for so many centuries.


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