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From Eileen Dannemann

Michelle Bachmann has accidentally pitted herself against the biotech-pharmacuetical megamammon who can make her or break her as a presidential candidate. Will she align herself with God or mammon? If she retreats in order to get the support of biopharm and its government backers she fails in her soul, giving up her spiritual alignment for material power, a much lesser authority. Moreover, a backtrack will ultimately fail her because she has lost her alignment with the most powerful base, God, and those aligned or think they are aligned with God's authority. At that purist level of consciousness, there are no secrets in heaven, aka, the generally unconscious level where man's soul truly resides. If she retreats from her vaccine position, those who believed in her God derived Truthisms will now doubt her. Therefore she will not be victorious as even a presidential candidate, no less the first women president. That is a lot of work for nothing. So, in my opinion, positioned as a mother with a political posture she would be best off to yield to her serendipity about what vaccines are doing to generations of humanity, enlighten herself more about and truly become a savior; and work for the Light of which her spiritual path must dictate, if she so chooses.

(Nag Hammadi Library...Jesus "And when they ask you where you came from, tell them you came from the Light where the light came into being on its own accord".

Now that she has hit on the truth about one incredibly harmful vaccine, she is the national focus of activists and independent researchers who are sending her information about the dangers and risks of all vaccines. No doubt she will be the recipient of much information about the devastating effects of all vaccines and the inordinate vaccine mandate programs in this country. The question is, as a Christian and an anti abortionist will she metabolize the fact that while we are saving fetus from extinction, the government is destroying their new born lives by vaccinating them with 45 vaccine doses by the time they are six years old, many with mercury, in order to go to public school...and a total of 90 vaccine doses by the time the graduate high school. ABORTIONS: Will she find out that the government is vaccinating pregnant women aka vaccinating fetuses inutero with the flu shot with mercury and that there was a 2,500% rise in VAERS reports of spontaneous abortions and still births after the administering of the H1N1 flu vaccine with mercury to pregnant women?The inordinate vaccine mandates are destroying families are producing chronically ill children- cancer, ADHD, Autism, juvenile diabetes. Why save a fetus for this destiny?

The STRATEGY is this: Download this paper The Comprehensive Truth About Gardasil found at and send an email en masses to Michelle Bachmann campaign headquarters, Attention: Alice Stewart in the Subject line: While you are at it FAX Governor Brown (California) office with this download re: Bill AB499 which has been passed by both the Calif. House and Senate and will allow underage girls to get a Gardasil vaccine behind their parents' backs, without their parents knowledge or consent. FAX Gov. Brown: 916 558-3160

As Dr. Bart Clausen, former NIH researcher, comments of our 5 minute Gardasil compilation video, GARDASIL PRIMER, "we are not improving health. We have changed the disease "mix". We have exchanged infectious disease (which can be overcome and are cyclical) for chronic diseases".

PS: Ron Paul, a true Christian, has introduced a bill to Congress to study vaccination!

Best regards,

Eileen Dannemann

From Kathy
Put these two events together and you'll begin to see who really rules our country:
Blagojevich was destroyed less than 24 hrs after he announced that he would suspend business with Bank of America if it didn't lend money to a failing business in Chicago (Republic Windows and Doors). The bank had just received $25b in federal bail out money, supposedly for lending to small businesses. We suspect he was destroyed as a lesson to all other governors not to mess with the banks' bail out money.
A representative of Bank of America approached presidental candidate Rick Perry and dropped an offer to help him out. He didn't know the microphone caught his words.

This explains why Presidents Bush and Obama pushed for two huge bail outs of the banks, plunging our nation deeper into debt. Presidents are mere puppets of the secretive banking families. The banks need their front men so they can stay behind the scenes and perpetuate the illusion that we have a government "by the people". If enough Americans woke up to this situation, we could take our country back.

From Phil Segrave
It has be years since I have done research on mycoplasma, but I remember it was some kind of slow kill weaponized bacteria derivative which presents itself in different ways in different patients. After someone is contaminated by a carrier (mycoplasma is a communicable disease after it is introduced into the original victim by vaccination). Mercury and toxins are not the vectoring agent. Canadian Professor Don Scott has made mycoplasma (history, infectability, symptoms, treatment) his mission in life so he is a leading authority and he would know the best treatment available and which doctors are trained to treat mycoplasma infections. Mycoplasma is one of the most underreported contagious prolific global diseases known today. What is WHO doing on this? Answer: Nothing, because of the politics.

Don Scott is president of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation and adjunct professor at the Institute for Molecular Medicine. Don Scott is author of The ...

Many doctors donít know about this mycoplasma disease agent because it was ... the Pentagon came clean on this because two researchers in Sudbury, OntarioóDon Scott ...

by Donald W. Scott, MA, MSc Pathogenic Mycoplasma A Common Disease Agent ... Pentagon came clean on this because two researchers in Sudbury, Ontario -- Don Scott ... -

From Facebook
There is absolutely no difference between a good and bad person just as there is no difference between the truth and lies. It is only your perception that makes them such.
-- Unknown

Maureen Garver: No difference??? ...seriously? Between Mother Teresa and Hitler?

Maureen Garver: ‎...pretty sure it's not my 'perception' that makes mass murderers BAD people.

Mark Active: The only difference I can see between Mother Teresa and Hitler is that one served in light and the other played a dark role to serve human kind. But make no mistake, they both equally served human kind. Your perception and your ego will define the differences but there really are none in the end. We would again say that truth is 360 degrees. Pick your point and position of truth along this path and it could dramatically differ from the person beside you, but who is to say one has more truth than the other. Perception does.

All energy in the universe first comes in along neutral pathways and is then interpreted with positive or negative filters. A mass murderer attracts a victim with the same vibration and energy signature as his own. He/she feeds off this energy and can decide if further victims are necessary to complete cycle of learning. One virus can kill millions of people and requires the exact same vibration from each host. Is the virus bad? We may perceive it to be, but it is only attracting its victims according to the laws of the universe. It is only our perception which places a positive or negative connotation on subject or event and nothing more.

From Susan
When we focus on some horrific past event, we only bring forth the energy associated with what created it, allowing it to continue its cycle and drain our power. When we see the event for what it is, and its purpose in the grand scheme of this game, then and only then will we move past it. Stop living in fear...stop being a victim and start regaining your power.


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