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From Dee
Shawn, Shawn, Shawn.... I love ya to bits for the hard work you put in, but dude.... the crisis is not Canada's crisis, and won't be solved by Canada's government listening to anyone. Bottom line, they don't listen at all. They can't. The rules and regs are not coming from here, they are being adopted from international guidelines set up by trade groups to facilitate profiteering by the pharma cartel, and of that there is no doubt whatsoever.

We already know that these guidelines, being adopted by such entities as the European Union, are spreading like cancer worldwide, as more and more nations are becoming embroiled in trade groups whose only function is to serve the profit motives of the multinational corporations "advising" the trade groups.

So while I agree absolutely that nothing will be solved until the real issues are debated and discussed, there is no forum in this country that can impact the problems, because the problems are not coming from this country. Our biggest issue is that we are now trapped. If we abrogate the agreements, Canada will be assessed huge sanctions as "punishment". We will lose trade. Jobs would be lost by the thousands. Smaller and medium-sized companies would be bankrupted. The multinationals don't care: that's why they're multinational, in order to be able to withstand that sort of thing.... just like the tobacco companies diversified like mad over the last few decades, to protect their own butts in the case that their products failed to yield profits any more in one area or another.

What we have to fight is the fact that our government(s) have, without popular permission, or any sort of oversight, given away the one thing that protects for Canadians the right to live as we see fit: our sovereignty as a nation. There is no law, no policy, that allows such a giveaway, but they did it anyway, and it wasn't just Harper. Both the Liberals and the Conservatives have contributed horribly to the giveaway of our nation, as Obama and Bush and their predecessors have signed away the rights of Americans and now seem curiously divorced from the pulse of the American people.

It's not that curious, when you think about it. For many years, we've had the writing on the wall, from the Protocols of Zion to Agenda 21, and all the trade agreements popping up, with nary a mention of how international agreements stifle sovereign governments and render them as little more than mouthpieces for the banks and corporate giants manipulating markets and labour forces and money markets, not to the benefit of the people, but to the facilitation of profit uber alles.

So now, what should, or can, our focus be, in order to change anything? Are we too far gone, too caught in the net, to extricate ourselves?

I don't believe so. But the conditions under which positive change could eventuate would be such an about-face from how we live now that it is unlikely that the masses would lend their support, since they'd rather deal with the devils they know than the ones they don't.

The one thing we do need, no matter what, is our sovereignty back. And we will not accomplish that by sporadic, disparate efforts against this evil or that wrong... the head of the snake must be cut off, in order to kill it, and that would mean a radical departure from where we are now, one which would likely be as unsettling and frightening as what we face from a one-world government with no say in anything.

What we need to eliminate on this earth is the desire of any one group or individual to take power over any other group or individual, the greed, the negativity, the hate, the fear.

What we need in order to do that, friends, is love and respect for each other and all life, and a will to do no harm to anyone or anything, in the full knowledge that what we sow, we will reap, and that it is always better to plant something you want to eat, as opposed to something that will make you sick... because what you plant will grow.

It's planting time, people. Get to it. Never mind the deaf and dumb government, get talking truth to your friends, your neighbours, anyone who will listen. The more people know, the less power the "controllers" have over any of us. Then, all of one voice, we can stand up and order what we want.

Until then, we will continue to live as victims of a world that we have created for ourselves, with our apathy, our insouciance, our own greed, and our misplaced trust in leaders whose only credo is money, the making of it, and the keeping of it, no matter whose pocket it comes from.

Remember Pogo? "We have seen the enemy, and he is us."

-------Original Message-------

Date: 14/05/2013 7:00:40 PM
Subject: NHPPA E-Blast: May 14 2013 | Debating With Health Canada


Shawn Buckley has recently drafted an assessment of the exchange.

Over the last few months two debates have sprung up in the media, as a result of Health Canada employees taking exception to articles which lay bare the current crisis in the natural health community. Shawn Buckley has now written an overview and reply to both.

First, Adam Gibson’s Letter to the Editor “Crying Wolf” was printed in Alive Magazine in response to Shawn’s article “Safe or Unsafe?”

Then, Dr. Rona’s Letter to Alive Magazine’s editor “Noisy Spin Control” went to print to oppose statements made by Adam Gibson and in defense of Shawn and the NHPPA.

As if this was not already an excellent volley, Dr. Gifford-Jones’ Toronto Sun article “Health Canada: Where are the dead bodies?” was met with a response by Scott Sawler and published directly on Health Canada’s website.

Both replies are similar and use figures which evade the issues at hand, but what’s important is that Health Canada’s NHPD entered the debate!

We sincerely hope that the conversation will move from mere contradiction to a considered analysis of the issues over time.

We have been posting the articles, letters and replies on the NHPPA FaceBook page as they have come out. However, since the stories are intertwined and ongoing, we thought it was time for a summary.

An excerpt from Shawn’s overview, "I don’t think that any of us expect Health Canada to agree with concerns on how they regulate natural health products. At the same time, I would rather have them stay silent than to use a canned argument that is misleading and does not address the concerns raised. These are important issues and we cannot arrive at the best regulatory environment for natural products unless we honestly and fairly debate legitimate concerns and issues."

Read Shawn’s complete overview.

Follow us on Facebook using the link below and tell us what you think. Is it a good thing that Health Canada is taking notice of the dissent?

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