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From Phil Segrave

This looks like this site is a mixture of esoteric occult knowledge the secret societies may be passing down from antiquity. It's got Chakras, gnosis, Zodiac, sacred geometry, and quantum physics. The Illuminati/Freemason multi-generational elites are big on merging science, mathematics and spiritualism.

They figure their advanced knowledge on these disciplines gives them the right to exploit the rest of 'unenlightened ones' like their human resources to be enslaved and/or killed at their whims.

The content is to complex for my limited cognitive capacity, but if we ever hope to liberate ourselves out from under their control, we have got to break their code sometimes as the Hermetic ancient mystery religions, which has been past down through the ages since time immemorial.

The author(s) of this site may be just presenting their knowledge of these subjects, but for those of us who are into deep scientific occult based research who wish to understand how the world's predatory class's mode of operation, this site appears to be have great potential. It is important to remember the bad guys want to keep this kind of knowledge all to themselves so they have a 'can't touch this' sign on this kind of forbidden knowledge.


Hi Phil

I think I discovered an illuminati website,
many websites are "fake" illuminati sites, with crap informations..

but this website have very confuse information :

they have graphics about time travelling..
do you understand these subjects?

From Phil Segrave
One way 'they' can introduce their silent drug weapons into out bodies in the name of public health is through the use of nano vaccines:

From Dee Nicholson
Want a taste of how ironic/moronic this situation is? First they screamed about global warming, which didn't happen... and now there is "climate change", which is an undefined quantity still designed to "prevent global warming" ... otherwise why are we worrying about producing carbon that warms us up, in the face of a mini-ice age, in which case a blanket might be a good thing?
So all the stuff they're doing to "protect the earth" is actually (well, maybe) going to expose us more to the coming freeze... how's that for dumb?

What may be the science story of the century is breaking this evening, as heavyweight US solar physicists announce that the Sun appears to be headed into a lengthy spell of low activity, which could mean that the Earth – far from facing a global warming problem – is actually headed into a mini Ice Age.

From Dee Nicholson
I've seen a number of postings on the CBC Forum where people actually think there have been deaths from vitamins... which of course is ridiculous because the very word means "Vital Minerals"!!
This is an excellent backup for those of us who find ourselves struggling to convince people... there is the truth,
tell them to go argue with THOSE authorities, not you....

This article may be reprinted free of charge provided 1) that there is clear attribution to the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, and 2) that both the OMNS free subscription link and also the OMNS archive link are included.

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, June 14, 2011
No Deaths from Vitamins - None at All in 27 Years

Commentary by Andrew W. Saul and Jagan N. Vaman, M.D.
(OMNS, June 14, 2011) Over a twenty-seven year period, vitamin supplements have been alleged to have caused the deaths of a total of eleven people in the United States. A new analysis of US poison control center annual report data indicates that there have, in fact, been no deaths whatsoever from vitamins . . . none at all, in the 27 years that such reports have been available.
The American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) attributes annual deaths to vitamins as:
2009: zero
2008: zero
2007: zero
2006: one
2005: zero
2004: two
2003: two
2002: one
2001: zero 2000: zero
1999: zero
1998: zero
1997: zero
1996: zero
1995: zero
1994: zero
1993: one
1992: zero 1991: two
1990: one
1989: zero
1988: zero
1987: one
1986: zero
1985: zero
1984: zero
1983: zero

Even if these figures are taken as correct, and even if they include intentional and accidental misuse, the number of alleged vitamin fatalities is strikingly low, averaging less than one death per year for over two and a half decades. In 19 of those 27 years, AAPCC reports that there was not one single death due to vitamins. [1]
Still, the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service Editorial Board was curious: Did eleven people really die from vitamins? And if so, how?
Vitamins Not THE Cause of Death
In determining cause of death, AAPCC uses a four-point scale called Relative Contribution to Fatality (RCF). A rating of 1 means "Undoubtedly Responsible"; 2 means "Probably Responsible"; 3 means "Contributory"; and 4 means "Probably Not Responsible." In examining poison control data for the year 2006, listing one vitamin death, it was seen that the vitamin's Relative Contribution to Fatality (RCF) was a 4. Since a score of "4" means "Probably Not Responsible," it quite negates the claim that a person died from a vitamin in 2006.
Vitamins Not A Cause of Death
In the other seven years reporting one or more of the remaining ten alleged vitamin fatalities, studying the AAPCC reports reveals an absence of any RCF rating for vitamins in any of those years. If there is no Relative Contribution to Fatality at all, then the substance did not contribute to death at all.
Furthermore, in each of those remaining seven years, there is no substantiation provided to demonstrate that any vitamin was a cause of death.
If there is insufficient information about the cause of death to make a clear-cut declaration of cause, then subsequent assertions that vitamins cause deaths are not evidence-based. Although vitamin supplements have often been blamed for causing fatalities, there is no evidence to back up this allegation.

From Phil Segrave
Physician and Epidemiologist Say 35% Spike in Infant Mortality in Northwest Cities Since Meltdown Might Be the Result of Fallout from Fukushima
The recent CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report indicates that eight cities in the northwest U.S. (Boise ID, Seattle WA, Portland OR, plus the northern California cities of Santa Cruz, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and Berkeley) reported the following data on deaths among those younger than one year of age:
4 weeks ending March 19, 2011 - 37 deaths (avg. 9.25 per week)
10 weeks ending May 28, 2011 - 125 deaths (avg.12.50 per week)
This amounts to an increase of 35% (the total for the entire U.S. rose about 2.3%), and is statistically significant. Of further significance is that those dates include the four weeks before and the ten weeks after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster. In 2001 the infant mortality was 6.834 per 1000 live births, increasing to 6.845 in 2007. All years from 2002 to 2007 were higher than the 2001 rate.

From Phil Segrave
Zargon (33 B.R. – present), the Philosopher-King, is the immortal ruler of Greater Akkadia. His importance in history is such that the modern calendar begins with the first year of his reign.
Comments: Are we prisoners of time? What is the connection between the mythical figure Zargon and Stanley Kubrick's movies? Listen to Jay Weidner's interview on Red Ice Radio to find Kubrick's hidden secrets. Find out what Hitler's scientists, occult intellectuals and Hollywood movies have in common. Are the bad guys sucking out our energy as they manipulate us into killing each other by pitting the world's three major religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity against one another? What are the connections between sex rituals and human sacrifice?

Study Kubrick's Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the films of Stanley Kubrick and listen to this 2 hour radio interview:
Jay Weidner - Kubrick's Odyssey & The Brotherhood of Saturn
March 6, 2011
Called by Wired Magazine an "authority on the hermetic and alchemical traditions," and "erudite conspiracy hunter," Jay Weidner is a renowned author, filmmaker and hermetic scholar.;read=199057

For a bit of instant physical evidence, watch this short YT video?

The Mystery Hexagon on SATURN [1:48]

From Dee Nicholson
Considering that the homeless now include disabled veterans and people who have been downsized or made redundant, or whose company closed down in recession.... we would all do well to be aware that every story has a beginning, and we are not privy to how people became homeless. Prejudging anyone who is living without a home, pigeonholing them into a level of life that nobody ought to live in, is unjust and wrong.

Also considering that our governments do very little to help these people, many of whom would not be on the street were it not for the lack of help and healing, I'd like to see Harper and his cronies, and all our provincial premiers, live on the street for a week to find out what it feels like to have fallen through the cracks and be unable to climb out. link

The Homeless are not ‘street people’

From Dee Nicholson
Add to that the fact that the "normal" sperm count today is about 50% of what it was a few decades ago, and you have, ultimately, a dramatically shrinking population.

------Original Message-------

A 35% Spike in Infant Mortality in Northwest Cities Since Meltdown
Is the Dramatic Increase in Baby Deaths in the US a Result of Fukushima Fallout?


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