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From Dee Nicholson
This leaves no doubt at all where the news really comes from.... tooo funny!!!

It may not surprise you at all, as many of us have known for quite
some time, that the so-called media in this country is not in the
business of reporting news so much as the manufacturing of

These clips from local news broadcast all over the country
demonstrate rather clearly the even the local news is, at least in
part, scripted from a central location (either Reuters, Associated
Press, CNN etc) and from there disseminated to local outlets.

It takes a late night comedy show to demonstrate that the news is
in the business of shaping our perceptions.

Canned news...


From Dee Nicholson
A long read, but a critical one. You MUST understand the long history behind what is going on now. This is NOT an unplanned state of affairs in the world, and when people take avenues of protest that are easily defined for them, the odds are very great that someone or something is behind it... someone who has declared themselves superior and worthy of leadership... remind you of anyone?

Those of you who have known me long enough will recall that more than ten years ago, this whole scenario was exactly what I was talking about. But hey... it's easier to come home from your labors, crack a beer and watch the game, right? Not your problem? Wait till the black-booted thugs with guns are on the street corners with cameras everywhere and scanners hovering overhead... it'll be your problem soon enough.

Worse yet, it will be the world you leave your children to suffer in, and to raise your grandchildren in.

Read and learn. This is the head of the snake that must be killed. And you cannot kill a snake unless the head is cut off. And cutting off the head of this snake involves understanding that NONE of us is thinking at full capacity because none of us was ever given the TRUTH.

From Dee Nicholson
Never liked Pepsi, used to be a Coca Cola addict (probably because of the coca leaves THEY use in their product) and now make my own soft drinks using fruit concentrates and sparkling water... which is yummy and healthier by a long stretch.

However, when they start utilizing aborted fetal cells to "test flavor" (?????? what do they do, clone kids and ask them if they like it??????) And are they serious about that poster? YIKES!!

Enough already!! Back to sarsaparilla we go!!

Not that I drink coke other than on a blue moon, but now I certainly won’t be touching it ever again. No rye and cokes for me. Just straight up schnaps. Haha

From Dee Nicholson
Jeremy is not the only one to notice that Minister Nicholson (no relation, thank God) has stated REPEATEDLY that our rights are "subject to interpretation". To that I say,

As we speak, government is "adjusting" the interpretations of law exactly as Jeremy describes below. In many cases, most particularly Health Canada's, THERE EXISTS NO MANDATE IN LAW FOR THEM TO DO SO. In order to cheat us out of our rights, they have to BREAK THE LAW... and hope nobody notices.


NO MORE. If Canadians do not fight back, they'd better not come crying to me about their lost rights in this "free and democratic" country!!!

-------Original Message-------

Mr Nicholson, Minister of Justice for Canada,

Yesterday I was watching the installation ceremony for your two new Supreme Court of Canada Judges.

It was as usual a colourful sight, and interesting to hear the views of the presenters, if I may call them that, including yourself for once not being politically aggressive to anyone; what a pleasant change Mr. Minister.

However I was particularly struck by the comments of Ronald J MacDonald, today’s immediate past president of the Law Societies of Canada.

The constant theme of his speech was the Rule of Law in Canada, and how he believed these two new judges will be good at upholding the Rule of Law on behalf of the Canadian people.

Problem here, Mr. Minister, is that you know very well that this Harper Regime, through you, are changing the Rule of Law in Canada to Rule by Regulation.

From the Consumer Product Safety Act, The Food and Drug Act, to the Navigable Waters Act to name a few of your now enacted acts, all remove the right of “we the people of Canada” to courts of law and replace that with the right to appear before review panels established by Ministers with those Ministers clearly being given the rights of judge, jury and executioner. This is being done by altering charges from breaking the law to contravening regulations.

Your excuse to me in the past for your failure to uphold the Bill of Rights and Charter of Freedom and Rights in these and other bills prior to them becoming acts, is, and I quote from your email to me of 10 Feb 2010 concerning Bill C-6 of that day:
It should be noted, however, that the rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Charter are not absolute and are subject to limitations under section 1 of the Charter, including reasonable limits prescribed by law that are demonstrably justifiable in a free and democratic society.

The principle of both these charters is the protection of the rights of Canadian people to a court of law, not the bypassing and destruction of these rights. I will leave the 'free and democratic society' bit alone this time except to say that it does not apply to Canada.

Your government keeps claiming that you do not have to obey any laws bought in by a previous government because they are no longer the ruling government thus their “rules” no longer apply and you, as the present government, do not have to be bound by them. How many times has this been used in connection to the Canadian Wheat Board and the right by law of farmers to have a vote on the destruction of their wheat board?

Do you not realize that piecemeal selection of what, and what you will not accept as lawful, makes even more of a mockery in the process of making laws in Canada and the present day workings of parliament in Canada?

I cannot and will not condone your actions and those of this current regime as long as you are acting for corporate Canada and not for the Canadian people, your supposed employers.

Jeremy Arney

From Phil Segrave
A really awesome article! From


Thank you for incarnating on planet Earth. We recognize you have a choice as to which planet you experience physical lifetimes on, and we truly appreciate your choosing ours.

Your incarnation should include:

* One physical body of human variety
* One emotional body of varying depths
* One mental body of varying aptitudes
* One spiritual body (Although we will provide the integration to the other bodies, you must bring your own spiritual body from Home.)
* One (semi-healthy) Earth planet to reside upon
* One universe in which your planet is housed
* One multi-verse which houses your universe

Wait, there’s more!

Your Premium “Life on Planet Earth” Package includes:

* Unlimited replacement bodies. Should your body wear out before you are finished with the fun here on planet Earth, you may ‘turn in your body’ at any time. A brand new body will be provided to you at no additional fee, and you may resume exactly where you left off. You will be provided all the same issues, concerns, stumbling blocks and emotional blockages as when you turned in your old body – you won’t have missed a minute of the reason you came to Earth.
* Unlimited lifetime Support. To contact Support simply mentally request it. Although we do guarantee every request for support will be filled, we do not guarantee receipt of fulfillment. For some reason humans find it difficult to hear the support that has been dispensed. To increase your chances of actually receiving the support being given to you, we suggest practicing the following while opening your heart and mind: becoming quiet, meditating, going-within, listening to the messages your reality is sending you, and/or journaling.

Before You Begin Life on Earth:

Editor’s Note: We recently revised this section of the manual. Prior to the revision we included everything one needed to know in a pre-life briefing. However it became apparent that the retention of this information while actually residing on the planet was near zero. We therefore eliminated this section of the training and simply wish new incarnates Good Luck!

All user-training currently takes place while residing in the body on the planet. Although acceptance of the information is much lower, retention by those accepting it has been vastly improved.

Using Your Incarnation:

Most of what you need to know on planet Earth you will learn as you go. However there are a couple of ground rules which are helpful to remember:

Ground Rules

1. Everything is you
2. You are everything

That’s it! Good luck on planet Earth!

Truly and really that is all you need to know. However since these are new concepts to even some native Earth-goers, we will elaborate on each of these rules.

Everything is you.

Planet Earth is a highly advanced creative experience. We utilize state of the art holographic technology to produce a complete illusion down to the tiniest microscopic detail. Planet Earth will seem very, very real during the incarnation.

However, the seeming realness of the planet should not keep you from realizing the entire shebang is a dream. You do not remember this now that you have a body, but you were instrumental in creating the entire situation you find yourself in on the planet.

You chose your parents.

You chose your place of birth.

You chose your siblings.

You chose your family’s economic status.

You even chose your body type and sex.

You chose your past lifetimes as a backdrop to live out this one.

You set it all up – you and the ‘higher’ yous.

And, here is the really fun news: On planet Earth, you keep choosing! You create it all on this planet! Everything you experience, from the largest life-changing passages to the teeniest, tiniest details. All of it is you. Everything is you.

“So what’s the point,” you may wonder… “Why did I choose to play this game to begin with?”

Well, that is a good question.

You chose it because you wanted to see what you could do with it. You are creative by your very nature. You created the box, and you created yourself inside the box, and you wanted to see if you could create your way out of the box, out of the dark, back into the light.

You thought this would be fun.

Now, granted, you have at times come to regret this decision. It has turned out to be more painful than you had intended. It was never supposed to be this dark. But, here you are again! And this time you decided a user’s manual after you were in body was a good idea. And voila! Here it is.

Although there are two ground rules there is just one thing to remember overall:

Your mission is to create a wonderful world for yourself – and to have a blast doing it.

That’s it. That’s all. That’s the end game.

“Whoa, whoa, wait a minute…” (Editor’s note: yes, we can hear you… how else could we answer your questions adequately?) “What about all the starving people? What about the abuse? The wars? The famine? The economy? Global warming? The horrific atrocities happening to people, animals, our planet?”

This brings us to Ground Rule 2: You are everything.

“Wait! You haven’t answered my question!!”

You will find patience to be a very useful tool on planet Earth.

You are everything.

Another way to say this is – we are all One.

The Creator and The Creatrix had a dream. In that dream, as in all good and wonderful creations, they added a piece of themselves – a piece of God, a piece of Goddess. And that dream was you. That dream was you, and all of the people on your planet, and all of the consciousnesses in all of the multi-verses. That dream was All That Exists.

Now because All That Exists is all a piece of God and Goddess, every single piece of All has a gift, a seed, of love and light and Creation. Like snowflakes, every piece is different and every piece is precious. You are different from everything else and a part of everything else at the same time. And you are precious.

If every being expresses the all of who (s)he is – by following their own joy, bliss, talent, gifts… the world would not have the darkness it has today. It would have brilliant light.

You see, we wanted to tell you this as a way to answer your question… do you see that patience thing coming in handy? Speaking of which, it is time to have….

A Word about Time and Space:

The time and space modules were added to the illusion of Planet Earth in order to keep more participants in the game. Without the benefit of these add-ons players would create themselves off the planet before they figured out why they were on it.

Time is a handy tool. Because of time your thoughts and feelings don’t manifest instantly. This is especially handy when viewing horror and slasher films.

However because time is part of the Earth experience your creations will seem to take a very long time to manifest. Unfortunately, noticing how long it is taking will make them take even longer. This tends to be a catch-22 few can move themselves beyond.

Space also comes in handy. Space proves a convenient place to view and store the physical results of your creations in any given lifetime. Space is provided in 3-D Technicolor. The more real emotional results of your creations will be stored in your emotional body – useful but not as obvious.

The downside of space is that many falsely believe if they can see something it is real. Unfortunately this is far from the truth.

Creating on Planet Earth:

Creating is simple on Planet Earth.

1. Decide what you want.
2. Believe it is possible.
3. Think about how getting that thing you want will make you feel.
4. Feel that way now.
5. Wait for it to manifest without changing the way you feel.

That fifth step is the killer for most manifestation attempts. That one little step keeps souls coming back to Planet Earth over and over and over again.

Editor’s note: A word of advice on this topic – you may find it extremely useful to ignore everything you see and hear that is not what you want. We understand that is easier said than done. But looking beyond the illusion to what is more real is the only way to do what you came here to do. And you must want to do this… after all, here you are again.

Quick Start Program:

Love. That’s it. Just love. Love yourself enough to allow the gifts the universe has for you – a wonderful life. Love others & the planet enough to create the same for them.

Unfortunately the quick start program, while viable, hasn’t proven to be very successful on Planet Earth. We do retain this section in the manual in hopes that some day this shortcut will prove useful.

That’s it.

Thank you again for choosing Earth as a home for your consciousness in this segment of the eternal now.

Good luck (as if there were such a thing…)!
In joyous creation,


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