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From Facebook
A Baby's First 1,000 Days
'Determines Their Health For Life'

You have encouraged them to eat their greens, battled to get them into the best school and sweated with them over their homework all to give them the best start in life.

Erica Kirchner-Dean How "Mum" can help? Are you kidding?

Jo Hannah Fritsch Paulson Not always true...I know someone that was two month premature in the 1940s, had Scarlet Fever when she was 6 weeks in her 60s and healthy as a horse. Appreciate the perspective, but that is not a fair comparison. A baby born and raised in the 1940s is not the same as a baby born in this day and age. Hospitals, pollution, vaccines and toxic foods were not anywhere near as deadly back then as they are now.

Erica Kirchner-Dean Not a fair comparison, are you freaking kidding? I think anyone who does not believe in hospitals and vaccines is not going to have a very long life expectancy. That reminds me I should go in a get my tetanus vaccine updated, I'm overdue. We do not share that perspective Erica. Statistically, conventional medicine is the leading cause of death and injury. Doctor's offices and hospitals are merely death zones for the majority who fall victim to the medical system and conventional treatment. Vaccines are the epitome of this failure. Not only do vaccines fail to address disease prevention, but they cause far more debilitating harm than anyone could have ever imagined just decades ago.

Some links for review:

The Risks Of Vaccines Currently Outweigh Any Benefits To Human Health

Report: Vaccines and Immune Suppression

9 Questions That Stump Every
Pro-Vaccine Advocate and Their Claims

Inoculations Are The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Vaccines Are Producing The Pandemic, Not The Flu - The Risks Of Vaccines Currently Outweigh Any Benefits To Human Health
It has been recognized for centuries that some diseases never... reinfect a person after recovery. Smallpox was the first disease people tried to prevent by intentionally inoculating themselves with infected matter. The British...See More

Erica Kirchner-Dean Maybe you should ask you audience if they all agree with this... you use the pronoun "we" a lot. Is it "you" or is it "we"? It certainly isn't "me".
Mark Active ‎@Erica obviously have not been following the PreventDisease website for very long have you? Its stance on vaccines and mainstream medicine is very clear and hundreds of articles report on the shortcomings of both. You would be a very rare minority on this group that agrees with using vaccines to prevent disease. We would venture to estimate that a very large majority of our audience would "agree" that vaccines or conventional medicine as a whole are NOT conducive towards health and wellness. After all, this is what attracts most readers to our website and facebook page. And when we say "we", it means and our small collective group of writers and editors who all share the same mindset. "We" do not speak for other members on our facebook group, but perhaps we should take a poll to find out where our audience lies on this issue.

Erica Kirchner-Dean I am interested in natural paths to healing but I don't believe these are the only paths. I find some of your posts interesting but there seems to be a lot of over simplification. I read things critically and think for myself. I don't buy into the hard line against all conventional medicine. Why don't we just go back into the dark ages where people didn't even live past childhood, before the vaccines? It seems to be a very draconian belief system. Maybe if this is your following you should seriously consider changing the name from "Prevent Disease" to something else. How about something different like "Let's all die sooner!"... Also I find your use of the royal "We" presumptuous. I don't think I am a member of any other group where any of the moderators use the "We" pronoun... This is out of place and very odd.

Erica Kirchner-Dean ‎@Mark This is what you put in your info page where people will go to try and determine why the group exists... "One Mission:
Promote the most effective strategies to prevent disease, advance health and connect your physical, emotional and spiritual self to your purpose!" There is nothing here to suggest such a radical strategy.... You need to provide that on your Info page so people are aware of your beliefs...

Mark Active I find it quite sad when people think that avoiding vaccines is radical in nature. We live in an insane world when pumping a child full of toxic chemicals including neurotoxins, carcinogens, immunotoxins and sterility agents is considered the norm and avoiding them is considered radical. We live among very, very disturbed people. But this is the reality they perceive as normal and we must accept that. Wrong again Erica. Vaccines have never prevented any disease and people lived much healthier before the advent of vaccinations.

Vaccines Did Not Save Us! Two Centuries of Official Statistics

Natural Infectious Disease Declines vs. Vaccination Effectiveness and Dangers

We would equate thinking that we would "all die sooner" without vaccinations on the same level as many of the fear tactics used by conventional medicine to convince us of this. Same as slather on the sunscreen to prevent skin cancer or get your mammogram to prevent breast cancer. They are all fallacies which increase disease, not prevent it.

Humans lived a very, very long time without vaccines and suddenly we need them to save everybody from every disease. It's simply a misconception built on false assumptions and misinformation.

"We" don't feel that our use of the pronoun "we" is in any way presumptuous, and feel quite unique that "we" are one of the few moderators that use it. If each moderator that posts here would say "I" then you wouldn't know who "I" was. "We" represents all moderators and "we" think that is more inclusive of our group and our mindset. But thanks for letting us know "we" are one of the few that use "we". "We" feel privileged.

From Dee Nicholson
USDA Abdicates GMO Oversight And Welcomes Roundup Ready Lawns

The US Dept of Agriculture just dropped a bomb on GMO regulations in America. Their announcement, released on the Friday afternoon before the July 4th weekend to reduce the media coverage, eviscerated government oversight over a whole new class of GMOs. The USDA announced that Roundup Ready Kentucky bluegrass would be exempt from regulation. That means that a new variety GM grass, produced by Scotts Miracle-Gro, will hit US markets without any government review, not from the USDA, EPA, or FDA. The modified grass, destined for lawns, playgrounds, soccer fields, and golf courses, is designed to survive applications of the weed killer Roundup. This will dramatically increase the use of the toxic herbicide, which is linked to birth defects, cancer, and reproductive problems. Its overuse will also speed up the spread of Roundup-resistant superweeds, requiring a return to other acutely toxic herbicides scrapped decades ago.

The approval also means that biotech companies can now exploit the same loophole used by the GM grass to put their crops on the market without anyone in government paying attention. The significance of this cannot be overstated. The USDA's loophole is based on the fact that they regulate GMOs using two "regulatory hooks;" the GM crops must pose the threat of a "plant pest" or a "noxious weed." In the bluegrass decision, the USDA signalled that it won't apply those hooks to any GM crops that are not created with pest material (e.g. bacteria or viruses). The GM bluegrass was created with a gene gun, and not from bacterial infection; the inserted gene was not from bacteria; and it did not have the normal "promoter" taken from a virus - which is used as the "on-switch" for most other GM crops on the market. Even without these materials, the GM grass still carries huge risks.

In a letter to Scotts, for example, agriculture secretary Vilsack acknowledged concerns that GM bluegrass will contaminate non-GM bluegrass, destroying markets in the process. Vilsack's suggestion? Scotts should talk to "stakeholders" and work out ways of minimizing cross-contamination. In other words, industry can regulate itself - but only if it wants to.

From Dee Nicholson
"No-Poo" is a growing movement among women who want to have
better looking hair, avoid toxins, waste less plastic and
save money.

Really, who's big idea was it anyway that we all have to massage
these harsh chemicals into our scalp several times a week?

And what does it do to the environment when it drains away?

This video shows you one woman's first experiment washing her
hair with baking soda and vinegar instead.

Might be something to consider if you want to rid yourself of
one more deeply ingrained, possibly unnecessary habit brought
to you by the consumer culture.

Video: (3:29)

From Dee Nicholson
Finding organic milk is a lot easier than finding fresh
interesting organic cheese at a low price.

This video shows us a great way to make a soft cheese to
sprinkle on top of a delicious simple dish like fresh tomatoes
and basil or a vegetarian chili.

This recipe uses organic milk and a little vinegar, salt and herbs
for seasoning.

It only takes minutes, and saves plenty of money!

This video debuts our new category: Homesteading Skills

Video: (3:27)

Tell me how it came out at

From Phil Segrave
Our democratic system has been transformed into what the political philosopher Sheldon Wolin labels inverted totalitarianism. Inverted totalitarianism, unlike classical totalitarianism, does not revolve around a demagogue or charismatic leader. It finds expression in the anonymity of the corporate state. It purports to cherish democracy, patriotism, a free press, parliamentary systems and constitutions while manipulating and corrupting internal levers to subvert and thwart democratic institutions.

The preceding definition of the term 'inverted totalitarianism' is a realistic premise, however the following two hypothesis miss the mark:

1- The absurd idea that the marketplace alone should determine economic and political constructs led industrial nations to sacrifice other areas of human importance from working conditions, to taxation, to child labor, to hunger, to health and pollution on the altar of free trade.

The 'marketplace alone' did not lead industrial nations to sacrifice the author's list of social needs - on the altar of free trade because the 'marketplace' is controlled by the international bankers. Industrial nations were not misled by the 'marketplace', the industrial nations were misled by the international bankers into using the 'marketplace' as an economic scapegoat.

The significance of my point is illustrated by the author's concluding false assumption:

2- Our mediocre and bankrupt elite is desperately trying to save a system that cannot be saved. More importantly, they are trying to save themselves.

The international banking 'elite' are anything but mediocre and bankrupt, the industrial nations are mediocre and bankrupt because of the crimes of the international banking 'elite'. The 'elite' are starting up a global scientific totalitarian oligarchic police state because they have deceived the world into believing the world's political leaders are just incompetent and corrupt politicians whose policies are bankrupting the world's economies, when nothing is further from the truth.

The world's economic problems are not happening by accident and the world's economic problems are not happening because of unforeseen and unsolvable conditions. The world's economic problems are occurring because they are orchestrated by the elite and the world's political leaders are knowingly complicit in carrying them out.

The elite, and their minions, are not 'trying to save themselves', they are succeeding in instilling the false perception in the public's mind that the world' financial problems are because of random economic forces and bad policy decisions.

That is why I do not agree with the author's thesis, but he/she may be on the right track.



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