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From Phil
If you enjoy a little dark humor, help Jeff Rense and Jim Marrs celebrate over 17 years of radio broadcasting and join the Jeff and Jim quip and repartee laugh along club. You will not regret investing 40 minutes listening to the news and analysis of these 'tell-it-like-it-is' geo-political pundits as they cover the latest developments regarding NDAA, world financial collapse, 911 and the new soon to be approved FDA pills to restore our chemical imbalanced brain nero-cognitive disorders (after all, what is a million here and there tax write-off to a 35 billion dollar industry to bribe and silence the surviving families of murder/suicide SSRI victims?)

The 'perps' have a Bon Appétit attitude as they laugh at how they prey on us. Let's get the last laugh as Jeff and Jim 'dig up their bones'.


From cdsapi
A chilling but very accurate analysis. I forecast this in 2001 as the false flag operation "9-11" unfolded, but received overwhelming ridicule and rebuke. Most American and Canadian citizens still do not realize that "the unthinkable" is transpiring with alarming rapidity and precision, targeted planning.

Canadians must become aware of the reality that Canada’s Trojan Horse in Ottawa has just signed agreements that integrate Canadian defenses, military and police with the American defenses - and that through the new American Defense paradigm, the American military and police now have jurisdictional authority to operate in Canada territory, and against Canadian citizens. So those who think that they are somehow "immune" from the implications of Martial Law unfolding with American laws, Executive Orders, Homeland Security and FEMA declarations had better give their heads a shake and stop sleepwalking.
Hitler's Germany has emerged from within our own midst. It sends shivers down one's spine to realize how easily and quickly one can be designated as a "non-person" and consequently "without human rights". Since history has already given us an operational model of transforming a “democracy” into a lawless Police State, it is incomprehensible that American and Canadian citizens have incrementally permitted the passing of laws of disenfranchisement over years, all of which should have raised immediate red flags and sounded deafening alarm bells.

This analysis is a sobering, and therefore, a MUST read, because it hits the nail right on the head.
It is now a literal fight for survival – fighting for “one’s right to life” across the board. It is becoming very evident that under the laws that are presently being passed in rapid succession, life can be extinguished – with impunity – at any stage of a person’s life.

It was only a matter of progression. It is all “in the definition”.
First we legitimized the notion that the child residing in the womb – ironically, for its protection – is a “non-person”, and hence, through that “definition”, disposable.
Now our lawmakers has graduated to being able to define “anyone” as a “non-person”, and hence arbitrarily “disposable”.
These law applies to everyone – made subject to the arbitrary, discretionary, dictatorial powers usurped by absolute totalitarian “inhuman” criminals.
It is urgent that we recognize “criminality” when it stares us in the face - and meet it with Discernment and “Response-ability”.
It appears that some “biological entities” are truly “non-human” - and we have permitted them to “govern”. While I have always been against “capital punishment”, maybe even that has to be rethought when dealing with this degree of “banality of evil”.
Nay, lest we fall into our own trap!


Click here: Lieberman's Bill to Kick Off Internment Camps -- Puppet Masters --


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