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From Phil Segrave []
August 21, 2010
Thanks Dee,

It appears that the great WHO flu pandemic of 2009 was just a for profit scam and not a medical martial political take over and genocidal black operation. However, the legal infrastructure is still in place to authorize mandatory vaccinations under the guise of a bogus 'herd immunity' theory if 'health authorities' declare an emergency, so it is extremely important to keep shareing good information like the info below to let our adversaries know we know what they are doing and maybe, just maybe, they will back off again.
'Within a week of Australia reporting that the virus appeared to be 40 times less lethal than originally feared, the WHO instructed countries to simply stop lab confirming suspected H1N1 cases, which meant that any and all flu-like symptoms were reported as pandemic influenza, padding the statistics.'...
I remember when WHO issued a directive that lab testing for H1N1 was 'economically unnecessary' and 'logistically impracticle'. Of course, budget conscious local governments immediately complied.
In the midst of the pandemic, I published several articles documenting (with patent dates and numbers) that most of the vaccine manufacturers had registered patents for H1N1 vaccines over a year before WHO declared the pandemic.

Some of this info is on The WHO Flu Scam video:

From: Dee Nicholson
To: undisclosed-recipient

Flu Plan Scandal Ahead – An Urgent Warning

From Phil Segrave []
August 21, 2010
On a 10 point scale, this breaking story on 'doctored' 911 WTC video is a high 10. The YT video clearly shows what was actual live tv clips where the background landscape was deleted which, of course, indicates the false plane image over the ufo disk was likely.

This expose is inspirational because it represents that technically gifted researchers are still chipping away at what really happened and the truth is slowly being revealed and documented.

I strongly urge everyone to take the time and review these two links Susan has sent. The 911 WTC event was the catalyst for political change regarding the loss of individual sovereignty, which is what it was intended to do. Don't let them steal our freedoms, share this material.

----- Original Message -----
From: Susan

WOW! This is fascinating. It just goes to show that besides the fact that there was explosives and thermite and that the planes did not cause the towers to come down, micronukes, directed energy weapons and even an anti-gravity UFO may also have been involved. I never realized the extent to which the live footage shots were doctored. The technology the PTB have is absolutely mind-blowing!

Antigravity, UFO, mini nukes, etc

From Dee Nicholson []
August 21, 2010
Keep connecting dots now.... not long ago Bill Gates was quoted at a private conference as saying that vaccines would serve as a depopulation device, and this is a confirmed quote. Now, despite the ongoing debacle surrounding the H1N1 fraud pandemic, here we see the US government spending money people don't have, to "protect" in case of "emergency" and THEY are the ones who get to declare an "emergency".... ARE WE GETTING IT YET, PEOPLE? This is NOT BENIGN. This is NOT PROTECTIVE. This is END GAME.

Government to overhaul bioterror and pandemic flu plans 20 Aug 2010 Acknowledging that the development of medical countermeasures against bioterrorism threats and pandemic flu is lagging, federal authorities Thursday announced a $1.9-billion makeover of the system for identifying and manufacturing drugs and vaccines for public health emergencies. The effort would provide $822 million for upgrades to speed up production of pandemic flu vaccine [not to mention, the flu itself]. Another large block, $678 million, would be used to set up at least one private facility that would work under government contract with small companies to manufacture new products, develop new manufacturing processes and help produce vaccines during periods of peak [lack of] demand. [See: Third of WHO advisers on the received support from drugs firms --Gov't squandered more than £1.2 billion tackling swine flu, most of it for vaccines 12 Aug 2010. See: : Genetically modified insect cells, E. coli, caterpillar ovaries 24 Nov 2009 'Spurred by $487 million in federal funding, a sprawling new vaccine factory is opening in North Carolina Tuesday that will produce shots using dog cells instead of chicken eggs.']

From Phil Segrave []
August 20, 2010
The Jenner files claims to offer irrefutable evidence of Planet X, brown dwarf, nibiru, destroyer, etc. Based on my own research, there are many claims about Planet X which are erroneous, but I do NOT think Planet X is fiction nor disinformation, but a part of the Universe that has affected our Galaxy and planet more than once. And it’s not really a planet at all.

I also don’t think there could ever be a successful run at martial law in the United States, regardless of all the talk about FEMA concentration camps. There are simply too many armed Americans to implement a martial law strategy, at least a successful one anyway. Any attempts to implement martial law would be a disaster for both the enforcers and American public and they know it…but then again perhaps this is what they want. Even if there was a nuclear event, there would still be hundreds of millions of guns around the country and millions of people who know how to use them.

Global economic melt-down…yes, high-tech police state…yes, nuclear event...very possible, forced vaccinations…doubtful, martial law...doubtful. Between chemtrails, aerosol nanovaccines, smart dust, nanobiotics and GMO, there are so many ways to passively poison the population that forced vaccinations would merely be a psychological tool and not necessary for government to implement. The amount of resistance by the public would render such an operation redundant. U.S. technology to poison the population far exceeds the capabilities of any type of forced vaccination strategy so why would they bother except to use it as a psychological operation?

It is those who are awake and tune into to themselves and others as spiritual beings who will carry this to the next level. We must remain calm, vigiliant and fully willing to serve and help others in this transitional period up to and beyond 2012. The universal underworld will begin on Feb 11th, 2011. By November of this year, will have a fully ethical society believe it or not. That means they will challenge our spirituality to its limit between now and then. Conscious co-creation is around the corner and we will get through this together. Are you on a catastrophic or positive future timeline? Stay positive.


From: Phil Segrave []

The rapture is part of the Christianity scam for 'fundamentalist' to not investigate, not question, not resist and to comply with government orders. That is one example of what I mean when I wrote religious are used as tools for political agendas. Jesus is not coming back physically, if he is not a myth. If he comes back it will be in the hearts and minds of people spiritually.

By coincidence, I was just listening to today's Alex Jones program. He had Joel Skousen on again, a very learned analyst I highly respect. Regarding the underground military bases and tunnels criss crossing the U. S., he said that they are part of the 'continuity of government' program. They are only for the ruling elite's safety and the rest of us are going to have to exsperience the nuclear attack they are going to orchestrate. There are always multiple agendas with these conspiracies, and one of them is the coming global economic melt down. A convenient world war will wipe out all the financial records while survivors will be rounded up under martial law in concentration camps. The survivors will be screened for prior records in their data banks they are building now, and, of course, forced vaccinations will be part of their plan then, if not before that.

It is a matter of public record during Clinton's presidency they changed the nuclear readiness plan from mutual assured destruction to the U. S. will absorb the first strike first. That is when the elite will head for the bunkers, just prior to the attack they know is coming. In other words, Joel Skousen is saying that this scenario is not only possible, but highly probable.

The aftermath will bring total martial law and a high tech police state for the ones who make it through the concentration camp period. This means no one who is not an elite, or is being used by the elite for enforcement and surveillance, will be allowed to choose where they will live, to choose where they will work, choose their spouses, choose the number of children or to even raise them. All this tyranny will be justified as necessary in a state of emergency.

Franklin Roosevelt is infamous for his quote 'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself'. No, this elite got it wrong and he knew it because 'the only thing we have to fear is ourselves' (for the reasons you cited below).


From Phil Segrave []
August 19, 2010

I am not sure why Horowitz has re-surfaced this issue at this time except that he has coupled it with the recent death of Edward Harle. I think he is implying that his reputation is damaged now because of the rumor that his name is on the members list of the Knights of Malta, which he says are considered the prime suspect in the Harle case.

Sort of a guilt by association thing. So now he is pulling out all stops to debunk this old rhubarb. However, his explantion that he belongs to or was knighted by a good version of the Knights of Hospitaller's is a stretch that does not hold water. I am not saying he is 'tainted' or a disinfo shill. He may have thought at the time that the recognition of the award would help is reputation, not hurt it, but his 'cover up' is not working with me.

In my opinion, someone with his intelligence and his knowledge should have used better judgement. Check out the history of the Knights of Hospitallers. This organization is just as bad as anything that has come down the pike and there is no way that a new one with 'the same name' is going to white wash all the old sins. The older versions present themselves as champions of humanitarian work so why would this one with the same name be any different?

Plus, he is attacking a bunch of other high profile personalities because he alleges they are in on spreading the 'false' members list to bring him down. This is a scandal of major proportions because these activists with name recognition are of great indepensable value to the desimination of the truth. It appears there may be very large offensive by the 'establishment's' propaganda machine to discredit most of the biggest players they do not control.

Who they are may never be known. That is why I believe higher priority should be given to discerning the validity and truth of the information they all present rather than the integrity of the source of the information while at the same time continue to monitor the credibility of the players and exchanging the latest developments by networking like we are doing now.


Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 10:36 PM
Subject: Horowitz


I am confused as to why this Horowitz knighting issue has re-emerged at this time; it has just come to my attention that he was knighted in November 2006. Pardon me if this was included in one of the many forwards you were kind enough to send me on this matter. Maybe I missed something....

From Phil Segrave []
August 18, 2010
Fans of Glenn Beck be warned:

If Glenn Beck would spend more time on explaining the reasons why people need unemployment benefits and less time bashing them FOR CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND THEIR CONTROL, he would better serve the public's interest. The facts are our political leader's policies, the trade treaties NAFTA, GATT and CAFTA, the tax incentives that encourage domestic corporations to re-locate to low wage countries, and the repeal of the trade tariffs that made our economy the greatest in the world during the 1900's are what caused massive unemployment to start with.

Of course, this is all by design. Destroy the middle class and in the process make the middle class dependent on welfare while reducing the greatest economy in history to third world status as China's facist government economy booms and we, as consumers, are forced to buy China's imports at lower prices because we do not have jobs to buy the remaining domestic made products at higher prices.

The question is, will Glenn Beck address the real causes of unemployment instead of implying the unemployed are freeloading on the remaining taxpayers? The international bankers, who control the political leaders that are responsible for the unemployment, also own the mainstream media corporations that pay Glenn Beck's salary. These same bankers also profit from the exponentially increased debt burden of the remaining taxpayers that these bought and paid for political leaders economic policies caused. Quite an ingenious scam which Glenn Beck is well aware of, if he is as smart as he thinks he is.

Glenn Beck is payed mouth piece for and employed by the establishment and his job is to misinform the public and/or (through the sin of ommission) in the process not report the whole truth. Those who are forced to draw unemployment benefits are far more honorable than the Glenn Becks who denigrate them.


From Phil Segrave []
August 18, 2010
The Great Investigative Journalist Wars of 2010

Dr Len Horowitz, the enigmatic, brilliant, brave and compassionate medical activist that has provided the public with envaluable research exposing the H1N1 WHO fraud of 2009 and documenting the funding by the U. S. Congress for the CIA project that resulted in the research and development of the laboratory produced biological warfare agent referred to as AIDS, is at the epicenter of an escalating war of words, charges and counter-charges that include allegations of complicity in murder and the threat of murder between a multiple number of prominent activists who are considered to be the champions of truth among various conspiracy researchers.

The following are three excerpts with commentary in blue text by me from an affidavit posted by Dr Horowitz:


Horowitz states:

...'A great example of this is what happened shortly after I was knighted, following my nomination by Charles McWilliams, pictured here. Dr. McWilliams, with allegedly good intentions, mutinied against the deceased Count Nicholas Bobrinskoy's official Hospitaller organization, and left the advancing restoration of this honorable Knights Hospitaller (into which I was knighted) severely compromised.'...

The preceding quote is Dr. Horowitz's debunking of his alleged association with the infamous Illuminatii based Knights of Hospitaller organization (which is a sister organization to the Knights of Malta).

It is rather curious that a truly charitable and humanitarian organization would adopt or retain the name, symbols (Coat of Arms) and charter of the 'orginal' or 'older' organization given the fact that the latter professes to, and is alleged to, exist for the purposes of humanitarian and charitable work.

Horowitz states:

...'Story's doctored "final report," forged by Fulford, abuses Jane Burgermeister as well as me. Before I learned that Jane had circulated that tainted list, I believed her to be a reputable journalist. It makes me sad to think she would abuse my friendship, and faith in her, for circulating libelous Internet trash. (I expect to read some clarification, if not apology, from her very soon.'...

Here Dr Horowitz alleges Jane Burgermeister posted the 'doctored' list of his 'false' membership in the Knights of Malta, as well as Alex Jones and David Icke as reported below.

Horowitz states:

...'I do not believe the Illuminati, or the Vatican, or the Knights of Malta, etc. source nearly the amount of disinformation and dissonance within our "patriot," "Christian," and/or "truth-seeking" communities, that journalists (and psychopaths) circulating among us generate.'...

Perhaps this is an innocent mis-statment by Horowitz because he, above anyone else, should know that the generation of 'disinformation' and 'dissonance' is sponsored by the Illuminati, the Vatican and the Knights of Malta and disinformation specialists who have established themselves as sources of creditble information for the purposes of generating 'disinformation' and especially 'dissonance' among prominent activists are employed by them.

Read his entire affidavit at:

The following is a narrative and my commentary in blue text of Dr Len Horowitz and investigative journalist Sherri Kane YT debunking of Dr Horowitz alledged complicity in the murder of Edward Harle (pen name Christopher Story).

The video is available at:

PharmaWHO Swine Flu Fraud Linked to Journalists' Murders Part 1

Dr Len Horowitz and investigative journalist Sherri Kane in the YT clip states:

Benjamin Fulford's alledged Knights of Malta list is the 'set up', the connecting link, that Horowitz claims implicates him to the Christopher Story (Edward Harle) homicide.

The only supporting 'evidence' Dr Horowitz presents of his complicity in the Harle murder is his name being included on the Knights of Malta list. I doubt he has much to worry about concerning an arrest warrant if that is all the evidence.

Sherri Kane said on the YT clip that if 'Dr Len Horowitz's name is on the list then, guess what, he is implicated in Harle's murder'. Both she and Horowitz are saying Fulford and Szymanski are responsible for Horowitz's name being on the list.

Again, guilt by association with a list of prominent names is hardly a prosecutors dream.

Horowitz goes on to disclaim any membership in the Knights of Malta and his 'Knighting' was done by a 'new' and honorable Knights of Hospitallers' organization that does real charitable and humanitarian work, not the original 'old' Knights of Hospitaller's organization that is closely associated with the infamous Knights of Malta.

(There is a scrolling banner beneath the screen that calls A. True Ott an 'agent of hate', among others.)

Horowitz further goes on to state that the new Knights of Hospitaller's organization is 'well aware of the illuminatti/Rockefeller/Rothschild historical background connection with the old Knights of Hospitaller organization' and denounces the latter as criminals.

These statements again raises the question: Why would a new and improved organization take the same name as the older corrupt organization given the fact that there is a consensus among conspiracy researchers that the Knights of Malta and the Knights of Hospitallers use charitable and humanitarian fronts for their more nefarious agendas.

Both Horowitz and Kane unexpectedly state that Edward Harle, the investigative journalist that was exposing the medical mafia drug cartel, was a supporter of the Queen of England, and also, that Harle had published that Bush/Chaney cartel had stole 50 billion from the Queen.

They added that they published email newsletters detailing that Alex Jones has been 'infiltrated' by agents from Homeland Security and that David Icke refuses to take down the libelious article by Szymanski/Fulford (alledging Horowitz is a Knight of Malta member) from his web site because Icke 'is living in a false paradigm and Icke thinks Horowitz's harm is his gain'.

Horowitz and Kane asked viewers to read and distribute these newsletters that are archived at:

Where ever the truth lies among all this mud slinging, the battle lines among the activist investigative journalists are more clearly delinated, at least in terms of who belongs to which camp.

All this strife and dissension does not bode well for the cause of the distribution of valuable information to protect our health and medical freedom.

Or is this what the disinformation specialists have in mind? That is why we should put a priority on finding out who are the real disinformation specialist whose standard mode of operation is to mix a little truth with a lot of lies to build their credibility so they can attack the credibility of others with effect and impunity.

However, in the interest of time, I believe a higher priority should be given to discerning the truth rather than discerning the integrity of the source, because disinformation specialist do provide useful information.


From Phil Segrave []
August 16, 2010
Are they 'killing us with science'?:

'The emerging disease called Morgellons is caused by nano machines which are believed to receive specific microwave, EMF and ELF signals and information.'...

'There are more than 10,000 families who report that they suffer from this disease, but it is believed that the actual number may be much higher.'...

"Airborne nanorobots can identify their host patient by chemical signature, much like a bloodhound or mosquito following its quarry's scent.'...

Morgellons disease can be both disabling and disfiguring.'...

Check out the 'smart dust' segment of the Nano Vaccines: Sterilization, Surveillance, Genocide video at my YT channel:


PS: 10,000 familes infected? Where are our benevolent protectors (the pandemic police), our health officials and the World Health Organization on this one? Why aren't the vaccine manufacturer's tripping over themselves to patent a vaccine for Morgellons disease? Could it be it is because Morgellons is man made?

From Phil Segrave []
August 16, 2010
'The rate of autism among the general population, according to the CDC, is one in 166.'...

'Why do we who vaccinate have a rate of autism of 1 in 166, whereas the Amish who do not vaccinate have a rate of autism of 1 in 15,000?'...

Listen Now

Guest: Dr. Mayer Eisenstein
with host Michael Olsen

The rate of autism among the general population, according to the CDC, is one in 166. The rate of autism among the population of Chicago's Homefirst Health Services is zero. And so we ask... Why do we have autism and they don't?
Topics include the disparity between the rate of autism in the general population and that of Homefirst patients (30,000+); speculation as to why this disparity exists; and why no money has been dedicated to researching the reason for this autism anomaly. In fact, my blood now contains so much mercury-laden thimerosal preservative its probably good for 500 years, give or take.
And so when I featured Dan Olmsteads Amish autism anomaly in Food Chain Radio #662, I became fascinated by the apparent relationship of autism and vaccinations: Why do we who vaccinate have a rate of autism of 1 in 166, whereas the Amish who do not vaccinate have a rate of autism of 1 in 15,000?
Then I learned of another anomaly within the population of 30,000 patients of Homefirst Health Services
The Food Chain is an audience-interactive newstalk radio program that airs live on Saturdays from 9am to 10am Pacific time. The Food Chain, which has been named the Ag/News Show of the Year by California's legislature, is hosted by Michael Olson, author of the Ben Franklin Book of the Year award-winning MetroFarm, a 576-page guide to metropolitan agriculture.

From Dee Nicholson []
August 16, 2010
WOW!! This ruling is VERY IMPORTANT... because it cannot be confined to any one medical condition, such as pregnancy, the right of the individual to exercise informed consent in medical treatment remains INVIOLATE.... And while it is a state ruling, it sets precedent very solidly.
This is one we need to hold onto, people..... informed consent is the key to our rights, because without it the government has no grounds upon which to rule anyone, because all law is contract law, and contract law requires informed consent, without which there IS no contract....
RE: Pregnant women in Florida forced into hospital and medical treatment...and subsequent Court Ruling

Subject: CourtRuling4PregnantWomenRights


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