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From Eileen Dannemann
October 23, 2010
Also...For those who want research and documentation- S.A.N.E has published a letter to FDA director, Margaret Hamburg articulating in terms of science where the HPV studies were faulty. This link will also take you to the Breast Feeding mom whose baby died as a result of getting the Gardasil shot.

VLA link

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We received a donation to print VLA stickers and we will send you a roll of 500 for free to get the word out to teenages about Gardasil and other vaccine and drug issues. Our street teams continue to grow and give out VLA stickers to HS, middle school and College students. Gardasil is an important issue. States around the country are trying to mandate Gardasil for 6 grades children. Join our teams, request VLA stickers for your HS.

Click the link "map of visitors" on to see how the student vaccine liberation army is going world wide.

From Dee Nicholson []
October 22, 2010
We need to demand of Health Minister Aglukkaq why it was 'necessary' for Canadian law enforcement to be involved in a raid on this private club in CALIFORNIA, as well as WHY IT WAS LEGAL FOR THEM TO DO SO.


This sort of thing has been perpetrated by Health Canada more than 20 times in this country, guns drawn, the whole nine.... and we "FREE CANADIANS" cannot tolerate this sort of tyranny, that extends all the way to our bathrooms and our kitchen tables!!



From Phil Segrave []
October 20, 2010
Your erudite friend is correct and I appreciate your friends attention to detail. The title '2010 Flu Vaccine Killed 23 Human Beings During The Trial' is misleading because the contents of the site/page does not address that assertion directly. The administrator of that blog is not a professional as is apparent by the hand held camcorder used when filming the vaccine package insert.

It is important, however, not to dismiss the basic premise of the information because of the ommissions of the messenger. The basic premise of the information is the vaccine producers provide more than enough evidence in the package inserts that should persuade the most ardent skeptics and debunkers that vaccines are dangerous (by the vaccine producers on documentation) and 23 or more vaccine recipients could have been killed.

On the same page it lists some of the components of the flu vaccine's toxic properties:

• Octylphenol Ethoxylate- used in "Detergents and Industrial Cleaners, Dispersants, Stabilizers, Sanitizers, Defoaming Agents. Agrochemical Emulsifiers, Metal Working, Textile Processing, Paper De-inking, Drilling Products Intermediate Anionic Surfactants Synthesis, Dust Control, Adhesive, Plastic Industry, Lube Oil, Cosmetic and Pharmaceuticals."
• • Thimerosal- A mercury derivative."Thimerosal, also and formerly known as Thiomersal, is a compound that most often contains approximately 49% mercury (by weight) "
• Formaldehyde- A cancer causing chemical, also used in cigarettes and embalming fluid.

Your friend proceeds to present some gross inaccuracies of his/her own, to wit:

1- Your friend asserts 'vaccines put through rigorous testing for safety and efficacy before being allowed onto the market'.

Figures never lie if liars do the figuring. Your friend is not telling who does the rigorous testing. Are the testers completely independent, with not conflict of interest, with the vaccine producers? There are many qualified testers with equal or better medical/scientific backgrounds that have conducted studies determining that vaccines are deadly (see Vaccine Reaction Studies attachment).

2- Your friend then cites the FDA as a responsible government agency whose fudicary duty is to provide vigilent oversight regarding the safety and effectiveness of vaccines (see Vax FDA Deception attachment).

3- Your friend goes on to describe an extensive amount of FDA research summaries listed on the FDA web site about how human cell cultures are tested for toxic effects in a variety of ways to determine the mutagenicity of a vaccine on volunteers who sign written consent forms. What does citing methodology of clinical trials have to with ascertaining the truth, if the trials are biased? How and why could the clinical trials be biased? If you watch The WHO Flu Scam video, you will seel the massive collusion between government and pharceutical corporations is self-evidently based on greed and political agendas:

Regarding methodology of clinical trials, I would be curious to know what your friend thinks about the common practice among vaccine producers conducting clinical trials using experimental 'mock-up' vaccines on unquaranteened 'volunteers' who reside in their respective communities during the tests thereby subjecting the public to exposure and risk of starting an epidemic.

Incidentally, did you know that all the vaccine manufacturers had filed for patents on H1N1 vaccines years before the infamous WHO flu pandemic of 2009?

4- Your friend dismisses the '23 deaths from flu vaccines' as being because of age and prior medical conditions.

The whole basis of modern infectius disease treatment including vaccination is based on germ theory as attributed to Louis Pasterur.

There have been several medical studies done where outbreaks of diseases have occurred in highly vaccinated populations (up to 98% vaccinated).

Vaccines contain very toxic substances that are poisonous to our bodies.

No proper long-term studies of vaccine side-effects or their effects on the immune system have been done using unvaccinated subjects as "normal" controls.

Very few scientific, "double-blind, placebo based, controlled trials" have ever been done on vaccines.

Most vaccine studies published in medical journals are funded by the vaccine manufacrturer yet are considered "independent and unbiased" in spite of an obvious conflict of interest.

How can anyone know that the vaccination did not cause these people to die prematurely because of their weak immune systems?

5- Your friend continues by minimalizing the use of toxic components such as octylphenol ethoxylate, themerosal and formaldehyde as being 'considered' safe because they are injected into the recipients bodies in 'tiny' amounts (see Vaccine Ingredients attachment).

Again, are the ones doing the 'considering' unbiased, or do they have conflict of interests? Do they have vaccine patents, do they work for vaccine producers, do they recieve research grants from vaccine producers, and/or do they want to become employed by a vaccine producer after leaving a position with the government?

6- Finally, you friend, by providing a disclaimer statement to everything presented in support of vaccinations, concludes by writing he/she 'never believed vaccines are totally safe or has not cause adverse reactions'.

Everyone should have the right to weight the cost/benefit ratio, so to speak. We agree on the point that it is 'a judgement call'. Because of the inherent ambiguities related to vaccination, whether to vaccinate should not be mandatory and freedom to make all of ones own medical decisions should not be denied.

Your friend is very knowledgeable and appears to sincerely believe his/her opinions. I would suggest that further research on this subject be directed with an open mind however.


From Phil Segrave []
October 20, 2010
According to the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC), two toxins — triclosan and triclocarban — act as endocrine disruptors, damaging reproductive organs, affecting the quality of sperm and interfering with the production of thyroid and reproductive hormones.

From Phil Segrave []
October 20, 2010
PG&E Smart Meter Invasion of Privacy

Suppliers say everybody is going to have one and consumers argue it is invasion of privacy saying suppliers can monitor appliance usage. Supplier can tell government what is going on in home without a warrant. Plus, supplier has authority to physically enter the home and if home owner refuses entry, their service can be cut off legally.

CBS 5 Investigates Smart Meter Complaints

Consumers are complaining rates going up with them. Supplier's can shut you off for any excuse besides billing. Used by suppliers to justify increasing rates by saying consumer is using more power than supplier thought with the older 'inefficient' meters. Rates going up because of the supplier's cost of installing the Smart Meters.

Concerns Over Smart Meters Cyber Security

Hackers can breach consumer and supplier security with wireless laptops. Opens power grid to criminals who can create serious problems such as shut downs and malicious rate increases for consumers.

SmartMeter Town Hall Hearing

Rates sky rockets complaints. User of old meters consumers challenge the accuracy of the new meters.

SmartMeter Meeting Reax

Tested 50 out of 250,000 company official admits no checking sudden increase in bills after installation.

Senator Florez Questions SmartMeters

9 out of 10 consumers complain their rates double. Suppliers use Smart Meter data to lobby state rate commissions for permission to increase rates saying the meters are more efficient.

Subject: Smart Meter Story

In July 2010, SDG&E installed Smart Meters in my condo complex. I own
a townhouse that is situated in clusters: 8 units per cluster.
Therefore 16 Smart Meters were installed in the utilites shed outside
my kitchen/bedroom walls, ten feet away.

I began having symptoms of head burning and pressure on my chest
within a few days. As time progressed the symtoms worsened. I had
severe burning in my head and headaches of a new type. I starting
having palpitations, arrythmias and flutter. I called SDG& E. Three
people including an engineer and the director of the Smart Meter
program came to my home, spent an hour talking and photgraphing the
meters. They took no measurements of the radiation, though they said
they would on the phone. The next day SDG&E informed me that they
would not be replacing the meters with the analogue meters. They
assured me that they are concerned about people’s health.

By six weeks in, my cardiac symptoms were so severe and erratic that
I had to move out. I rented an apartment, which turned out to be
unsafe as well. The Smart Meters are everywhere. With the
intensification of my symptoms, I have become EMF/RF sensitive and now
have the above problems around cell towers, Wi-Fi and other sources,
accompanied by skin rashes and burning.
I am being evaluated by a cardiologist. I have always had a strong,
healthy heart, even told so by doctors. The cardiologist has sent me
for an evaluation by a neurologist as well.

Five people have reported symptoms in my home: My father has
experienced headaches and visual migraines. My mother reported having
pressure on the upper part of her chest and palpitations. One
neighbor exposed to these 16 cluster meters is experiencing headaches
and chest tightness. Another neighbor has difficulty opening her eyes
in the mornings after 8 hours by the meters. Her ophthalmologist could
find no explanation. She said she uses her fingers to open her lids.
All of the above symptoms have occurred since the smart meter
installations. The symptoms are worsening for everyone.

I am running scared living this nightmare. I don’t know where to
live and fear for my well-being. I already have a prior immune
disability and I thought I would be legally protected by the ADA. I
don’t know where it is safe for me to live. In addition, the
financial impact of this disaster compounds. I pay my monthly mortgage
and rented a place, which due to symptoms, I cannot stay in. I am
not sure that I can rent or sell my condo in good conscience. I am
seeking medical care including treatments not covered by any
insurance. My out of pocket costs continue to grow.
San Diego CA

From Phil Segrave []
October 19, 2010
Please read this before you role up your sleeve for your next shot of vaccine made by a manufacturer who has immunity from prosecution for making a defective product. The following excerpts are taken from the article 'Nanotech Particles Pose Serious DNA Risks to Humans and the Environment' linked below:

'Personal products you may use daily and think are harmless—cosmetics, suntan lotion, socks, and sports clothes—may all contain atom-sized nanotech particles, some of which have been shown to sicken and kill workers in plants using nanotechnology. Known human health risks include severe and permanent lung damage.

Nanotech particles have been embraced by industry as the wonder ingredient in personal hygiene products, food packaging, paints, medical procedures and pharmaceuticals, even tires and auto parts, among burgeoning numbers of other consumer products.

More products are based on nanoscale silver—used for its antimicrobial properties (allegedly capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of disease-causing microorganisms in such products as vaccines) than any other nanomaterial; 259 products (26 percent) use silver nanoparticles. PEN’s updated inventory represents products from over twenty-four countries, including the US, China, Canada, and Germany.

Yet, nanomaterials are so poorly understood that scientists are unable to predict how they will behave and are unsure of how to check their safety. Over one thousand consumer products made with nanoparticles, which can be one hundred times smaller than a virus, are already on the market, despite an almost complete lack of knowledge of the dangers they pose to human health and the environment.

Until now, few adverse effects have been found for this virtually unregulated technology. Yet, that may simply be due to the relatively few studies that have been done in the rush to find ever more and profitable nanotech applications.

The medical industry is investing heavily in nanoparticles to create precision drugs that can target specific tissues, such as cancer cells. While some of these new materials may have beneficial applications in medical procedures, wound dressings, and pharmaceuticals, concerns are growing that they may have toxic effects. In particular, nanoparticles have been linked to lung and genetic damage.
In a new British study, researchers discovered an unforeseen process, dubbed “toxic gossip,” by which metal nanoparticles inflict genetic damage to DNA, even through walls of tissue that were not physically breached. Researchers called the finding “a huge surprise,” particularly since the billionth-of-a-meter-scale particles appear to have wreaked their havoc indirectly.
Around five hundred studies have shown nanotechnology toxicity in animal studies, in human cells, and in the environment. Although Song’s article finds evidence of clinical toxicity in human beings for the first time, according to researcher Silvia Ribeiro, this finding could be only the tip of the iceberg of an extremely risky industry.
In a study published in the Journal of Molecular Cell Biology, Chinese researchers discovered that a class of nanoparticles being widely developed in medicine—ployamidoamine dendrimers (PAMAMs)—cause lung damage by triggering a type of programmed cell death known as autophagic cell death.

project censored link

From Phil Segrave []
October 19, 2010
We are engaged in an info war and our very survival is at stake. Life as we have known it is at risk of irreversible changing for the worse.

You are absolutely correct, Dee. That is why we should give this issue high priority. The genocidal eugenicists are behind 'herd immunity for public safety'. We are at risk of the majority complying with their potential mandatory medicine because the public is so dumbed down. Our only recourse is to try and educate others concerning the facts regarding this fraud before the worse case scenario becomes a reality.

Are we going to passively comply with forced vaccinations like a bunch of cattle? Those who do will regret it because as I documented in the video I produced 'Nano Vaccines: Sterilization, Surveillance, Genocide'

a corrupt government can use vaccines as a slow kill weapon and/or as a medium to turn their pre-selected survivors into droids and cyborg automatons. Those who think this is too conspiratorial are living in a state of denial because this technology is not science fiction, it exists.

So the capability to execute this Orwellian transformation is real. It is now just a matter of do we think these monsters will go through with it? The answer to that is, who do you think is responsible for the millions of deaths that were caused by unjust and unnecessary wars for centuries?

It is pathetic that so many gullible people think these wars are not caused by an ultra elite cabal of death merchants. Perhaps society deserves to be herded like cattle into mandatory medicine. At least, the perps think so. Are we going to prove them right by not doing our homework and remain distracted by sports and celebrity news?


From Dee Nicholson []
October 19, 2010
I'm sending this to the entire list... including those who I normally do not regale with information such as this. But I cannot in all conscience allow this to pass without comment, or without sharing with you all:

It's FLU SEASON AGAIN (read, they're spreading the flu with the vaccine again, that's why it's always flu season in the fall) and this time the package insert is telling a truth that everyone needs to be aware of, because the government and the health officials WILL NOT TELL YOU.
Do not think that if you are given another vaccine instead of this one, that yours is safe and this one isn't: NONE OF THEM ARE SAFE, and THEY DON'T WORK. If you don't believe me, go to the reporting page at and see what the 600+ posts say about how sick people got from last year's fiasco!! Also note that NOT ONE OF THESE PEOPLE HAS RECEIVED PROMISED COMPENSATION FOR DAMAGES THAT HARPER HIMSELF SAID WOULD BE COVERED BY THE GOVERNMENT. NOT A PENNY.

Inge’s Added Comment: It is obvious that the FLU SCAM is back in Full Force. Since no one is doing any research to show that the vaccine actually reduces the incidence of flu, it is also becoming increasingly and totally obvious that billions of taxpayer dollars are being siphoned off and squandered to fulfill a totally different agenda – a covert, secret and “well-camouflaged-with-propaganda-and-lies” agenda. BEWARE - and don’t fall prey to yet another flu scam that is destined to kill and maim thousands and to swallow very scarce tax dollars that should be spent on real prevention and health care.
Be wise and REFUSE to be injected with this deadly Toxic concoction.

From Phil Segrave []
October 19, 2010
'The American Academy of Pediatrics plans to call for all health workers to get flu vaccinations, saying unvaccinated doctors, nurses and other medical staffers pose a threat to patients.
The academy, which represents 60,000 pediatricians, is the latest of several organizations that now back mandatory flu shots for health workers. The groups include the National Patient Safety Foundation, the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the Society of Healthcare Epidemiologists.'

From Phil Segrave []
October 19, 2010

Once these monsters get their mandatory vaccination laws passed for first responders, health care workers and law enforcement personnel, and the only ones left among these groups are in compliance, how sympathetic do you think these groups will be when we want to excercise our medical freedom of choice liberties for ourselves and our children?

The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America [SHEA]

'SHEA views influenza vaccination of HCP as a core patient and HCP safety practice with which noncompliance should not be tolerated. It is the professional and ethical responsibility of HCP and the institutions within which they work to prevent the spread of infectious pathogens to their patients through evidence‐based infection prevention practices, including influenza vaccination. Therefore, for the safety of both patients and HCP, SHEA endorses a policy in which annual influenza vaccination is a condition of both initial and continued HCP employment and/or professional privileges.'

From Phil Segrave []
October 19, 2010
The following is a profile of just one of the so called medically trained miscreants, Dr. G A Poland, who would deny our rights to medical freedom. It is interesting to note the conflicting positions he has taken in his medical career as well as his conflict of interests because of his commercial connections to Big Pharma:

MAYO CLINIC: Poland, Gregory A. (vaccines)

'Vaccines are the singularly most important medical technology ever devised. We administer a series of vaccines over a lifetime to every single human being on earth.'

The Vaccine Research Group (VRG) is organized under the Clinical Pharmacology unit within the Department of Medicine. Formally organized in 1989, the VRG was founded and is headed by Gregory A. Poland, M.D. This group conducts NIH-funded research investigating the immunogenetics of vaccine response, and also conducts clinical studies of novel vaccines and adjuvants in adults and children.

Gregory A Poland, MD has authored a large number of papers pushing mandatory flu vaccinations, and has been the prime mover for this initiative since the 1990s. Dr. Greg has been a CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices member, and done vaccine studies for many pharmaceutical firms at Mayo Clinic, where he heads the vaccine research group. He also was hired by the Defense Department in 1999 to go to military bases and promote anthrax vaccinations.

Poland acknowledges the lack of evidence supporting vaccinations in this 2007 piece:
Jacobson RM, Targonski PV, Poland GA. Why is evidence-based medicine so harsh on vaccines? An exploration of the method and its natural biases. Vaccine. 2007 Apr 20;25(16):3165-9.
UPDATE: Here is the abstract for Poland's article:
"Vaccines have been hailed as one of the greatest success stories of public health in the 20th century. The 20th century also produced a call for evidence-based medicine (EBM) with applications inclusive of preventive health. Since then, several major EBM analyses have called into question vaccine practices well-accepted by physicians, public health officials, and even the lay public. For example, while counter to existing studies and policies, EBM analyses have concluded that data are lacking to support influenza vaccination of healthcare workers to prevent flu complications among the elderly. In this review, we examine the criticisms and consider the shortcomings in the field of vaccinology as well as in the methodology of evidence-based medicine."
And here are Dr. Greg's disclosures for another 2007 article:

Gregory A. Poland, MD, is the director of the Vaccine Research Group at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, and has disclosed that he has served as a consultant to

Protein Sciences,
Novartis Vaccines,
CSL Biotherapies, and

Dr. Poland has also disclosed that he has received research grants from Novavax and Merck.

Dr. Poland has also disclosed that he has served as a chair for the novel vaccine DMSB for Merck.

There will always be people who think they know (or are paid to know) what is best for the rest of us, evidence be damned, and will do their best to coerce us to comply. Most of the know-it-alls in this case have been shown to be compromised by their income from the vaccine industry, and it appears their input was critical in creating the swine flu boondoggle last year. Funny how failure doesn't stop them.

From Phil Segrave []
October 19, 2010
'Six studies from Canada consistently found that prior year vaccination in 2008/09 for seasonal influenza was associated with a 1.4- to 2.5-fold increased risk for hospitalization for H1N1 infection, said Naveed Z. Janjua, MD, also from the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control.'

From Phil Segrave []
October 18, 2010
Dear Himansh, NCOW wrote the attached letter to the two people in control of Food Safety in the United States....Mike Taylor (the head adviser to the FDA and USDA, who secured the approval of GMO when he was the assistant director under Dr. David Kessler (1990-1997)...AND...Jerry Mande, who is the undersecretary of Agriculture, under Vilsack. Mande was also with Monsanto's Mike Taylor during Kessler's day. They have been the controllers this for over 30 years. The letter will describe how the Kraft corporation (who has bought up organic labels) diluted the organic production act.

Arthur Harvey who had earlier won a case against the previous Sec. of Ag, Ann Veneman, to maintain the purity of the label, says that, if we label the "synthetic" ingredients placed under the 5% rule that that would go a long way in solving the people would not want to buy the product when the synthetic ingredients are listed. But, I take it a bit further as I was aware of nanotechnology when Kraft, Campbell, Nestle, etc financed a company and developed a product called Senomyx. Senomyx (Ticker symbol: SNMX) is an American biotechnology company working towards developing additives to make foods taste and smell better. Their website claims that it has essentially reverse engineered the receptors in humans that react for taste and aroma, and they are capitalizing on how these work to make chemicals that will make food appear to taste better. In layman's terms, senomyx "fools the tongue" into thinking it is eating sugar, for example, but you are not. This company received a GRAS approval (generally recognized as safe) from their trade association, thereby circumventing FDA approval hoops. GRAS rules have not been revised considering the age of nano technology. GRAS was used regarding "small quantities". Today, with nanotechnology, "small quantities" can be powerful and lethal. As you will see in my letter, the new food safety bill is a sham. It appears to want to regulate organic under the same rules as Biotech AG and it should be addressing, of all things... nanotechnology. It does not.

We believe Kraft foods diluted the organic standards because they knew they may want to create, say, an organic dietic soda or juice that would be able to use a product like senomyx. We blew this whistle many years usual few people listened. Regarding the Ancillary is a bit "esoteric" but I thought I would go for my whole truth, while I was at it. I believe it did reach the two gentlemen as I sent it through an employee who was quite receptive. Regards, Eileen Dannemann, Director, National Coalition of Organized Women

'Currently, there are no requirements that the industry submit such data before nanoproducts enter the market. And in fact, according to an explosive report from AOL News earlier this year, they already have already entered the marketplace without regulatory oversight.'...

From Phil Segrave []
October 18, 2010
Two minute CBS news report citing a few case histories among the reported 8000 Gardicil adverse reactions and some doctors children being injured.
When doctor's children are injured, perhaps more people will set up and listen.

Here's another horrendous government - drug
company scam.

Gardicil...Fraudulently presented as prevention
for a rare (and declining) form of cancer.

It's implicated in at least 8,000 documented injuries,
some fatal and many very serious.

The drug company/government response?

"Hey, that's not as bad as some of the other
garbage we peddle."

The issue?

Many states want to make this series
of THREE direct-to-the-bloodstream
injections mandatory for all teenaged girls.

Evil never rests...and neither should we.



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