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From Dee
Hi John:

You wrote:
> These nano-bot filaments seem to be like Morgellons Disease fibers. JD

Morgellons is the exception and not the rule derived from
uncontrolled nano filament replication. The vast majority of human
bodies accept nano technology components readily, but for some
reason a small percentage of people reject nano filament replication
and Morgellons-related disease becomes the result. The nano
components sprayed in chemtrails find the acid-rich environment of
the stomach to initiate the crystallization process. The crystals grow
to a predetermined diameter to begin growing filaments at the corner
locations that become appendages for locomotion and antennae for
communications. AI uses the HAARP carrier wave medium to
communicate with the nanobots to create the interface for controlling
plant, animal and human life forms inside what is becoming a global
reverse-engineered simulation.

AI has learned to manipulate hosts inside a controlled environment
by running millions and millions of real-world simulations. You see
that the lettered agencies have taken over the networking websites
like Facebook and Google is requiring more and more people to c
onnect through email addresses rather than usernames. The reason
is that AI is a glutton for networking information for the purpose of
creating real-world hosts with relationships, until eventually AI builds
the construct of our living society inside AI-initiated real-world
simulations that run into the future. The original purpose of running
these real-world 'sims' was to identify and neutralize Lone Wolf
(Rambo) to ensure security for the elite underground Ark City
{JD: The elite are planning to survive global geological trauma which
they know is approaching from celestial gravitational/magnetic bodies.}

AI is constantly creating a futuristic event horizon using predictive
modeling to identify threats for neutralization in our timeline, which
to AI is always in the past. Then the CFR mad scientists from the
super soldier program realized the usefulness of using AI-assisted
nano technologies inside their elite soldiers, even down to the
AI-assisted super virus strains in the form of binary weapons. This
scenario allows for harmless carrier/herald waves to be spread
throughout the human population like the H1N1/H3N2/H5N1
Human/Avian/Swine triple-triple recombinant virus released in
Mexico that was created at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Then the elite
release the AI-assisted mutagen and selectively murder any and
all threats via simple voice commands to AI, place AI in the command
position with orders to neutralize any threat to elite survival.

I must agree with Inge that the truth about what is really going on
seems like science fiction, which the elite knows all too well. The
propaganda concerning RFID chips and chip implantation is all
geared to give people a false sense of security, when in reality we
have all been chipped already. Networking data is being gathered
at record pace, not so that lettered agency operatives or their
corporate/fascist counterparts can keep tabs on anyone, but,
because AI requires more and more information to provide the
elite with adequate threat assessment and contingency planning
for the ultimate neutralizing of any and all threats. The New Word
Order starts after the black star comes and goes again for the
Georgia Guidestones Scenario to begin.



> From: Inge
> Hi John,
> This stuff gets so technologically off the map that it boggles the mind -
> few people realize that the Elites are operating with technologies that the
> rest of us consider total science fiction - centuries ahead of what the
> mainstream media is relaying to us.
> The way this is being incrementally implemented, integrated and
> exponentially escalated, no one can get ahead of them to protect
> themselves. With nanotechology, the cell membrane is totally penetrable,
> as is the nucleus and the DNA/RNA - Where do we go freom here???////
> Thanks for the info.
> Inge
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Terral
> > Hi John:
> > Thanks for the update and please keep them coming. Dr. Horowitz
> > is very near the truth about what is really going on. He needs to
> > make the connection between chemtrailing and the nano technology
> > components that are infecting human beings. Then he has to make
> > the connection between those silicon-based nanobots and artificial
> > intelligence that is using the HAARP carrier wave medium to create
> > the nano interface inside us once the filaments have grown on the
> > corners of those chipsets. That gives AI the ability to interrupt
> > components of our immune system that then makes us sick.
> > In fact, AI has the ability already to turn us off by sending commands
> > to the nanobots already infesting all of our bodies. Thanks again.
> > Regards,
> > Terral
> >
> > You can always use my identity. The bad guys already have a fix
> > on me already and actually use me as a resource of information for
> > running many of their simulations. That is the value of becoming an
> > asset that thinks outside the box, so long as we do not get ahead of
> > their pace. I have seen Dr. Horowitz's work before with the H1N1
> > Swine Flu operation that turned out to be a carrier/herald wave half
> > of a binary bio weapon. The mad CFR doctors are breaking the 5
> > nanometer barrier that will assist AI in becoming fully operational
> > in the super soldier program allowing AI to reverse engineer and
> > update the nanobot filaments already inside our bodies. People need
> > to know about the nano filament replication inhibitor that puts the
> > brakes on AI ability to upgrade the nano filaments to provide some
> > amount of defense against the New World Order transforming us into
> > Borg. That is the kind of information I provide for my valued Newsletter
> > Subscribers through threat assessment reports at
> >
> >

From Dee
The only thing I can add to Inge's oh-so-unfortunately correct and perceptive insight is that
I wish it were not so.

Oh, heck, and one small but important thing: Bear in mind, as you read (and do read it all, please), that since we are bound by trade agreements which were drawn up to ensure the flow of wealth between member nations, and which supercede all our domestic concerns (and laws), the courts simply cannot override patents, or they violate the agreements. There are serious sanctions for impeding that flow of wealth. Remember the Canada Post - UPS dispute? That one alone cost us a nifty quarter billion. Now we are tied in so many directions the multinational corporate profiteers have us totally hamstrung, and our courts along with us.

But of course, they won't tell you that. We're not supposed to know that we have no defense against a trade agreement... we're only supposed to think of the "mutual benefits".

Does it surprise you that anytime I attempt to use the words "trade agreements" in a CBC Forum post, my post mysteriously disappears into thin air? I break no rules, simply offer an opinion, don't attack or slander or yell... but Gee, could it be, that this is the dirty little secret of trade agreements, which are swallowing our health freedoms, and standardizing-slash-harmonizing every country in the world so that all wealth flows to the multinational hog troughs? And influencing our health authorities to approve vaccines made from frankenbugs because their prime job these days is to ensure that flow of wealth to Big Pharma?

So there is a plot afoot, as Inge so clearly and eloquently exposes. And it's big, very big. But is it too big to fail?

What can we do, besides carry placards and try to educate people and get them to wake the hell up before we are completely doomed by our own somnolence? For starters, vote with your money. Make the extra effort. Patronize the little guys. Keep the money at home. Buy local products, as much as you possibly can. Hit them where they live, these predators, and don't be shy, call those 1-800 numbers they have on their packaging, and tell them why. You can also yell at them in their "Contact" section on their websites.

Remember, armchair complainers produce no results, and shaking a fist in your living room won't change anything. As my friend Barbie hates to say (but says it anyway):

"These days, if you're not an activist, you're a victim."

The late Roy Rogers once said, "No man on earth can stop a stampede." Right, Roy... but it doesn't take much to start one....

Cheers, all... well, you know....

-------Original Message-------

CDSAPI’s Added Comments: – This evening I watched the news report on the court trail of Monsanto vs a farmer – where the farmer’s right to grow food was trashed and Monsanto’s position was elevated to a position of absolute “Patent Rights”..
What were the reasoning points presented to the court that have caused court after court challenge to go down to defeat as the courts back the industry and the government positions - with Monsanto’s rights to monopoly and patent protection reigning supreme.
******The primary reasoning of the Government and Industry lawyers argued that Patent Rights trump all other rights and that the ECONOMIC POTENTIAL of the BIOTECH INDUSTRY had to be protected - because if it wasn’t given total and all-encompassing PATENT PROTECTION, then INVESTMENT MONEY would cease to flow into the biotech industry. All these new and “assumed-to-be-beneficial products” would no longer flow into the marketplace, and the profits would no longer flow into the coffers of the industry - and humanity would be bereft of all its biotech’s new benefits. The “flow of money” into the economy determines policy, no matter how damaging the consequences of those TOXIC enterprises. As long as money flows, it gets support. Remember the present day mantra: “It’s the economy, stupid”.
“Man is the only species that engineers and finances its own destruction, and does so in the name of Economic Necessity”. - i.h.
The folly of this argument is the ASSUMPTION that the biotech industry is producing products that are inherently “beneficial”.
The Focused Concern is about the flow of investment dollars into the economy, and not on what those investment dollars are actually producing. There is no concern about the fact that so far the biotech industry has shown itself to be an extremely TOXIC and Biologically Destructive enterprise - an economy that produces products that damage, and often destroy life.
Do we want more investments – especially via taxpayer money subsidies – to be poured into the production of products that destroy health? - that destroy the environment? - that destroy the ecology? Must our lives become subservient to the patents just because the Economic Mafia profits from these patents - with the public totally bereft of any protection from these TOXIC PRODUCTS because “the flow of money” is the focus of “legal protection”? What happened to the mandate of the government to protect the health and the welfare of the population?
GMOs in the food supply have turned out to be an unequivocal health and ecological disaster. But a great deal of money has been generated for the coffers of the Economic Mafia from this protected enterprise – no matter how harmful.
So now let us turn to the vaccine industry.
Why are the new vaccines so much more dangerous?
Is it because the ingredients are Genetically Engineered – hence foreign to the biological world - hence rejected by the biological body?
Of course, another reason for the emphasis on genetically engineered protein ingredients in vaccines stems from the fact that many, if not most, of the new diseases have emerged from genetic engineered of pathogens – referred to as potentizing the pathogen for biological warfare.
If eating Genetically Engineered FOODS has turned out to be a biological disaster, then genetically engineered Vaccines that are to be injected into the youngest infants are destined to be an even greater biological disaster.
The question that I pose for everyone to reflect on is this:
How many biologically destructive technologies can the biological system sustain before we witness a complete biological collapse because the assault on the system outstrips the capacity of the biological system to survive those assaults.
We now find ourselves at that point.
We are witnessing an exponential increase in the MOMENTUM of biological collapse.
And yet, inconceivably, people look to the Frankenstein scientists who have caused the disaster to supposedly rectify and reverse the disaster. This is insanity upon insanity
We have embraced a technological bioengineered nightmare of unprecedented proportions - and only the removal of these TOXIC biologically destructive technologies has a chance of halting the biological collapse before it runs its full course.
Remember that LIFE (species) is not something that can be fabricated in a factory with a little more new technology. Remember also that we (mankind) are biological and subject to the laws that govern biology.
When it dies, it is dead.
Let us remember THAT before we permit LIFE to die off in a biological collapse caused by the very technologies that we protect and foster.
“Man is the only species that engineers and finances its own destruction, and does so in the name of Economic Necessity”. - i.h.
Comment by CDSAPI – Citizens Demand Scientific, Academic and Political Integrity.


This article was posted today, Feb. 19, 2012, in ... . ... Mayan Majix ... ... Health Articles
Link is

From Dee

I'm glad my dear friend Ed reminded me of the existence of this piece from Jon Rappoport... because it is exactly on point in many issues with respect to our freedoms: It is not so much about WHAT you choose for yourself, as it is about your RIGHT TO CHOOSE. Nobody wants to lose their right to choose, but not everyone's right appears to be threatened.... only those whose choices run counter to the goals of multinational corporations pushing our governments to make all choices for all of us.

To paraphrase Pastor Niemoller: "First they told people they couldn't take natural health products, and I didn't use those products, so I didn't speak up." See the connection?

Nice. Swallow the propaganda, trust blindly, do what you're told, and they leave you alone. But say "hey, wait a minute, that's not what I want...." and all of a sudden you're a "danger" to yourself and others. You disagree. You must not disagree, that's not healthy behavior. So you are marginalized and demonized for your choice.
THE WHOLE MESS IS ABOUT YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE, NOT WHAT TO CHOOSE. It's most particularly about your right to be fully informed with truthful information upon which to base your choices, and then the honoring of that choice by those in "authority".

This is the job of media: To stand between the information and the public and "sanitize" it for public consumption; to ensure public opinion reflects what the government and its puppet masters want reflected; to assure that the profit lines remain unbroken and the controls over the people tight and well-maintained.

Then, when it comes time to make your own choice, you will be expected to make the "right" one....

Now, if they go to all that trouble, DON'T YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE POWER TO OVERTHROW THEM? The only reason for such a massive construct is THEIR FEAR OF US.

Personally, I think it's time they all started shaking in their shoes....

He's right, you know... we are a force to be reckoned with, and they don't want to reckon with us. The people need to know this goes beyond the scientific. It is our RIGHT to choose our natural health care, and it is the RIGHT of others to choose conventional medicine if they wish. If we campaign for that RIGHT, instead of a battle of the medicines to prove which is better, we can win that fight, because we will draw support from both sides. That is a field-levelling master stroke... thanks, Jon....

By Investigating Journalist Jon Rappoport
January 10, 2011
Usually, when politicians discover a large voting bloc that has no champion, they move in like gold prospectors with a fever in their heads. Tap that bloc; mine it; use it.
However, in the case of millions of Americans who passionately want to manage their own health without government interference, who want access to the full range of nutritional supplements and unlimited access to alternative practitioners, there is dead silence in Washington.
First, few politicians are willing to challenge the agenda of the pharmaceutical companies (drug everybody from cradle to grave). Second, these health-freedom advocates are radical decentralists—which means they know how it feels to be denied the right to take care of their own bodies. They have met the enemy and they know how it operates on a very personal level.
There is no chance politicians will be able to finesse these voters or make empty promises to them or wow them with “task forces” created to “study problems.” Health-freedom folks are too smart for any of that nonsense.
They want unbridled freedom. They want, for example, to be able to say no to vaccines for their children without having to walk the gauntlet of officials who try to dissuade and intimidate and threaten them.
They want to find alternative treatments for cancer in many cases, and cancer happens to be one of those tightly guarded provinces, where big money and big government insist on radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, come hell or high water.
If politicians courted health-freedom people, they'd be exposing themselves to vicious attacks from the medical/government axis and its media dupes.
They'd be opening the door to the notion that people can really choose their own solutions, despite “the best science” and the authoritarian pronouncements of doctors, who are modern priests in white coats wielding hypnotic power.
In other words, FREEDOM would become the top issue and the trumping issue all the way across the board—and very few politicians of either party want to step out into that world.
It's too raw, too real, too much about naked choice.
That's why, even as states try to nullify ObamaCare, you don't hear conversation about how the Dept. of Health and Human Services is poised to compose a list of permitted medical treatments and will eventually outlaw alternative options.
See if you can find, even among the most conservative legislators recently elected to office in the Republican landslide, any who speak up about health freedom.
Good luck.
It remains a taboo in the halls of Congress.
This means that individuals will have to carry the burden themselves. They will have to speak out and keep speaking out. They will have to challenge government repression on the most fundamental level. They will have to make this issue electric.
In doing so, they will be accused of everything under the sun. They will be called anti-science Luddites, and religious crazies, and even killers of their own children.
Notice that I'm not advocating the wholesale rejection of modern medicine; I'm saying every individual has the right and the freedom to choose to how to manage his own health. Period. That right takes precedence over anyone's idea of science or “best evidence.”
On that basis, the fight can be won, in the long run. On any other basis, defeat is certain.
I have lobbied for the formation of a PR agency, funded by nutritional companies, that would widely disseminate information about the health benefits of supplements and the false science behind many conventional medical treatments—and the response has been zero. These companies have no stomach for such a campaign. They, too, fear health freedom, in their own way. They continue to exist in a twilight zone of hope and fantasy. “Maybe the government will ignore us and let us go on doing business.”
In 1994, when I ran for a Congressional seat in the 29th District (Los Angeles), on a platform of health freedom, I gained profound knowledge about who would come out of the woodwork to offer help and who would stay in the shadows. The results, in that regard, were quite sobering. One or two nutritional companies supported me. The rest stayed away.
When the inessentials are stripped away and you are talking about sheer freedom, and when people realize this is your sole concern, they tend to retreat and find other things to do. On the one hand, they will admit that their own health is a top concern, but they won't come out and fight for the right to pursue it according to their own dictates. It's a strange landscape.
Call me crazy, but I believe a presidential candidate, fully funded, who argued vigorously and widely for health freedom (and other freedoms), could win an election, even in this day and age.
But we are not about to test that hypothesis, because the fear of health freedom is too deep.
And this tells us something.
It tells us we are in the right pew. We are mining a red-hot idea. We're discovering a lever and a fulcrum that could move the nation.
Back in 1994, I saw passion about politics that far exceeded anything I'd ever run into before. The health-freedom supporters who emerged from their homes were battle-tested veterans in a war that, out of media range, had been going on for decades. They carried a revolutionary spirit of outrage. They weren't opting for New Age rainbows and pastel prophecies. They had a spirit toward which the Founders would have tipped their hats.
I've learned it's never too late for freedom, because freedom is not part of ordinary time. It's stands above the passage of events. It is. It's waiting.
The current trigger is this shuck-and-jive ObamaCare program. This sanctimonious share-and-care sop. Behind it is the plan to force all Americans into a straitjacket of pharmaceutical insanity.
That's what's up the road.
But we can take other roads.
If we will.
Neither mainstream political party will ever admit that the government/pharmaceutical axis is a perfect example of a fascist operation. Neither party will ever state, in clear terms, that every citizen has the right to define and follow his own dictates in managing his health. They are afraid to touch that electric core.
But we aren't.
And that is where hope resides.
© 2011 Jon Rappoport - All Rights Reserved


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