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From Eileen
Comment from Eileen Danneman:The plan is to establish a standard pig breed for the CAFO farmer. Biotech forces have strategically and genetically manipulated the hog so that farmers will jump on it more readily because it also solves their manure problems. World buyers will be channeled into buying this one. It will become environmentally safe breed. Buyers will eventually have no more choice to secure "conventional" pigs just as they have no more choice to get conventional soybeans.This is all about the Smithfields, Monsantos et al moving into the livestock agriculture arena like they have done in seeds. (Acreage conversion plan). This has been planned for a long time. Not only will we be eating it UNLABELED, unless some STATE wise legislators get on the horn pretty quickly as FDA has guidelines for cloned and GMO animals but these CAFO pigs on laxatives will have their fecal matter spread all over farmland. And let us not forget the hypothyroid people on pig hormone.

So it is okay with the FDA and the FDA headman, Mike Taylor and USDA Undersecretary Jerry Mande (Mikes ol buddy for 30 years or so) and the real power behind Ag Sec. Vilsack.

Buy Jeffrey Smith's GENETIC ROULETTE book. IT IS A LIBRARY TREASURE! It documents the independent animal studies about feeding GMO food to in bleeding from the gut. Also, in that vein...our dairy cattle is consuming mounds of GMO distillers grain (GM) a waste product, now called by stakeholders and stakeholder owned legislators-a by product. This practice was banned in New York during prohibition because it produced "swill" milk.
Enviropig: Standardizing GMO Pig Breed

From Eileen
GSK and Novartis decided to formulate a weaker vaccine but strengthen it with an adjuvant that contains “squalene”. Immunologic adjuvants are substances, administered in conjunction with a vaccine, that stimulate the immune system and increase the response to the vaccineNarcolepsy is a disease with lifetime consequences, and the risk that Pandremix may have caused other neurological illnesses has not yet been excluded. Many have already began to compare this tragedy with the thalidomide catastrophe.
Read this articulate outline of the events by Karin Munsterhjelm-Ahumada, M.D in the peer reviewed Orthomolecular News Service.

Health Authorities Now Admit Severe Side Effects of Vaccination

From Eileen
Can you imagine. If they can make us believe that the buildings on 911 were leveled by a few errant terrorists and a plane flew into the Pentagon and no fuselage or wings or people or baggage were found...then we should be expected to believe that 15 kids on a chemical waste site has the same "Psychogenic" Illness.

Vaccine cause Turetts tics. What is in vaccines and what toxins are under the ground circa the HS? Let's not lose this plot....

The Le Roy Teen Mystery: How to Treat Mass Psychogenic Illness

From Dee
This may be an angle you haven't considered yet.

Let me assure you - there is a very deep connection
between vaccine research and manufacturing and abortion.

Viruses intended to be used in vaccines are grown on
tissue from aborted children. Please reference
'Human Diploid Cells' on the vaccine inserts.

With this information, read this next article and
prepare to be shocked. New medical 'ethics' are
being proposed, and it makes me sick.

From Eileen
Yes, they have people convince...even my daughter who did not vaccinate her child...that you shouldn't put a baby on its stomach. That is so bizarre that the establishment turns the table and comes up with the most bizarre reason for "death". Death doesn't come that easy that if you put a baby on its stomach it dies. Same thing with SBS...the have us believe that we are shaking our babies to death when the indians would have a baby in the field, throw it on its back and work, jiggling it all day long. What it is- is that you inject the child with so many vaccines that it has encephalitis and other neurological problems in respiration and lifting its head that it dies on its stomach for those reasons..or has it capillaires burst behind its eyes and black and blue. Its like 911, the that expect us to believe the most outlandish concepts. The most outlandish it is, it is appears the more gullible the population.

Hi John Wantling,
John Wantling stopped by Bury Times website and suggested that you visit the following URL:
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Bury Times Baby Mia
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Bury Times Team.
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From Phil

The above so Far indicates it has been put in place quite a while. Looks like Big Brother is more wide spread than we all realise in the UK

The police initially developed its own network of roadside and mobile cameras to detect stolen cars, uninsured drivers and unpaid road tax through checks against the Police National Computer.
Since then thousands of traffic and CCTV cameras in city centre’s, airports, petrol stations and elsewhere have been connected to the police network to combat terrorism. Police helicopters have also had the devices installed.


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