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From Dee Nicholson
So, Leona....

Listen, it's about those stacks of dead babies you told Canadians would pile up, if Bill C-6/36 didn't pass, because gosh, people are so careless. Now we see that the stacks of dead babies are a result of some things that you and other health ministers swore were safe, because your agency's bureaucrats said so, after accepting research done by the very companies selling you the stuff.

I have to ask, in all conscience, how does it feel to know that your policies are killing Canadian babies?

How does it feel, to see Canada down there near the bottom of the chart, this proud nation with the really high dead baby rate? Dead babies who apparently would not be dead babies, if our policies were enlightened by the truth about vaccines.... yep, that same truth people have been screaming about for years now.

Now, before you go trying to discredit this information based on whose site it was on, I might remind that it is the study you need to discredit, not Alex Jones. Good luck with that. The information is now shown, according to Google, on 1,650,000 pages.

Your thoughts might rightfully turn now to those who suffered dire adverse events from your ill-advised foray into fighting a garden-variety flu bug (H1N1) with a largely-untested toxin-containing vaccine or two, after having indemnified the vaccine makers and promising (falsely) to take care of Canadians who might suffer an adverse event. Some people died immediately after having the vaccine: is that adverse enough for you? People got GBS. Is that a minor inconvenience?

There you are, there is the truth of the matter, presented by an independent and highly reputable resource. Canada's statistics on infant mortality are horrifying, and you yourself, who profess to be so concerned about dead babies, ought to trot yourself over to the Health Canada offices and demand to know what in the flying hell they think they're doing over there. You will do that, that is, if you are telling the truth about caring about babies.

You might also, while you're at it, peruse the charts on Vaccine Effectiveness prepared by Dr. Raymond Obomsawin, using government-supplied statistics: yet another indisputable proof that your policies reek of an insouciance towards human life. (I've attached them, they're online as well) So in addition to killing babies and making them sick, this proves to you that it was all a pipe dream in the first place. My God. All for nothing.

So I ask you, Leona, woman to woman... how does that make you feel? And to the staffer screening this email who will most certainly want to divert it, it's on you, too. Now you must decide between dropping this into File G(arbage) and allowing more babies to die unnecessarily and countless more to suffer needlessly throughout their innocent lives, and perhaps embarrassing yourself and your agencies for the way you have ignored the truth and swallowed the lies of vaccine makers, and allowed something horrendous to happen on your watch.

Is the government's ego worth the lives of these children?

It is that serious. And these numbers do not lie. So I think I can legitimately ask you, having seen these statistics, how can you sleep at night, knowing women like you and me will lose their precious children because of your own ignorant policies? I ask, because quite frankly, if it were me, I'd feel like jumping off the nearest high building.

Now, although I've bcc'd them, I've sent this to a few people. I'm sure they will agree with me. They might even write to you themselves and tell you so, and I hope they do. But I do not believe that a minister of the government should, or could, check their humanness at the door of Parliament.

I ask you now, to investigate these facts. Not as a government toadie, but on your own, as a Canadian woman, a human being. Put yourself in the shoes of the ordinary Canadian. Get past the conditioning and indoctrination, and just look, as an interested party, not as a minister of the government with a vested interest to protect.

No need to answer this. I will no doubt see your answer in terms of exactly what you do about it. As we are told, "By their works, ye shall know them."

Ms. Dee Nicholson
Toronto M4K 3N9

From Phil Segrave
Why are nuclear power plants being built when no knows what to do with the radioactive waste?

Why was the Fort Calhoun plant built on a flood plain below earthen dams and only protected by sand bags?

Why are 20 years worth of dangerous spent fuel rods stored at a site that can be flooded because of a snow melt, inferior dams and/or record rain fall?

Russian atomic scientists in this FAAE report, however, say that this OPPD statement is an “outright falsehood” as all nuclear plants in the world operate under the guidelines of the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES) which clearly states the “events” occurring at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant do, indeed, put it in the “Level 4” emergency category of an “accident with local consequences” thus making this one of the worst nuclear accidents in US history. link

If we want to find out what is really going on, do we have to depend on the foreign press? link

From Dee Nicholson
Excellent compendium proving that we are all being manipulated by big business...
and of course the more the multinational oil companies can protect that business, the happier they are.
Ultimately, none of us can be truly healthy, while these polluting behemoths continue their stranglehold.
Notice, I said 'polluting'.... not carbon-producing.... Pollution is complete disregard and disrespect of the environment with garbage, and is not acceptable behaviour. Producing carbon is what all living things do, including ourselves... and without which we could not survive.

Subject: SUPPRESSED TECHOLOGIES: The car that runs on water

Videos: Suppressed technologies

A red hot electric car (9:49)
A red hot electric car
Paradigm smasher
This guy is going to ruin everything for the global warming/carbon tax crowd.

Non-polluting cars that are high performance and fun?

Tell me it ain't so Big Al (Gore).

How are we supposed to wallow in "inconvenient truths" if trouble-makers like this mess things up by smoking the car companies with superior home brew engineering?

Remember, the personal computer was the creation of a bunch of unfunded individuals, not the military-industrial complex.
Air cars (10:00)
Air cars
Here, there. everywhere
Ready for market now
The BBC reported on the French version of this technology.

This report from Australia goes into more depth and also covers an Australian version.

How many billions of dollars in research and development funds would the big auto makers claim they need to get this far?

Yet, the technology is here now, ready to exploit - and it is not being used.

What's the hang up?

Why are we still:

* allowing ourselves to be dependent on whacked out foreign countries for our energy?
* spending billions to transport and refine a highly toxic material?
* polluting our air thereby sickening and killing people, especially children, with toxic fumes?
* putting a massive, daily "transportation tax" on everyone who drives a car?

Another reason we don't have electric cars (1:28)
Another reason we don't
have electric cars
They're too easy to maintain
Is it a "conspiracy" that perfectly functional electric cars were pulled off the market and destroyed by GM and other car makers?

What else would you call it?

Here's another reason why perfectly functional electric cars that:

a) travel 300 miles on a charge,
b) can be fully charged at home in one hour,
c) run for the equivalent of 60 cents a gallon, and
d) have the same speed and acceleration as normal cars are not available for sale.
Keep in mind there were not theoretical or experimental vehicles. They were in production and the consumers that had them (on lease, they were never sold outright) loved them.

Cars can be run on air - right now (1:23)

Cars can be run on air
- right now
No news is good news
Odds are you've never heard of this car.

Why not?

Why is a French company developing it with zero help from the high rolling US-UK dominated global financial system which until recently had money for every loony scheme imaginable?

Answer: The banking system and the oil industry are closely intertwined and they want to protect their investment in the gasoline infrastructure at all costs.

Fortunately, France doesn't have the same commitment to gasoline as fuel that the US and UK does.

France does have oil companies, but it doesn't have the equivalent of Exxon or Royal Dutch Shell.

India doesn't either.

But the French and the Indians do have superb engineers.

Assuming that the collapse of the global financial system doesn't derail the launch of this car, India and France will have vehicles that are completely independent of the oil companies.

No toxic fuel, no toxic emissions, super low cost, utter reliability, and here's the really cool part: the "fuel" could be available anywhere there is room for an air compressor including your own home.

What's not to like about this? Why is the news of this technology all but banned in the US?

The banking system and the oil industry (and news media industry) are closely intertwined.

It's really that simple.
How PBS and Chevron got together to kill the alternative fuel movement (6:00
How PBS and Chevron
got together to kill
the alternative fuel movement
When it really matters,
information in the US is censored
Hopefully, you've seen all the videos in this series.

If not, I recommend you do that now to appreciate the enormity of what's been done to us by the oil industry and its henchmen.

And those henchmen most definitely include PBS, the so-called Public Broadcasting Service, perhaps better called the Petroleum Broadcasting Service.

For a few million dollars a year, the oil industry has completely censored any reporting on the REALITY that the US does not have to - and never had to - be dependent on gasoline for transport.

* The original scheme during the early days of the automobile to kill alcohol as fuel:

* How the oil industry continues to censor the science of alcohol as fuel:

If you've already seen these clips, here's where you can get the book:

Alcohol can be a gas
Solar powered electric car (14:10)
Solar powered electric car
Not a dream, it works
It may seem that a lot of the videos on Brasscheck TV are "negative."

Well, you can't built something new until you expose and clean out all the crap.

As I mentioned to a friend recently "a lot of formerly deeply buried s*** is finally seeing the light of day these days."

A new day is coming.

Human ingenuity is boundless and the good guys really do outnumber the bad guys. We just have to get better organized.

There's a good reason the powers that be work so hard to try to dumb and beat us down. We're damn hard to tame, and they know it.

If you want the plans for this car, they're here:

Stronger than cement - and lighter too (1:20)
Stronger than cement
- and lighter too
More banned technology
How would like like a building material that is stronger than cement and SIX TIMES lighter?

Better yet, one of its main ingredients in the waste product of a plant that literally grows like a weed.

Well, Big Brother says you can't have it because the plant - hemp - is "dangerous to society."

Here's the reality about cement:

1. The manufacture of traditional cement is incredibly energy intensive, so much so that many cement companies seek and receive legal variances to not only burn coal, but also medical waste and used automobile tires as fuel for their kilns.

2. After oil refineries and chemical plants, cement factories are the most polluting factories in the world, spewing tons of microparticles containing toxins like arsenic and mercury into the air.
What happened to this battery? (2:55)
What happened to this battery?
From GM to Chevron to oblivlon
Batteries just aren't good enough to power cars and free households from dependence on oil companies and electrical utilities, right?


The battery problem has been largely solved and not just in theory, but in production.

Then GM bought its way in as a condition for using the battery in its cars.

Then it sold its share in the company to Chevron.

And now the battery is gone.
Who killed the US street car system? (2:14)
Who killed the
US street car system?
General Motors at work
You know, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea if General Motors did go out of business.

What has the destruction of the nation's street car system cost the country? A trillion dollars? Ten trillion dollars?

You'd have to add up all the oil consumed that didn't have to be, all the environmental diseases that didn't need to happen, and all the economic constraints on poor and low income people that didn't need to be. Then there are the quality of life issues which are incalculable.

Go to super-prosperous cities like Basel and Zurich in Switzerland and you'll see they excellent street car systems - just like we used to have in the US.
Who needs steel? (1:00)
Who needs steel?
Even Henry Ford was shut down

No less an industrial and financial titan than Henry Ford demonstrated that the plant hemp could be transformed into a lightweight material stronger than steel.

The perfect material for car bodies.

Who needs steel?

Maybe the guys who owned all the iron ore and coal fields (the Rockefeller syndicate) needed steel which is why for decades this simple technological possibility has been denied to us.

Why wildfires? (3:00)
Why wildfires?
The solution exists
Government to citizens: "Let it burn"
In New Orleans, it was: "Let it flood"

In California, the government motto seems to be: "Let it burn."

The solution for "out of control" wildfires has existed for years.

Water...huge amounts of water...dropped bomber style from a massive plane that can load from natural sources and "bomb" massive areas all day and night.

Strange, isn't it?

We have the resources to drop billions of dollars worth of munitions on the Middle East, but we can't scoop up free water to keep our homes from burning.

What's wrong with this picture?
The car that runs on water
Why haven't you heard of this car?
Reported by Reuters
Reuters Asia reported on the existence of this car last year.

I bet you haven't heard of it.

Why not?

The "hydrogen cell" technology pushed by Bush & Co. is a preposterous over-complication of a simple idea.

Hydrogen is already in water and the energy from hydrogen can be released from water in the car. There's no reason on earth to produce hydrogen centrally, truck it around and create hydrogen fillings stations.

The fact that Obama & Co. are not all over this is a sign of how profoundly compromised he is by the oil industry.
There are already several replacements for gasoline powered cars ready to go right now.
We know what the hold up is.

From Phil Segrave
Comment: The recent mysterious German e.coli outbreak could serve several agendas. There are many biological warfare agents stockpiled around the world. Anyone of them could be released at anytime. However, all of them have genetic markers that can be verified as manmade and tracked to the point of origin laboratory provided government authorities and scientists are allowed to do that. The question is 'can we trust the government to do that'?

One thing the German e.coli outbreak does is influence public perception worldwide that egregious regulatory legislation regarding food production, (specifically bill S.510 in the U. S) is necessary.

The following 15 minute YT clip over dramatizes the risk, but the threat is real:


From Phil Segrave
Good medical wisdom,

Today's orthodox medical corptocracy looks down it's nose at holistic, homeopathic and/or allopathic natural medicine. Those that fail to know the difference between (medical) wisdom and knowledge will suffer the consequences. Treating illness with substances that interfere with the body's ability to heal itself will prolong or exacerbate the disease.

Antibiotic abuse will eventually create super bugs that will make the body more vulnerable to the disease. Disease is usually caused by a weakness in the immune system. When the natural balance in nature gets out of balance, nature's way of dealing with it is to send in the clean up crew - illness causing bacteria and/or viruses. The only way to combat disease is to strengthen the immune system, not attack the bacteria and/or viruses with synthetic chemicals and/or attenuated viruses that will more often than not cause resistant pathogens to mutate and/or weaken the immune system, not strengthen it.

The natural balance in nature will always return to the norm. Bacteria and viruses belong in the environment and they will always remain there one way or another. The only way to prevent them from presenting themselves in the form of diseases which attack the weakest parts of the body is to prevent the weakness in the first place. Treatments that only suppress the symptoms will not be effective and they will only require more 'medical therapies' to counter the side effects; a very profitable protocol, but not a successful one.

The lucky patients are those who are able to outlast the disease prolonging treatments long enough for the body's immune system to overcome the original disease and, in the process, purge the symptom suppressing 'medicines' from the liver.

Don't mess with mother nature by accepting the use of chemical drugs and toxic vaccines.

Hint: It's not NEW.... this was exposed with statistics from the New England Journal of Medicine some
years ago.... and is absolutely true.


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