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From Dee

Ms May, are you completely blind? More than 20,000 effective products have disappeared
off the shelf over the past few years alone. Naturopaths are subject to SWAT team raids.
Costs of bringing a product to market are horrendous. And the regulations are so stupid as
to give one pause. You are speaking from ignorance: How DARE you speak such nonsense
to informed consumers?

Yes, we want more labelling, of GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS. And nobody in government
is even hinting at complying with consumer demand.

You claim to represent a party concerned with the health of the earth and its in habitants, and I challenge
you to rescind the stupid, ignorant comments you made about freedom of access. Just because there are
products on the shelves does not say who makes them, whether or not they are organic and all naturally-sourced, or who owns the brand. Pharma has encroached in that market and is busy depotentizing and synthesizing their faces off in order to give ignorant shoppers such as yourself the impression that all is as it
should be.

Meanwhile you ignore the fact that CETA can restrict access even further (See Europe's EU Food Safety
Directives, for a hint) through trade obligations, which you seem not to give a hoot about, either.

And in case you weren't aware of it, see this article about just exactly how corrupt Health Canada is:
If you think good regs are coming out of that agency, you must be smoking some really good drugs.

Disappointing, Ms. May. VERY disappointing. Can't vote for your party now, can I? Nor can I promote it.

Sorry for your luck.

Dee Nicholson
Toronto Health Care Examiner

From Dee
FDA Stands Between Terminally Ill and Experimental Drugs
Under FDA regulations a patient who is terminally ill may only gain access to an investigational drug if the FDA approves. FDA approval is required even if the attending physician recommends the drug and the sponsor is willing to provide it. In this way, FDA stands between the terminally ill and access to potentially life saving drugs. Hundreds of people have been deprived of all hope and freedom of choice by the barbaric exercise of life-ending power by the Food and Drug Administration.......
by Attorney Jonathan Emord


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