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From Eileen Dannemann
One small part which includes drugging our this statement which has been my single trumpet for years.....

VLA link

From Susan
I still find it quite humorous when journalists continue to make issues about sovereignty and losing control. There has been NO sovereignty in most of the world’s nations for the past 80 years. It is the illusion sovereignty (just like the illusion of democracy) that keeps people on an imaginary side of the fence that doesn’t exist. There is no sovereignty in Canada or the U.S and there hasn’t been for a very long time. The sovereignty issue is a moot point…there are no borders…there are no individual nations…old news…get over it. There cannot be a loss of sovereignty when there hasn’t been any before most of us were even born into the nation we claim has sovereignty. It’s great to inform people on sovereignty issues depending on their level of awareness, but it is also absolutely essential to move past this and see the veil for what it is.

The entire world is run as a corporation period on behalf of very sinister forces! You know the full story Phil of what really controls the puppet strings as outlined in your Red Shield video.

The entire planet is now ascending to a higher vibration…one where governments will not exist because they simply can’t. When people wake up and realize that we are all sovereign beings and that we don’t need government (any type of government) running our lives through licensure and taxation…that is when government will cease to exist as we know it literally overnight in the minds of people. That is when true sovereignty will reign. That time is here and it is happening all over the over the world.

From Phil Segrave []
Thanks, Inge. I will send this out so interested parties can assimilate all these encourageing methods to treat heavy metal toxicity. It is important to take into account that these protocols may be useful in treating vaccination adverse reactions including autism.


Hi Phil,
For the past three years, I have been using a machine called Quantum Scio - programmed by Bill Nelson - works on subtle frequencies and ion repair. I have found it invaluable - though very expensive - and has the drawback of needing a fair amount of time. So I don't use it as often as I should. I guess that if you can affect (neutralize) the ion charge on a substance, you in essence dismantle its reactivity capacity - hence render it less harmful. The damage from all of these substance is their ability to interact chemically where they shouldn’t - for which they have to be in their ionic form - today all lumped together under the label of “free radicals”.

From Dee Nicholson []
Bear in mind, people... AS GOES THE FDA, SO GOES HEALTH CANADA.... STOCK UP ON INJECTABLE VITAMIN C (those of you who administer and/or self-inject) BEFORE THEY CATCH WIND OF THAT ONE IN OTTAWA....

Please read the link below about the FDA's decision to take injectable intravenous vitamin C off the market.
Also, there's a request to contact FDA with your remarks. link

From Phil Segrave []

What an extradinary personal story of perseverance. You suffered and overcame your medical conditions by not conceding to the misinformation medical authorities gave you at first by your determination to search for and find the truth yourself. How many of us can learn and find inspiration with your experiences as a role model?

Although you did not elaborate on how you contracted and treated what you referred to as mycoplasma fermentans incognitus other than to write you took antibiotics (which antibiotics did you find effective?), your account of disease from mercury fillings was typical of case histories. I just wonder if the machine that contributed to your recovery called an 'ion cleanse' would be effective in detoxing the patients who are suffering from mercury poisoning contracted from vaccines.

In my opinion, mercury in vaccines are responsible for many diseases such as autism. What is the complete name of that machine and what other therapies is it being used for?



The machine I uses is effective for everyone, even kids and some people have used it to help their kids recover from autism. I don't know where I would be without my machine.

I used the antibiotic doxaclycin for the mycoplasma. That is the best and safest one for it. I also took glyconutrients right along with the antibiotic to keep me from getting Candida and to protect my immune system.

I could not write everything is that letter as it would be to long to send. It is just an overview of what I went though. It would take a book to tell it all.


From Dee Nicholson []
Funny how this flu is breaking out now, after so many were vaccinated last year! Hmmmm... could it be the vaccine is now CAUSING a lack of immunity? Gosh, that would be news.... LOL
BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM WITH VITAMINS C AND D3 plus B's.... and magnesium and water, and good organic food.... and cleanliness.....
Vitamins keep the kefoons away!!

telegraph link

From Eileen
I just read of the death of Mr. Wheeler who worked for Bush, a few minutes ago in the New York Times
However, they failed to mention further. He was found in a garage truck (age 66) eileen

From Marlene
This is my story about my illness that resulted from dental mercury amalgam that I submitted to the FDA hearings on dental amalgam.It took a long time for me to write this because I did not want to relive the horrors that I went through but I am glad it is done and please share with other's so we can stop this insanity from happening to anyone else.

To Whom It May Concern:
RE: FDA Mercury Amalgam Hearings
Docket Number 2006N - 0352

Before I write my story of my Mercury Amalgam illness, you need to know a bit of my life history.

I am a Canadian and I was a young widow at age 23, left with small children I was not left financially cared for. My father passed away when I was 8 years old. My mother, who had been ill most of her life, came to help me with the children while I worked a low paying job to support my family. Four years later she passed away with breast cancer. I was totally alone and with no support.

I decided to move to Ontario, Canada so I could better my financial situation because it was not possible in the small village where 1 lived in New Brunswick. How I did it is another story I won't get into at this time. It would take a book of my life to tell everything I have been through.

After relocating to Ontario, I became a successful Real Estate Sales Representative. My finances improved dramatically and I proceeded to get the needed work done on my teeth that I could not afford before.

I had a health condition" called fibromalygia at the time the work was being done. I had several mercury amalgam fillings that were placed over the years before.
I had bridges put in where the missing teeth were. I later found out that they were packed underneath with mercury amalgam. My health began deteriorating after the work was done. I had severe food and environmental allergies that got worse over time. My fibromalygia was getting worse as well. I also had many bladder, urinary tract, and sinus infections and was always on antibiotics.

In 1997. my dentist at the time placed a full metal crown containing nickel, over an amalgam filling. That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

In 1996, Health Canada. put out a "Position Paper on Dental Amalgam", saying a percentage of the population can suffer severe health effects from Dental Amalgam. They also had a warning to the Dentists about mixing metals with amalgam because of the galvanic effect and that it should not be done. They also stated that dental patients should be informed. I was never informed about any of this by my dentist in 1997.

In 1997, I took glyconutrients that eliminated my fibromalygia. The later part of 1998, I started to have severe fatigue. I was experiencing several ongoing bladder and urinary
tract infections as well as a worsening of my food and environmental allergies. I thought
it may be my hormones. I could not take the estrogen my doctor prescribed because of the side effect of migraine headaches I went to a health food store to see what they had that would help me. They recommended a book for me to read about bio-identical hormones. It made sense so I called the number in the book for the Woman's International Pharmacy and they recommended a doctor in Toronto that I could see about this.

The doctor in Toronto took me right away. I could barely write my name in his office I was so fatigued. He examined me and looked. into my mouth and told me I needed to get my mouth cleaned out. This was the first time I had heard about this problem. I was unaware that there was mercury in amalgam as they are always called silver fillings. The doctor gave me some information to read on the subject and tested my hormones. I was low in testosterone, he gave me cream testosterone and an IV of vitamins and minerals and I perked up for a time and then started to get very fatigued again. Nothing was working so I did some more research on mercury amalgam and decided that was my problem after having a fecal test done to confirm high mercury.

I then proceeded to get all the mercury amalgam out of my mouth. I had the bridges removed and cleaned, the metal crown removed from my tooth and replaced with composites. I also had a root canal removed.

My energy improved immediately after I got done from being extremely ill from the exposure of the amalgam fillings. I was sick for about 3 weeks with nausea and dizziness from the increase of the mercury in my system after removal. Can you please explain to me why something so toxic is put in our teeth that causes people to be so sick upon removal? I see no need for any of this at all. I was not comfortable with the drug detox methods as there were some serious problems reported by people using these methods so I declined this treatment. I took some supplements and vitamin C IV s. Within two years of amalgam removed. I got very sick. I was sick to my stomach everyday, lost 40 lbs., had severe heart palpitations, and developed multiple chemical sensitivities. I did some more research of the cavitation issue and decided this may be my problem, I had a cavitat scan done which revealed severe cavitations so I proceeded to have the teeth removed and cavitations cleaned by a dental surgeon. I had biopsies tests done that revealed ostecronosis of the jaw and ostemylitis in many of my existing teeth. My alt toxicity tests revealed extreme toxicity in the cavitation sites. The surgery was the best thing I did to improve my health. Before the surgery was done I would lay in my bed and wish I would die, I did not want to live this way. I was very. very sick and no one understood in my family and friends. Doctors who are not familiar with this problem did not understand as well and I visited many of them to find out why I was so sick. They could not find anything. It was a very lonely place to be. There is no need for this to continue.

After the cavitation surgery was done I improved a lot. I was still experiencing constrictions on the left side of my head with barometric pressure changes that caused me to be extremely fatigued. I had a feeling it was the mercury and heavy metals that was
deposited there from the galvanic effect of the full metal crown that was placed on that side of my mouth. I found out that cilantro would release mercury from the brain and nervous system. I took 10 drops of cilantro and woke up in the morning with severe heart palpitations. I was scared and did not know what to do. I waited for 2 weeks and then took 5 more drops and woke up in the morning with all the debris and heavy metals redistributed all over my head and a huge amount that felt like a huge ball in my back and lung area that caused severe pain. My eyes, nose and tongue were all bleeding. It was a scary place to be. I had no idea how powerful cilantro was and I had no idea how much mercury and debris I had that was deposited there.

I called my pharmacist and told him what happened and he sent me some triple malic acid with magnesium to help get rid of the redistributed debris. The taste of heavy metals was unreal. The debris almost choked me to death when it was released. I felt like someone poured a vat of glue over my head. I did not know how I was ever going to get this mess out of my connective tissues in my head.

I then heard about a machine for detox called "ion cleanse". People were reporting good results and there were no side effects or dangerous drugs to harm the body. I decided to purchase a unit and have been detoxing for one hour every other day since July, 2005. I have improved dramatically.

My food and environmental allergies are completely gone. The multiple chemical sensitivities are all gone as well. I had been on antibiotics for one year for an infection called mycoplasma fermentans incognitus. I have not been on any antibiotics for infection since the cavitation surgery was done in 2002. No sinus infections, no bladder infection, no urinary tract infections. My immune system has never been better in my whole life. I no longer need hormonal support and I have gained all my weight back I no longer have fibromalygia and it has been 8 years since I took the glyconutrients that helped detox and heal me.

I still suffer from fatigue because I still have heavy metal debris in the connective tissues of my head that I am detoxing. I still have a faint taste of heavy metals but that has greatly improved with detoxing. I expect to fully recover with further detoxing. J am not sure about how much damage has been done to my nervous system at this time. I had a blood volume test done at a Montreal hospital that revealed I had a 40% reduction in circulating blood cells and a 15% reduction in plasma volume. Mercury affects the red blood cells and the hypothalamus controls the blood volume and mercury affects the hypothalamus greatly. I intend to repeat this test when I am done detoxing and have recovered.

Two years ago, I could not drive my car or read because of concentration problems. I am now doing these things with no problem.

I want you to know that I lost my home and. all of my savings that I had worked so hard for all of my life under difficult circumstances. The cost of this illness is astronomical. I
am now on disability and unable to do the things I use to love, like dancing, skiing, and many others. There is absolutely no need for this to happen in this day and age.

In summary, the "Health Canada Position Statement" came out in 1996. I was not informed of the risk in 1997 when the full metal crown was placed that finally took me down. There are many dentists in Canada who do inform but the majority of them do not. I have called some of them in the city of Fredericton where I live and have been told it is a myth. Many people I have told about what happened to me have gone to their dentists and have been told the same and that there is not a problem with dental amalgam, even though Health Canada has issued a warning that has supposed to have been sent to all practicing dentists in Canada. The dentists in Canada are supposed to inform but they don't. There needs to be a complete ban on mercury amalgam. A dentist cannot tell if the person in his chair will get sick or not, that is why it must be banned, to protect those people who it most affects. There are many people I know that have the symptoms of mercury amalgam illness and do not know what is wrong with them. Doctors are not trained to recognize this illness. There are very good alternatives to mercury amalgam and it is not necessary to use it in this day and age.

I have given you a summary of what I have suffered, the story is much too long to go into now. Family relationships suffer as well because they do not understand the scope of this illness.

My life has been ruined by mercury amalgam. There is no need to ruin other lives as well. Please ban mercury amalgam because informed consent is not working in Canada for children or adults. If this happened to someone in your family or to yourself you would feel the same.

Mercury and heavy metals do not belong in the mouth and body and there is scientific evidence to prove this point. I don't know why this is so hard to get, you don't have to be very intelligent to figure this out and I am expecting those in charge to do something about this terrible problem.

Thank you for reviewing my story and I hope this will help you make a decision to ban mercury amalgam that desperately needs to be made in the US and Canada as well as other countries.


From cdsapi
The Global Research article below deserves some very deep reflection.
Cdsapi’s Added Comment:

We are living with an illusion of freedom, of privacy, of independence, of democracy, of being in control of one’s life and body. Too many people still think “It can’t happen here!”

The reality is that we continue to incrementally surrender every personal freedom to regulatory dictates in the name of “Police Protection”. Few people have realized that “WHOEVER PROPECTS ONE COMPLETELY also OWNS ONE COMPLETELY”.

Incremental implementation of “total control” and the art of clever brainwashing into acceptance and compliance, using a combination of “the carrot” and “the stick” has obscured and camouflaged the real unfolding agenda.

Non are as imprisoned as those who believe that they are free while they maneuver within the secured confines of a carefully guarded fence with closed gates.

Coming from a farm on which herds of animals were “controlled”, we learned early the advisability of understanding “herd psychology” when herding cattle. Whenever possible, one used “a lure” – and they would come into the fenced coral all by themselves, running after a perceived benefit. The cattle never suspected that they were being corralled to be milked, fleeced, or culled – for the farmer’s benefit. Non suspected that they were being led to their own slaughter.

Every farmer knew that he would not get the desired results if he suddenly spoofed the herd too quickly – so slow and easy, one step at a time, did the trick.

Without realizing it, the population has allowed itself to be manipulated into regulatory serfdom, where law after law – all with “safety, protection and security” cleverly headlined in the title – determines the legal parameters of every move, thought, attitude and decision of the individual - where noncompliance can have the consequence of suddenly looking down the loaded gun-barrels of swat-team raiders.

The concept of Big Brother worries me deeply. However I am even more alarmed at the fact that such large segments of the population have philosophically accepted this regulatory, totally controlled serfdom, mislead into believing the lies of “benefit and protection”.

My mind recalls the wisdom inherent in our childhood rhymes: “Come into my parlor” said the spider to the fly. (And everyone knows what happened to the fly once caught in the web!)

From Dee Nicholson []
Article on Global warming by Galen D. Knight, PhD.... with some logical connection of dots that perhaps
we didn't notice before....!!!


Here's the article I wrote to the Sierra Club to emphasize the seriousness of what we are doing to the planet:

The real problem being glossed over in "An Inconvenient Truth" is that we are burning our OXYGEN to power our
homes, businesses, military, and automobiles with the non-renewable fossil fuels. Thus, in producing the greenhouse gasses like CO2, oxygen ("O") is being depleted at twice the rate that carbon-based fossil fuels are being burned ("C" as in coal), and that is not counting the extra oxygen disappearing as H2O from the burning of "hydro"carbons (gasoline and diesel), the very water byproduct from combustion that also contributes pathologically to the water levels in rising oceans.

By analyzing the bubbles produced by insects flopping around in sticky tree sap that eventually became amber,
scientists reportedly have discovered that the atmosphere in the time of the dinosaurs was probably about 33% oxygen.
Even now, the average person cannot breathe on Everest, for very long, so the thin band of breathable oxygen around
our earth is becoming scarce, even at what once was sea level, and is now underwater, and as the higher atmospheres
decline in content precipitously as both, the oxygen and its regeneration capacity, are depleted, just like these governmental links are being taken down that too graphically illustrate the problems:

Validation of previous governmental link:

I standardized to atmospheric oxygen @ 20% (at The University of Texas at Austin in the late '70s and early '80s), but
that was before Austin became the sprawling metropolis it is today. There were reports, even back then, that high
altitude, polluted cities can drop to only 12-15% oxygen, and perhaps even lower when thermal inversions trap the
polluted "and depleted" air. I know for a fact that one can kill laboratory rodents, humanely, by putting them in an
atmosphere of 30% oxygen that also contains 70% CO2. They simply go to sleep, with a still deceptively rosy
glow (mimicking oxygenated hemoglobin) in their cheeks, and they never wake up again! Now don't you feel
like an oppressed ethnic group being gassed to death in a global Nazi gas chamber?

What happens when we've burned too much oxygen (in our "fossil-fuels-insanity") to survive, and oxygen cannot be
replaced because of deforestation, drought, and the loss of corals and algae worldwide that would otherwise be
replenishing oxygen in our ecosystems? The oceans' dead zones reportedly increased 34% last year (attached). The
oxygen depletions are widely known consequences of our rising and more nutrient-diluted oceans, caused by global
warming, in which the sunlight and other nutrients are becoming too dispersed to sustain these essential, oxygen- and
life-giving components of our global ecosystem. This is being compounded by the mercury and other metal and
chemical contaminations of our environment that poisons life in our oceans, just as it poisons our bodies.

Chemically, when we get close to running out of enough oxygen, we will start producing more "CO" (carbon monoxide)
in our fossil-fuel-burns, instead of the usual, more recyclable CO2 (carbon dioxide), the "CO" being far more deadly to
us, personally, than the more common greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide), because "CO" poisons the ability of our
hemoglobulin to carry what little oxygen is left through our blood to our tissues. In other words, any die-off of the human
species from burning fossil fuels will be far more precipitous than now predicted, through this "CO" mechanism. Already,
a thermal inversion has been reported to have killed thousands in London, UK, and entire villages in Africa were wiped
out by earthquakes that loosed CO2 from the sediments in nearby lakes, causing a river of deadly and heavier-than-air
carbon dioxide to flow down through the villages, suffocating and killing everyone!!

Want to know the insidious thing about human nature that must be changed? When the alert goes out that we've burned so much oxygen in our cars that there is not enough to sustain human life in our high altitude, polluted cities, everyone living therein will jump into their cars to get themselves and their families "the hell out of town", and everyone will be suffocated with the resulting "CO" as they sit idling in the resulting massive traffic jams on the freeways, gassing themselves to death like the proverbial lemmings marching into the sea, a sea of deadly, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gas. No doubt
some will slip into oblivion, and perhaps extinction, while hugging their loved ones and listening to the lyrics "....paved
paradise and put up a parking lot......" on their autos' radios that will still be running on battery. Hmmmmm. Makes one
think of batteries, and hydrogen fuels that also generates (replenishes) oxygen to make the hydrogen fuel from water, and even fuel cells that burn hydrogen to regenerate pure water instead of the current trend of depleting pure water, doesn't it?

Ever wonder why Albuquerque already has "no-burn days"? Are our officials really worried about too much pollution....or
not enough oxygen? Who pays for the mass murders of whole cities by asphyxiation, besides the residents....with their
lives? Feeling as energetic as a lumbering dinosaur lately? Did you know that you need oxygen to burn food for
"energy"? Did you know that Otto Warburg got the Nobel prize in 1931 for showing that cancer cells flourish in the
absence of oxygen, and that cancer doesn't do well at all in its presence?

From Phil Segrave []
The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases

There are 200 species of Mycoplasma. Most are innocuous and do no harm; only four or five are pathogenic. Mycoplasma fermentans (incognitus strain) probably comes from the nucleus of the Brucella bacterium. This disease agent is not a bacterium and not a virus; it is a mutated form of the Brucella bacterium, combined with a visna virus, from which the mycoplasma is extracted.

From Phil Segrave []
The logistics and expense of waging a world wide spraying mission must be tremendous. I have seen chemtrails in photos from all over the world and in films not covering the subject. There are reports many pilots are discovering disease symptoms some time after being exposed to the residues too. I can imagine most of them are being mislead about the toxicity risk and some do not care because the money is so good.

How terrible to lose Don, especially after moving to such a peaceful locale you both were enjoying together. I know Don knew what a wonderful partner he had before the end and he knew what a great blessing you were to him. Not many wife's would or could take years to write such a wonderful book about his life and his unnessessary death because of medical incompetence.


...'Evidence collected for over a decade reveals that chemtrails are used for at least seven functions, including weather control and military applications, and are comprised of a wide variety of harmful ingredients. They commonly include aluminium and barium, which are toxic to both humans and to the environment. They may include radioactive thorium, desiccated red blood cells, dangerous pathogens, including Mycoplasma Fermentens Incognitus, plus mold spores, ethylene dibromide, and self-replicating nanotubes that cause Morgellon’s disease, which according to researcher Clifford Carnicom’s findings, now contaminate virtually everyone.'...

infowars link


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