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From cdsapi
Before you enter the VACCINE DEBATE, take the time to study these statistical data charts. Attached as two PDFs and also available at

Dr. Obamsawin was hired by the UN to evaluate the effectiveness of its WHO’s vaccine programs in the Third World. They expected him to give them an “overwhelming endorsation”. When his report came to a diametrically opposite conclusion, they refused to publish his report and tried to bury it.. Subsequently, Dr. Obamsawin’s report was published independently.
No honest scientist producing honest data survives the wrath of the Vaccine/Medical Establishment!

Cdsapi’s Added Comment: There is an “agenda” and it is not “health”.
Billions of taxpayer dollars continue to be squandered on a vaccination program that statistics clearly show has decreased the overall level of health in the children subjected to this “assault on the immune system”. It is not only ineffective against the diseases being targeted, but has caused an exponential increase in lifelong degenerative diseases, especially neurological and immunological disorders. The earlier in an infant’s life these toxic vaccines are injected, the more pronounced the neurological and immunological damage, in addition to other chronic degenerative diseases.
The evidence is consistent and unequivocal – but remains “officially DENIED”, and the Vaccine Mania not only continues, but is being propagandized and exponentially increased.
The mantra now is “A Vaccine for every ill”.
No scientist or physician who dares to expose the truth in conscience can escape the inevitable scorn and wrath of this “Establishment of Pseudoscience” that operates on “Science by Declaration”, independent of any validating facts.
Attached are two pdf files that clearly document the statistical data, and the inevitable conclusions.
There is no more insidiously dangerous tyranny than mandated medical tyranny – it is a tyranny against there since no escape from the inevitable consequences - it is a tyranny that takes control over a person’s body, hence his/her life/health/death.
If uninformed (or bought) politicians FORCE parents to subject their children to these programs, they must be held accountable for the devastating deaths and destroyed lives. The corporations that make billions from these vaccines must not be permitted to escape liability through a loophole of “government exemption from liability”. “Denial of damage” does NOT constitute nonexistence of damage. Public Health Officials that MANDATE these vaccines must also be held accountable for any resulting damage.
(Example – in the USA, there are recorded at least 94 “documented” cases of DEATH (many more hidden under other diagnostic labels) from the vaccine Gardasil and tens of thousands more maimed for life - and yet no one is being held accountable, or the deaths even being acknowledged - and this vaccine is still being mandated and inflicted on innocent, uniformed young girls, and is being expanded to include young boys.
It is a Genetically Engineered vaccine, and therefore has no relevance to existing natural viruses. So what is the agenda? If this devastation were to be caused by a “disease outbreak”, it would be on the news media 24/7 – with a call for immediate intervention and remediation. But the silence remains deafening! It has been explained that some deaths and destroyed lives from vaccines are “inevitable collateral damage” – and apparently, that some people must be considered “expendable” for the “greater good” of “the herd”..
(Did you take note that when the H1N1 Flu vaccine was mandated for Europe, the politicians, public health personnel, etc. and their families were Exempted in the “Order”. When this was discovered, it blew the lid off this vaccine program in Europe.)
As the vaccine program continues to expand exponentially, to ever lower ages, we are witnessing an exponential destruction of health in our youngest generation – and potentially also in future generations. At no time in our history have so many children suffered from so many debilitating neurological, immunological and degenerative diseases, formerly almost nonexistent in young people. And statistically, this increase parallels the increase in the number of toxic vaccines injected into ever-younger infants. But still the “mantra” stands.
Before you dismiss these comments as “off the wall”, I suggest that you read these two attached pdf documents very carefully.
Hopefully it will lead you to investigate further and to dismiss the propagandizing vaccine Pied Pipers, letting your intellect and conscience dictate. Protect our children from medical tyranny!
Please make sure that your politicians and all authorities and medical people who blindly implement these vaccine programs get these data charts.

From Phil Segrave

Comment: The world needs to see clearly who and what the real enemies of peace and freedom are. The following information is crucial and must be distributed in order to realize that objective. This book illustrates why the Occupy Wall Street movement must become the Occupy World movement.

Pascal Roussel's novel, Divina Insidia - The Divine Trap, would make one hell of a movie, KILL THE BANK:


Belgium author Pascal Roussel, 45, is well placed to explain the financial turmoil convulsing the world. By day, he works in the Financial Risk Dept.of the European Investment Bank in Luxemburg.

No, he is not an Illuminati banker but a mere functionary. But he does not take his position lightly. For the last ten years, he has been studying the Illuminati conspiracy and has made contact with insiders. The result is a novel, "Divina Insidia - The Divine Trap," which explains the Illuminati conspiracy to the incredulous, and contains new insights and nuggets of information for old hands.

Most important, Roussel presents the conspiracy in a simple and plausible way, throwing our collective predicament into frightening relief.

From Eileen Dannemann

Dr. Burzynski has found the cure for cancer. He practices in Texas. The US government has attempted to indict him more than 5 times since 1976. Persecuted at the hands of the FDA with its long arm to the Texas Medical Board, Dr. Burzynski has withstood ALL challenges and continues to save lives today.

From Dee Nicholson
Free, Peer-Reviewed Nutritional Medicine Information Online
No Evidence, Eh?
(OMNS, Oct 3, 2011) Many of our readers have written to say that when they try to talk to their physician about using nutritional medicine, the subject is promptly dismissed. Furthermore, such dismissal is often accompanied with doctor statements such as, "I have not seen any good research showing that vitamins work therapeutically."
That your doctor has not seen the research is probably true. However, the research has been there all along. The problem is that many health practitioners are often too busy, and sometimes too complacent, to look for it.
It is time to change that. Here are some highly-reliable orthomolecular resources online, for free access.
• 34 years of peer-reviewed research articles on therapeutic nutrition, including intravenous vitamin C and cancer: or
• Instructional videos for doctors on why and how to use intravenous vitamin C: . These are also on YouTube at and
• 41 years of nutrition therapy papers (nearly 500 of them) from the peer-reviewed Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine: The archive is easily searchable.
• Peer-reviewed vitamin C research papers from 1935 to 1999: Clicking the link in the "subject" index will bring up a title listing by decade (yes, there are that many articles). Then, clicking the title link in the decade listing will bring up the full text paper.
• The complete 7-year Orthomolecular Medicine News Service archive of over 100 peer-reviewed articles:
You see the phrase "peer-reviewed" above so often because it shows that orthomolecular medicine is well-established as safe and effective. If your doctor still believes that somehow it is not, s/he is behind the times.
And speaking of doctors, another request readers frequently write in with is, "Can you help me find an orthomolecular nutrition doctor near where I live?" OMNS has previously addressed this question, and here is the link to a number of helpful directories:


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