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From Dee Nicholson

From Susan
Hello, Susan -
I just saw your post about SANE Vax -
Exactly - there is no such thing as safe, affordable, effective and necessary vaccines. We all know that.

I am a SANE Vax board member - and we chose a name and a mission that would not threaten professionals, researchers, and medical consumers who are just start to question the vaccine issue. Plus we positioned our organization with a name and a mission statement that the government, Pharma and the Paul Offitt's of the world could not declare as part of of the 'anti-vaccine cult.'

Brilliant marketing strategy don't you think?

People are resonating with it because we have had hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site in less than 15 months - averaging 20,000 plus a month - including 109 out of 124 countries in the world - and we have been translated into 76 languages.

I think the strategy worked.

And we will be getting Gardasil off the market and that will open the door for the fall of other vaccines.

Kind regards,


Leslie Carol Botha
Health Educator, Author, Broadcast Journalist
Vice-President Public Relations SANE Vax Inc.

Honestly Leslie, if you are concerned with how threatened professionals will feel after they hear the truth about vaccines, then you have no concept of how to respectfully represent the growing truth movement relating to vaccines. You are playing both sides and the time and place for this type of double talk is long gone when it comes to educating people about vaccinations.

I commend your marketing strategy but not your morality. You have chosen the path of political acceptance to sacrifice the truth of what vaccines truly represent to humanity.

I have a great deal of respect for the people on this network because they will uphold their belief systems at all costs, regardless of hits to their websites or international attention. Why? Because our belief systems represent our truth and we don’t back down to satisfy conventional thinking. That takes commitment through honour, courage, strength and a high sense of morality to follow through with that commitment despite what the mainstream engine wants us to say or do. Most of us will not negotiate our values and we certainly will not conciliate in exchange for fame or to position a strategy.

Unfortunately, the same cannot obviously be said for your initiatives at SANE Vax. There will be only one non-ideological movement that will prosper in the coming years and its foundation is not being built on what you are representing. It is being built on strong value systems based on fundamental rights and freedom that will not be negotiated because somebody feels threatened or unsatisfied with its tone or presence.

Don’t you not realize that people will eventually look back at what you said, what you did and why you did it? Do you think a “marketing strategy” will suffice as an honourable justification or concession to those inquiring minds? If you are truthfully in opposition to your own mission statement, how long to plan on keeping up with this charade?

Enjoy the current hype you are experiencing with your website. I can guarantee it will not last unless you dramatically change your tune, especially in the next few years.

Incidentally, we had posted one or two articles on mentioning your work, however I can definitively state that after receiving your email, they will be the last mention on our website.

Susan McHilley

Oh, my heavens I am so sorry to have offended you like this.
I have years of marketing experience and use it with integrity.....

We are educating people about vaccines by posting the science and research as well as global articles and what other organizations are doing.....
but we are trying to do this to show people our point that there are no safe, affordable etc. vaccines.

How can any vaccine even meet that requirement if they are filled with adjuvants and preservatives and if they are being used for
hidden, insidious agendas. We will never know if vaccines are safe until that happens. 'Green vaccines' - Jenny McCarthy and others have called for the same thing.....

Perhaps we should have chosen that name - 'green vaccines' it rhymes.....but there is no research to date that they work either....because of the obvious.....however, there is plenty of research to show why vaccines are not 'SANE'

People can make their own decisions....however, medical consumers need to realize that if a vaccine or medication/drug is not safe, affordable, necessary or effective - we do not need it and we will not buy it.

That is the message that we want to convey and we believe that is the message being heard.

I am sorry that this organization's name is offensive to you.

But I am glad to know.

You do great work and we need to be aligned in our efforts in educating consumers.

Kind regards,


Leslie Carol Botha
Health Educator, Author, Broadcast Journalist
Vice-President Public Relations SANE Vax Inc.

Your organization’s name is not offensive and I never stated that it was, but your mission statement certainly is, especially coming from an organization claiming to educate the public about vaccines.

And how can you claim this….
“but we are trying to do this to show people our point that there are no safe, affordable etc. vaccines.”
when your mission statement clearly states the opposite. Something is very wrong here.

This is your mission statement. “The Sane Vax Mission is to promote Safe, Affordable, Necessary & Effective vaccines and vaccination practices through education and information.” Am I misrepresenting this statement in any way, shape or form?

We need to be aligned in informing the public on the facts about vaccines, not piddle paddling around basic truths. That doesn’t mean we have to aggressively state that vaccines are fundamentally biological weapons, but it does mean that we have to unequivocally state that NO vaccine is safe, NO vaccine is effective and NO vaccine will ever be necessary.

It is so simple Leslie, yet you are turning it into something that is terribly complicated. The KISS principle certainly applies here.

Susan McHilley

From Susan
Came across this today…there isn’t too much in this “story” that is accurate. Does your site fact check articles or does it cater to opinion pieces? I see that all the sources are from activist groups with a cause so I guess that explains the slant/perspective which is fine, but I would still think there would be some basis in fact for the assertions.

Happy to discuss if you are interested. I did respond online too. Monsanto is not working on sterile seed technology which is one type of genetic use restriction technology (GURTs), nor do we have a commercial seed product that contains such technology. As far as I am aware based on my knowledge it is a research concept at this stage and there is no seed company that has commercialized sterile seed technology.

My dear, you clearly have no concept of what Monsanto’s history is, what they have done and what technology they and their subsidiaries presently own. If you did, you either would not have responded with such ridiculous statements or would not work for Monsanto all together.

Very close relations between Monsanto, DeltaPine (formerly Delta & Pine Land) and the USDA are no longer disputed. In the early 80’s DeltaPine joined with the USDA to develop Terminator seeds. The patent was granted in 1998 to DeltaPine (and partially USDA) covering species of plant and seed.

Until 1995, Dr. Nam-Hai Chua was a key scientific member of DeltaPine and he was also a scientific consultant to Monsanto. Chua’s work on terminator seeds was integral for their development. DeltaPine is now global and promoting the suicide seeds with the influential corporate and financial powers of Monsanto. Do you require further education on this?

The fact that Monsanto is troweling through the internet for information they consider damaging to their reputation, and the fact that the Public and Industry Affairs Director (of all people) is sending personal emails to sway opinion on Monsanto’s malicious initiatives…well that’s a sure sign of a company who is clearly concerned about public opinion and protecting vested interests, however misdirected and colluded they may be.

I encourage you to review the following article and scroll directly to the segment on compartmentalization and control. This is how you are controlled at Monsanto and given directives only on a need to know basis. This is how you are marginalized and made to follow a role that leads you to question the public about their concerns about Monsanto instead of looking within where the source of the problem resides.

The best advice I can give you is firstly to do your homework before emailing anybody who clearly has more facts than a public affairs director @ Monsanto. Secondly, quit your position at Monsanto and do something worthy for humanity, yourself and your family because you are certainly on the opposite side of this evolving planet and its inhabitants who are striving for health freedom, not imprisonment.

Susan McHilley


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