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From Dee
The police in this country, and the authorities who command them, are getting completely out of hand, as they are elsewhere. They have lost the concept of "serving and protecting" and now attack like salivating dogs, without concern for those they are abusing with their power.
Canadians should be ashamed to allow people like these over-the-top cops to use such tactics against those with legitimate protests. This is not who our police are supposed to be. When the innocent are physically injured at the hands of police, it should be a rarity and a much-regretted occurrence... but it is not. We see the police circling the wagons, and know that the whitewash is about to begin.

It will be highly instructive to watch what flows from the charges against G20 officers and commanders: not nearly enough of them were slated to be charged, and not nearly enough of the recorded abuses resulted in charges.

Enough. Don't these abusive officers have families and children? Would they support their own children being handled this way because they chose to state their beliefs? What would their wives or significant others say about them shooting rubber bullets at protesters and taking out their eyes? Putting them in comas? Breaking their bones? For speaking out????


If you live next door to a cop, what does he or she have to say about this? Perhaps it's time we asked the rank and file to stand with the people they are to protect and serve, instead of the policies that turn our police into trained attack dogs.

From Dee
Docs told to report anyone who uses chelation

It's one of the greatest medical miracles of the 20th century -- but if the mainstream has its way, it's going to be snatched right out of your doctor's hands.

Chelation therapy is the single best cure for everything from heart disease to dementia. It WORKS -- but the mainstream hates it because in addition to being highly effective, it's dirt cheap.

So naturally, they're pulling every dirty trick in the book to make sure YOU can't get it.

At a recent meeting of the American College of Medical Toxicology held on government property, doctors were told to spy on their fellow doctors and RAT THEM OUT when they use chelation.

It's like the bad old days of the Soviet Union... but right here in the USSA.

The crazy thing about this is I don't know what the spy-doctors are supposed to report -- because chelation therapy isn't some banned treatment done in secret underground clinics.

It's legal and even FDA-approved for the removal of toxic heavy metals. And in addition to helping to rid your body of proven disease-causing metals such as lead, chelation can break up the calcium deposits clogging your arteries.

Like I said, it's practically a miracle, especially since it's also perfectly safe.

Well, safe for YOU anyway.

For your doctor, not so much -- because he's clearly now the target of an unofficial witch hunt... and you can bet this is just the first salvo in a much bigger battle.

According to the Alliance for Natural Health, both the FDA and the Federation of State Medical Boards sent representatives to this meeting. That's a sure sign something's afoot here -- possibly a backdoor ban on chelation.

That's when a treatment is legal and even approved by the feds, but doctors are forbidden from using it anyway. In the state of Kentucky, for example, doctors who even discuss chelation with their patients could lose their license.

Could your state be next? Do you even have to ask?


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