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From Dee Nicholson []
November 25, 2010
'The following is a list of U.S Senators and the Bribes (I mean campaign contributions) that these Senators received from Special Interest Groups to either support or oppose S.510 - The FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act. I have listed the names of the Senators, the Party and State, and the amount of Special Interest Bribes (I mean campaign contributions) that they received.'

From Dee Nicholson []
November 25, 2010
Iris Scan & Fingerprints Substituted For TSA Screening - BlackListed News
wrh says:
I wonder if this is the TRUE reason for the TSA outrages we are suffering? Are they trying to condition us to accept this desired outcome as a welcome relief FROM porno groping and scanning?

From Dee Nicholson []
November 22, 2010
Bravo, Jeremy!!
Forward widely.... this is the K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid) version of what C-36 is all about....
NOW... add to what Jeremy says, extend into the future just a wee bit.....
The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with the EU is in its draft stage, and has been referred to as "NAFTA on steroids" because its controls extend from the federal to the municipal levels and everything in between. The EU has Food Safety Directives (there's that word "safety" again... indicating that they're gonna give us those rules "for the good of the population") which have been active since 2005 and are just as bad as Codex Alimentarius. In addition, this coming April, the new Traditional Herbal Medicines Product Directives will come into play in conjunction with the EUFSD... effectively banning all herbal medicines, including those of Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicines.
Via Bill C-36's backdoor clause, and the CETA trade agreement, Canada's natural health industry is UNDER GREATER THREAT from the EUFSD than it is from the unfinished and unratified Codex Alimentarius guidelines.... this threat, with the passage of Bill C-36, becomes IMMINENT.
In addition, despite the fact that manufacturers of natural health products have had to pay exorbitant fees to get their products to market (approvals, site licences, etc.), if the EUFSD come into effect in Canada, prior approvals under Canadian law will be IRRELEVANT... and many of the products which have Health Canada approval will find themselves in flagrant violation of the EUFSD.... notwithstanding what monies have already been collected by Health Canada.

I offer this to Canada with love .
Jeremy Arney

If you don't like what you see or hear do something about it instead of complaining.

Have computer - will write

From Dee Nicholson []
November 22, 2010
JUST SAY NO.... they cannot deal with all the people all the time, we already know this....

In France, people are organizing to withdraw their money from the banks on November 7th. Eric Canton correctly sees the banks at the apx of the power structure and says we must bring the banks down to create the bloodless revolution. See Eric at

I think this is an idea that has to go viral and be taken up by everyone.

HANMI...and the logical frank.
with respect, let us begin...
in our mat work, either at the dojo or the wujo (place where the path to enlightenment using woo-woo is practiced), we must begin with respect. We will come back to this. Always. Respect for ourselves. For universe. And for our opponents...our partners in contention.
Today is Monday, November 15th, 2010.
It rains outside the woo-jo. Some rains are more natural than others.
Manifesting circumstance today revealed the [logical frank] to (now) over 60% of the forecast linguistics. The individual placed before us by universe is Eric Cantona, a very logical frenchman indeed. With his appearance we have significant levels of fulfillment for the March 2010 forecast for the duo of the [wild colleen] and [logical frank] temporal markers. Hmm...two personalities previously postulated present themselves promptly as presciently perceived. My, what could it mean?
Weeeeeelllll... it might, just might, mean that the planetary populace popular revolution is unfolding just as universe and linguistics have indicated these past years. Or not... wait and see. But be sure to visit the link above (leads to a Youtube video) and have a listen to Mssr. Cantona present his position precisely. And, unlike some amongst us, briefly. Also english subtitles.
These two personalities forecast so many months back as temporal markers will be able to be seen as a shining iridium band separating strata of history in the sands of time. But of course, not now. Today's perception is clouded by emotional turmoil caused in large part by in built brain functions with our 'R-complex' (or, as we humans acknowledge...the 'reptilian' part). Our response to pending pressures and mental turmoil is 'instinctive' retreat to the 'R-complex' where 'fight or flight' is easily man-i-pulated by the 'e-lites' (please note sarcasm here) to suit their purposes.
But it need not be that way. The aikidoka trains the body in order to train the mind. In training the mind to experience harmony with universe in contention (conflict/battle), the aikidoka trains it to *stay out of the R(eptilian) -complex* other words, the aikidoka trains the mind to 'remain human' in spite of the pressures of confrontation. And thus is revealed why aikido is a 'way' and not merely a collection of killing techniques.
And it is in the 'way', the 'do' that the aspirant finds enlightenment. The side benefit provided by universe is that along that 'way', one gets to meet their (universal) brothers and sisters, whom also act as manifesting circumstance in demonstrating universe commitment to life and the arts of peace.
Today i met my new brother, Eric Cantona.
Welcome Eric, to our common planetary mat. Your aiki arts aptly express proper position prior to engagement. Your 'hanmi' (frequently translated as 'proper distance' yet meaning actually 'foot') is very strong.
And Eric is precisely correct. What does it mean to demonstrate in these days? Nothing. Demonstrations in the streets are for the deluded. They lead to unnecessary violence, and place energies out in universe that accomplish nothing except to further the aims of the oppressors.
Humans need to remain centered in the now, as humans, and to take effective action from a human perspective. We engage and remove the oppressive system not by trying to bludgeon it down, but by deflating it. Simple human actions can cripple collective systems easily.
Remove money, et viola! Poof. Gone are the banks, and the banksters who ran them. And the politicians they bribed...and the bullies they
Have a politician acting out in-human agenda? Merely line the corridors where the politician must pass, and then, with no violence, but with big KI, everyone stare and clap in simple as that. Politician's little R(eptilian) complex brain goes into short circuit over the social censure since these creatures suck emotional energies to live. Deprive them of that...and more bad behavior...until they are caught we humans recognize that the scum will always attempt to rise and cover the pond. And politicians by their nature will always be easily led astray by TPTB (the powers that be [or were?]).
Such is harmony with the way things actually work in manifesting universe translated as effective, human revolution. Note the human part.
Bravo Eric Cantona. Merci mon frer.
i am a good baker. Someday perhaps we can share strong coffee, bread, and pie....and tell stories about the great adventure we now live.

From Susan
November 22, 2010
>>>>>>> Susan's comments >>>>>>>>
####### Phil's Comments #########

##########In my 'rational exuberance', I should remain silent while my image is held in respect by you both and quit pounding on this consciousness convergence issue while I am ahead, but I am compelled to proceed in my personal quest for truth by advancing my stated reservations regarding this subject. We are allies with common interests and I do pray your perspectives are correct because it would make me very relieved and because the issue is not about who is right or who is wrong; the truth remains the truth whether we believe it or not. So allow me to qualify my following remarks by saying my intention is not to persuade you to adjust your opinions or bring your convictions into doubt; rather my motive is to only present questions that have not been resolved to my satisfaction at this time.

In the interest of time, I shall be briefly submit my questions in a very unscholarly format:

1- All this speculation about universal waves of consciousness convergence seems to be predicated on forces emanating from or based on physiological phenomena. Therefore, if that assumption is correct, it would mean life is dependent upon cosmic cycles rather than spiritual manifestations. If life (human consciousness) is dependent upon cosmic cycles (coming in waves), it would mean ascending evolution of harmonic values would be not only dependent on physiological phenomena but also reversible at some point because of it's cyclic nature.##############

>>>>>>Iím in agreement here but donít see how your are connecting this to a question. Yes, much of the way life has evolved on earth (at least in terms of climate and geographical changes) has been based on cosmic cycles. Consciousness can be guided by physiological phenomena due to changes in the receiver/transmitter configuration of our DNA, however the changes we are undergoing are both physical and energetic, so of course anything is reversible depending on the cyclic nature of earth but this is where we are at this point in time. Humans used to have 12 strands of DNA and now we are evolving back to this level. Entities reprogrammed our genetic code hundreds of thousands if not millions of years ago to manipulate and control human populations. This was all part of the game. Alien entities are all playing role whether we see them as evil or not. Humanity is learning to short circuit alien commands in our DNA so that we may expand to full consciousness.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

#############2- Dr. Calleman basis his theories of consciousness convergence on scientific studies of the Mayan calendar. It is important not to forget that the Mayan intellectual elites ruled an enslaved population with bloody cruelty. As a demographic group, the Mayan elite would be the last source to seek academic verification of life on earth evolving into a state of Nirvana. (Also, it is interesting to note that Dr. Calleman works as a cancer expert for the WHO).##############

>>>>>>>>>>Not to dismiss this statement, but I think you are reading too much into this Phil. The fact that Calleman worked as a cancer expert for the WHO is irrelevant and I donít think the fact that the Mayans were elite rulers is significant in this discussion. That is par for the course during that time period and the majority of elite rulers enslaved their populations 2-4000 years ago.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>You have to realize that what is happening here is far beyond one expertís opinion or even that of an entire civilization such as the Mayans. Millions of human beings on the planet right now are experiencing and have experienced change. Some know it very well and others are slowly catching up. This is empirical evidence of change and not something that has been manipulated. Think about how much your thought patterns (regarding your awakening) have changed from just 5 years ago and how they are exponentially changing by the month. Do you think that is a coincidence? Your body is undergoing massive changes as a fully awakened being as a result of hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes here on earth. This is the climax and you are ascending like everybody else, and it has little or nothing to do with Calleman, the Mayans or any other human. This is the universe responding to the game we are playing and our time to be fully awakened has arrived.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

#############(Carl Johan Calleman has a Ph. D. In Physical Biology from the University of Stockholm and has been a Senior Researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle and a cancer expert for the WHO. He is the author of The Purposeful Universe (Inner Traditions, 2009) a book that presents a new theory of biological evolution based on the Cosmic Tree of Life. He currently teaches at the online International Metaphysical University (
He held his first talk with the mention of the end of the Mayan calendar in 1979 and is the only professional scientist to have studied the meaning of the Mayan calendar (many professional Mayanists have studied the calendar as such, but not its reality basis in biological and historical evolution).
Excellent report on the technical aspects of the Mayan calendar:
Incidentally, I believe the Mayan, Pharoahic Egyptians, Sumerians, ancient Indian and Chinese culture, etc., ruling elites advanced knowledge and ruthless value systems all emanated from the same point of origin. They all shared the same penchant for building similar massive stone structures with 'spiritual' conotations on cosmic leylines according to sacred geometric principles.

3- The ruling elites from Europe during the Mayan conquests in the 1400's and later, tried to sequester all manuscripts of the Mayan version of this ancient knowledge, but fortunately they did not get all of them. But still, both the Mayan and the European rulers wanted to keep the knowledge secret from their populations. Why? Not because it prophetically predicted relief was coming from their autocratic rule by the forces of nature, because for what purpose or to what advantage would keeping that knowledge secret be if the rulers were powerless to stop it?
Power came from control of this knowledge. #############

>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Mayans had an incredible foundation of knowledge that seemed to be absent throughout many civilizations in the world. Every human being on earth has and has had programming from previous lifetimes with the same knowledge the Mayans obtained so keeping such information secret was an exercise in futility. In reality, there are no secrets. You know (just as all humans do) everything there is to know about the universe since you are a sovereign being with infinite consciousness. You know all that is. This veil on earth simply prevents us from recognizing and remembering this. It is all part of our learning experience.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

###############In the last video 'The Religion of The New World Order and the 2012 Olympics' posted on my channel:
visionary researcher Rik Clay advanced the theory that thoughts create reality, consciousness controls matter and Utopia or catastrophy could be manisfested by our own pychic energy. Clay also went further by alledging that the NWO current day ruling elites were attempting to hi-jack this process by using occult symbols and staging terrorist events as the great cosmic re-allignment proceeds according to the Mayan calendar because the same theory applies: Universal waves of consciousness convergence seems to be predicated on forces emanating from or based on physiological phenomena.###############

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The hi-jacking of the consciousness movement is failing miserably. It is earthís and human consciousness that will dictate how we proceed. It is now completely out of the hands of any group trying to manipulate an opposing force to what now is earthís path. It cannot be stopped. The universal waves of consciousness are stemming from energetic phenomena far more than physiological. That is why trans-dimensional beings have always been in a constant war on earth to shift our perspectiveÖthat shift is now shifting dramatically towards consciousness convergence.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

##########Based on the Mayan cosmic clock, if the preceeding postulation is true, it does not negate the fact that any beneficial developments in the human psyche is relatively temporal at best because of it's cyclic nature.###########

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>All events in 3rd density are temporal and cyclic. That is the state of the 3rd dimension but it is also what we are moving beyond now to experience the 4th and 5th in time.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

From: Phil Segrave []

I hope your optimistic assessment is 100% correct, but it is too early for me to sign on. A few other of my respected and valued friends believe humanity is entering a universal age of harmonic consciousness (a la Mayan 2012 prophecies), but I take a more pragmatic viewpoint that the conflict between good and evil is eternal.

It is difficult to ascertain if the 2009 swine flu hoax was aborted because of exposure by alternative media and grassroots activism, or if it was just a beta test for things to come. I do know that the logistics and legal framework is still in place for a 'false flag' medical martial law operation to be activated. I am just now preparing an email alert on that subject.

Noted Freemason leader, mystic and historian, Colonel Albert Pike, with great hubris, published in the late 1800's a document foretelling the first, second and third world wars and also provided the characteristics of the combatants. He was right about the first two, because he knew that those who control the world's wealth control the future. While these emperors behind the scenes are still in power, the world is at great risk of experiencing the final third war.

From: Mary

All this is true, and was planned for real. Key: was. My understanding now is that all of this has been cancelled because the darks are just about gone, the ones left are in chaos because their agenda has been just about fully thwarted, and some of their underlings have come over to the good guys side. Their whole centuries/millenia old plan is shot to pieces. They were told this in the 90s and did not believe such would ever happen, so just steamed forward as usual, but have now been pretty much derailed.

I see more and more each day in the little bit of news I get, showing this change. Things are being exposed and reported that never would have seen the light of day if all was "normal" as had been planned.

I know you may not agree and may not see what I see, and that is ok. Everyone is right where they belong and things are moving forward in perfect divine order. That is what I am 100% sure of.

From: "Phil Segrave"

How close did we come during the 2009 WHO pandemic hoax? How much are we a risk of forced vaccinations now?

Listen to one whistleblower who was trained to 'evacuate' us out of our homes and to force vaccinate us if ordered to do so.

Let's not forget that the vaccine producers file for patents on H1N1 flu vaccines over a year before the pandemic and European commissions are investigating financial conflict of interest links between WHO health officials and vaccine producers.

From Phil Segrave []
November 22, 2010 link

It is difficult to ascertain if the 2009 swine flu hoax was aborted because of exposure by alternative media and grassroots activism, or if it was just a beta test for things to come. I do know that the logistics, training programs and legal framework is still in place for a 'false flag' medical martial law operation to be activated.

Although Janet Napolitano is Secretary of Homeland Security now, Michael Chertoff's legacy still remains as this agregious institution is on the vanguard of a nightmarish agenda:

(Michael Chertoff was working on the PATRIOT Act before 9/11, he had a hand in "normalizing" torture, he sat on his hands and let New Orleaneans die, and now he's engineered a mass TSA irradiation and humiliation program that effects millions of Americans in which he is reportedly an indirect financial benefactor. 'Chertoff' means the devil in Russian.)

The following paper reveals the role FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security played in formulating and implimenting various programs that may ultimately adversely effect our lives.

From Dee Nicholson []
November 22, 2010
15 Dangerous Drugs Big Pharma Shoves Down Our Throats

In the pharmaceutical industryís rush to get drugs to market, safety usually comes last. And the public suffers.

alternet link


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