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From Phil Segrave []
August 27, 2010
Why would governments all over the world start pushing programs to collect DNA from children?
Nazi Germany had registry programs with the assistance of IBM. There is much potential for abuse
with these type of identification, tracking and surveillance programs as governments globally are
conditioning the latest generation to accept a high tech police state:

Why are these programs being forced on parents without their consent?

Biometric Scanners for Kiddies:
Wonderful police state security measures touted to kids as normal, useful and fun

National “DNA warehouse” bill passes

Picture of "kit" including fingerprinting and DNA and barcodes:

From Phil Segrave []
August 25, 2010
Keep an eye on these contractors! Next pandemic will be hemo fever with these people waiting in the wings with a "cure". -EvS


The Defense Threat Reduction Agency at Fort Belvoir, VA is awarding contracts to find new anti-viral compounds that are effective against hemorrhagic fever viruses, a class that includes Ebola and other diseases.
Drug development is a long and expensive process ($100 million is often mentioned as the table stakes to get a drug through approvals), and promising therapies do not all make it through the research and testing stages. Even so, the research is interesting:
• AVI BioPharma’s AntiSense Approach [updated]
• Alnylam Pharmaceuticals & Tekmira’s RNAi Approach
• Functional Genetics’ TSG101 Approach
• Peregrine Pharmaceuticals’ Bavituximab
• Contracts & Key Events [updated]

From Susan
August 24, 2010
Edward Stourton chairs a live debate in which Professor David Marsland defends his view that the mentally and morally unfit should be sterilised. Professor David Marsland is Emeritus Scholar of Sociology and Health Sciences at Brunel University, London and Professorial Research Fellow in Sociology at the University of Buckingham. He argues that the only way to prevent the abuse and neglect of children whose parents are incapable of looking after them is to stop them from being born in the first place.

It should be open to police and social workers to recommend that drug addicts, alcoholics and the mentally disabled should be irreversibly sterilised – and the courts should be able to enforce this. Challenging his views will be three expert witnesses including a senior social worker, a drugs charity lawyer and a moral philosopher. Listeners also join in via emails and text-messages.'


1. Wed 25 Aug 2010
BBC Radio 4

2. Sat 28 Aug 2010
BBC Radio 4

From Susan
August 23, 2010
Forced brain implant MRI scan image,
medical and investigative reports

Proof that Targeted Individual, James Walbert, resident of Wichita, Kansas is experiencing torturous U.S. human rights abuses involving covertly forced, implanted RFID chips, including one in his brain, and subsequently kept under surveillance for the remote electronic injury is evidenced in his MRI scan and letters from investigators, health professionals and Representative Jim Guest (Missouri).

From Phil Segrave []
August 23, 2010

Thank you for this amazing YT clip: pyramid power !!!

The implications are mind blowing. This is analogous to a child's science project, but it is representative of why the ancients built pyramids and they were aware of it's energy producing and manipulation capabilities. Obviously, as seen in this 3 min clip, previous cultures, including cultures before the 'dynastic' Egyptians, understood the science of celestial forces and gravitional fields far better than physicist today.

It is also important to be cognizant of the fact that this technology is viewed by Illuminists (the serpent race; followers of Satan); the secret societies that are alledged to be decendants of the Anakim (ancient aliens) who 'inter-bred' with the daughters of man in effect producing a master race, as being instrumental in empowering the psyche as these demigods of this earthly realm have demonstrated by building their structures, such as cathedrals, government buildings and obelisk, on geographical ley lines. The Great Pyramid of Giza is also built on a ley line.

As you know, Saturn is said to be Satans planet. If you want to see physical evidence of Satans existence, watch this:

The Mystery Hexagon on SATURN

Now draw a Hexagon like this on paper:

Now draw a hexagram, a six pointed Star of Remphan, which is associated with the worship of Saturn or Satan (minus the serpent) as in the image below, in the hexagon so that each point of the star is in each corner of the hexagon:

The interlaced triangles, one (lighter) pointing upwards and the other (darker) pointing downwards, represents the transposition of spirit into matter. The pyramids within the serpent circle represents the universe ruled by Satan.

(Incidentally, the serpent eating it's tail, a sign of infinity, is a common symbol in co-Masonic lodges, but the image was modified to form the letter 'G' in the compass and square symbol of the Freemasons below)

(Notice the six pointed star also overlays into this symbol.)

Now scroll about 3 minutes into this clip in The Red Shield video:

Hexagram - Star of David or star of... (1of2)



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