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From Susan
I believe we have been here on this earth hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes. We keep coming back over and over by choice and to further expand human consciousness. Marcel interviewed Paul Von Ward who is one of the leaders in scientific reincarnation research. You may find the video interview interesting

We have been both men and women, died young and lived old throughout our lifetimes. We have been murderers and been murdered. We have been kings and queens. We have been rich and poor. We have been famous and homeless. At this point, almost every human being has experienced the gamut of life experience on planet earth. There is nothing that most of us have not endured.

Exponential population growth means new souls are allowed in to experience this biological space suit we call a human body. There are trillions of trillions of life forms in the universe and we are one of those on a small planet called Earth. Our source energy is fractal and we can experience multiple life-forms at once. This means you can be a human on earth and an alien on another star system simultaneously through source energy. Connection to our source energy (where we really come from) helps guide our destiny which means nothing is by chance or coincidence. We have FREE WILL but nothing is by coincidence. We attract every single thing that happens in our lifetimes, whether it be pleasure or pain, ecstasy or suffering. We can only experience what we are a vibration of. That means there are no victims and we attract exactly what we require to learn in this lifetime. If that means being raped, tortured, aborted as baby or even murdered as child…this is all par for the course and it is only ego that spins the perceptive negatives on these experiences. In reality those events are exactly what we need to progress.

We are eternal and very powerful beings and the PTB know this so they make every attempt to keep us from knowing what we really are capable of. But we have really agreed to do this to ourselves. It is all a game and we’re right in the middle of it. It’s a game to see how low of a vibration we can experience before we climb back up to our source. That’s why we have made it very difficult for ourselves via the PTB to know what we actually are. We are all part of the PTB and they are all part of us. They are part of the planetary and human vibration that allows them to do what they do….in essence we agree and let them do as they do. Since they are part of us, we are learning through them as they are through us.

The earth is currently ascending out from the iron age and the third dimension into the fourth and fifth where governments and control mechanisms as we know them today will cease to exist. Since the earth and humanity is adopting a new vibration in another dimension, any entity not ascending to the fourth will likely terminate from our perspective. This means that the earth will see a mass exodus in the coming years of those who have chosen not to experience the fourth dimension for whatever reason.

That’s it in a nutshell. Of course, this is all my perspective which is no more true than your own. Take what you will from it, but know that the only enduring human characteristic that outlasts all others and stems from our source is LOVE. That’s why you love and I love and why we love each other, even though we have never met on physical level. But I’ve known you and you’ve known me in other lifetimes where we have met personally. This is a simply different experience in this lifetime of how we interact.

Everything we do and have created is out of love as difficult as that may be to believe from the perspective of ego. But this is what you and I and every human being are all about. You will know your purpose when you die and it will all make sense then, but trust that you do have purpose and believe you are fulfilling it. How can you not…you are attracting it.

From Eileen Dannemann
Dr. Yolande Lucire is in our network. She is a foresensic psychiatrist, Phd researcher in pharmacogenetics. She basically saved my son David Dannemann who was misdiagnosed as bipolar after experimenting with LSD at 19 years old. He was in and out of the University of Iowa psyche ward; given drugs like Haldol, Tradazone, Adavan....all requiring the gene Cytochrome P450 2D6 to metabolize. For years he was being dumbed down and made incoherent until Dr. Lucire facilitated a simple gene test (swabbing the mouth). He was indeed missing all 2D6 activity and therefore was being poisoned and having suicidal ideations, being arrested, thrown into the psyche wards. He is now recovering by withdrawing all prescription drugs....thanks to Dr. Lucire.

The interesting thing I found was that the glutathione pathway implicated in vaccine injury/ Autism Spectrum is found on the same cytochrome 450. Vaccines are so toxic that if someone is a poor metabolizer they will sustain a vaccine injury; then get misdiagosed as ADHD, ADD, etc and then given harmful life debilitating drugs.

Why this is so because all of us know people who are taking anti depressants, SSRIs, and ADHD medication, especially the kids these days. Special needs education is at an all time high!

Kids who do street drugs to experiment like David did and are missing their 2D6 activity...act so strange that invariably the parent takes them to the Doctor and they get their own prescription. And then they get worse, apparently more psychotic, but that is because they have no metabolic activity. As they appear more psychotic they get more of a cocktail of drugs and their lives go down hill. This goes for depressed adults too.

Education and a standard of care protocol to test a person before giving vaccines or psyche drugs has been suppressed in the medical industry and to the public. Homicides, suicides are moving upward at an alarming rate. Some drugs (and far from how many should be) are labled as suicidal. That is because a substantial percentage of people who are taking these drugs are poor metabolizers.

Look at this link and on the Mayo clinic link- as much as 50% of the psyche drugs need 2D6 to metabolize. This is a pharma-medical coverup of an egregious kinds. There is also a list of the drugs that must be metabolized by 2D6.

Missing 2D6 is not a debility. I believe it is an evolutionary issue. 30% of Tanzanian Africans have evolved to have multiple 2D6 because they eat a lot of weeds as growing food is difficult in that area. So they are basically eating alot of source medication. They have become ULTRA RAPID METABOLIZERS.

Those who are found to be poor metabolizers, missing 2D6 should not be vaccinated; should not use street or prescription drugs; should stay away from toxic substances and eat organic food. Notice that these are the natural attitudes of the enlightened. Nature slam dunks the highly moral and spiritual when they stray from the high path...I think the missing 2D6 is a corresponding physical condition of a certain spiritual proclivity and a blessing for all those incarnating into the greatest DRUG EPOCH in the history of mankind.

If you or your loved ones are having "apparent" mental problems get tested. It cost only $290.00 at this time in Australia at the lab Dr. Lucire uses. Read more on our site about 2D6, Dr. Lucire's recent published study (riveting) on homicides and 2D6, and the Mayo Clinic:

Below read about the great australian whistleblow, Dr. Yolande Lucire who is in our network.

From Eileen Dannemann

However, the worse adjuvants are marching toward us.



Best regards,

Eileen Dannemann

From Phil Segrave
Comment: Time to re-evaluate socialized medicine otherwise know as Obama (nation) care:

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

[The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that was signed into law on March 23, 2010]

This guide was created in order to answer some of the most often-asked questions about the new health care reform bill, titled the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which was signed into law earlier this year. Each year the bill is slated to roll out new provisions that affect individuals, businesses, insurance companies, health care providers, and the government. We’ve created this easy-to-read guide in order to help seniors, their families and the professionals who work with them navigate the complexities of how healthcare reform affects seniors.
Changes in 2014

U.S. citizens and legal residents will be required to have qualifying health coverage. For those without coverage, fines of $95 per individual up to $285 per family or 1% of taxable household income, whichever is greater, will be assessed.

Health insurance “exchanges” will be offered for people who don’t have coverage through their job. Anyone who is eligible for an exchange program but chooses not purchase it will be subject to a penalty.


Disclosure of financial relationships between health entities will be required. Physicians, hospitals, pharmacists, and other providers must disclose their fiscal arrangement with manufacturers and distributors of covered drugs, devices, biologicals, and medical supplies.

Medical records, health information, and billing records will be required to exist on a secure, confidential, and electronic standardized system (think vaccination registries) with the intent of cutting costs, decreasing medical errors, and improving the quality of care.

How does the government know whether someone has insurance coverage or not?

The bill does not specifically state how the mandate for health insurance coverage will be enforced by the government. Most likely, individuals will have to provide proof when they file their taxes each year. If an individual is on Medicare or Medicaid, the government will have direct knowledge of that coverage. Employees who accept insurance coverage through their employers will have that information reported for them by their employers to the IRS.

What is the “essential benefits” package and who determines what is offered in the package?

Beginning 1/1/2014, the Secretary of Health and Human Services will define the “essential benefits” package, which will be updated annually.

Summation: This law makes this socialized medicine plan mandatory (consumers have to pay for a service whether they receive it or not), and the government reserves the right to change the public health insurance policy provisions at will.

From Eileen Dannemann

keep listening there seems to be several main media videos back to back.

They are spinning the truth. They say if you get the shot after you are sexually active the vaccine no longer works. What the real truth is that if you get the vaccine after you are sexually active you probably have had one of the hundred strains and if you get vaccinated while sexually active you have a 44.6 increase in getting cancerous lesions.

See our Gardasil video after you see this ABC

I even heard the representative on CBS say that there has been no bad effects on this vaccine "since the beginning"


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