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From Phil Segrave
Comment: Would you invest 6 minutes of your time to find out about the catastrophe that is going to happen to health care in the U. S. A. in January 2013?

No? Then say good bye to over 40% of medical doctors who will resign rather than be fined and/or imprisoned for refusing to participate in a government sanctioned eugenics program and say good bye to a large chunk of Medicare that will be reallocated to fund the trillion dollar plus Obamacare program, the inflated costs the public's extorted premiums do not cover.

Now say hello to health care protocols that will decide if your age will justify the expense of covered treatment. In other words, there will be a beauracracy of de facto death panels who will be telling the remaining compliant doctors to sign off on genocide.

Dr. David Janda explains rationing and why Dr. Rob Steele must defeat Dingell.

U.S. Rep. John D. Dingell, D-Dearborn, was returned to Congress for an unprecedented 29th term Tuesday, but had to weather his tightest race in decades to do it, and his Monroe County support waned.

Rep. Dingell, 84, beat back a stiff challenge from Dr. Rob Steele, 52, an Ann Arbor cardiologist, by at least 118,117 votes to 83.305 with 99 percent of votes tallied. Dr. Steele outpolled Rep. Dingell in Monroe County, 26,785 -19,767, but Dingell strongholds in Downriver and Dr. Steele's home base of Ann Arbor turned the tide in favor of the longest-serving representative and against the University of Michigan graduate.

Comment: The tribe has spoken.

From cdsapi

It is becoming extremely obvious that honest debate on important issues no longer exists and that discussions and outcomes are being totally manipulated by facilitators and manipulators who are expert at orchestrating precisely the results that THEY want, even though these are the very opposite to what makes sense or is essential.
This is called the Delphi Technique.
At no time in my memory has this technique for developing “herd compliance” been more evident than during the present Canadian Election. It is important that we all know That we are being manipulated, HOW we are being manipulated, WHY we are being manipulated - and HOW we can sabotage and neutralize these manipulative techniques.
Attached is a document detailing how to Defeat the Delphi Technique.
Please pass this on to everyone, electronically or hard copy.
This information is essential if we are going to outsmart those who are determined to undermine and destroy our democracy.
We are the only ones who can take back our democracy, take back our country, and take back control over our lives. So let’s make sure that we become masters at recognizing and Defeating the Delphi Technique.
Share far and wide!!!!!

From Facebook
Are Drug Ads Simply Becoming a Laughable Marketing Tool For Big Pharma?
Drug advertisements continue to (or attempt to) convince the ill- or un- informed that they can’t live without prescriptions drugs, even if the risks far outweigh the benefits. The drug Stelara is an excellent example of ludicrous marketing ads which pharmaceutical companies such as Cilag AG employ to help sell poison for common skin conditions.
Wiley Mattson: Yep
Gena White Altheimer Check out Dr. Oz web site... Also check out Oprah show today. Great information for our health.
We find that although Dr. Oz has excellent topics and information o his show, he (or his producers) mix ample amounts of misinformation while failing to reveal many critical truths about health to his audience.
Here are a few examples we've ...posted in the past:
A Biased View of Genetically Modified Foods Recently Featured on the Dr. Oz Show
Inglourious Propaganda
Oprah's Health Expert, Dr. Oz Promotes
the Flu Vaccine on Behalf of Walgreens

That being said, he has brought many issues to the forefront not discussed on other mainstream venues. It's unfortunate that he continues to promote vaccines and other dangerous drugs.See More
Corrine Brandi Right on about Dr Oz. He's in the pocket of Big Pharma too. He did not vaccinate his kids with Flu Vaccine - his wife would never allow it.
Lucy Mason I have NO FAITH in oz ever since he told everyone in his audience last year that EVERYONE was getting a FLU SHOT!!!!4 FREE!!!!!then he went on and rolled up his sleeve and had some nurse inject him w/something? BUT I KNOW it wasn't a flu shot, probably saline water or something.......he is a mouthpiece for BIG PHARMA! "don't like"
John Bess Oz Is A Cult Member, Do Your Research!

From Facebook
Powerful Antioxidant: Yerba Mate
An extract from yerba mate, a traditional drink from South America, may offer an antioxidant-rich alternative to the brewed tea for use in supplements, suggests a new study from Brazil.

Grace Jan I love this tea but is not easy to buy it. Who knows which store in NY has it?
But you should be able to find it in any south american neighborhood or grocery.
Chris Jones is this drink available in the UK? i cant afford shipping charges from america.
Juliana Maria Rita delicious! I love it!
# ‎@ Chris These are possibilities

From Eileen Dannemann
Note the email in the Chic Trib...

This is the same gal that has gone after Geier, Boyd Haley, etc.

This is what she does for a non-living! She is a pharma blogger bitch! (oops...'scuse me!)

Chicago Tribune - FDA warns Dr Mercola on Thermography,0,7369962.story

If you are so moved, feel free to write a comment.


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