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From Dee Nicholson
Please share this information! Supplements are facing a massive attack now in the USA due to
the FDA's new guidelines, as well as the "Food Safety Modernization Act", as well as the
Border Security Agreement between Canada and the USA, among others. Laws are being
introduced everywhere that sideline natural health choices being protected as a right, and enforce
ridiculous standards for approvals.

As Lee Bechtel rightly points out, the onus is on the FDA (and Health Canada) to prove something
dangerous, not on the supplier to prove it isn't.

NHF is very aware that the solution offered to save supplements from the FDA via HR 3380
is a delaying tactic, not a final solution. Where the real dangers are is in the international regulations
to which we can all be made subject via trade and other agreements, and no sovereign law of any
country will be able to prevent their application... not if cross-industry trade sanctions are to be avoided.

This is why it is so important that we rein in the bureaucrats before these regulations are in effect,
and keep the pressure on to ensure that our governments are put between a rock and a hard place
in order to enforce them. In Canada, Harper has virtual control over everything, including the
Supreme Court and both Houses of government, but still has no right to alter or reinterpret our rights
under our Constitution, "Notwithstanding" a "national emergency" (Clause 33) Your voice, each and
every voice that values the right to decide anything for yourself, needs to speak up now... no matter
which country you are in!

Then, watch out for those "emergencies": They can get you vaccinated, too.... "for your own good".

Dee Nicholson
Executive Director,
National Health Federation of Canada

From Susan
Tell everybody you know that the increasing cyber war in 2012 will infect many personal computers, especially those running Windows operating systems. This is standard in the corporate industry but it has never been so relevant for the home user as it is now. You absolutely MUST have a backup of your entire hard drive including the operating system to protect your data. Especially if you are online most of the dayÖ.this is critical for you.

These viruses are some of the nastiest Iíve seen and cannot easily be quarantined with any anti-virus program once infected. For prevention, I personally have used ZoneAlarm ( products for over a decade. I use them for both corporate and home use and found it to be very effective in catching most malware. For the home user, I find Internet Security Suite to be the most effective since it has a multi layered approach with full anti-virus prevention protocols. They also have free 24/7 chat support which is an excellent benefit for the home user. I stay away from Symantec products as they typically drain resources and use filtering methods which can interfere with many networks. For backups Iíve used Acronis ( for many years and find it is the most comprehensive for backups and imaging. If you are purchasing a router, make sure it has an active firewall (SPI or stateful inspection) so that you may benefit from both hardware (router-based) and software (zone alarm) at both levels. I would also strongly recommend having a bandwidth meter on your desktop at all times (canít live without mine) so you can see the packets coming in (download) and out (upload) from the computer. This way you will know instantly in real-time if there is data be taken from your computer without your authorization and at what speed. My favorite app for this is Du Meter ( I could go on at several additional levels to enhance security but the above is sufficient AND THE VERY LEAST EVERY HOME USER NEEDS on their system.

It doesnít really matter what you use as long as it works for you. But it is imperative that you have some redundancy very soon as your vulnerability has just skyrocketed with this coming wave of criminal hackers with ill-intentions backed by corporate entities. This is pure organized crime and your computer is the target.

To those in our network, email me anytime for further assistance on this, but please protect your PC as we all need you to stay online.



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