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From Phil

Enclosed is a report I have entitled A Study On Multiple Sclerosis that took over six hours to research for those who are interested in the financial incentives permeating the pharmaceutical industry. Massive documented evidence is available to those who look for the information that modern medicine is more interested in 'treating diseases' than 'curing diseases'. This report presents some of that evidence on corruption in orthodox medicine as well as viable compatible treatment alternatives and possible causes of MS.
Included is a link to a web site published by THE UCSF MS CENTER whose members include medical professionals with very distinguished pedigrees who specialize in MS. On their site they collectively acknowledge in writing that there is no known cure for MS, but they have medical protocols that include pharmaceutical drugs that can slow the progress of MS. They also state that the cause of MS remains unknown.
In essence, they are admitting their training and their science is predicated on treating, as opposed to curing, MS with a drug, in this case a drug branded Gilenya, that blocks the bodies natural immune system that fights infectious disease while slowing the heart rate thus obviously creating unnatural stress on that vital organ.
As an amatuer researcher, I am not qualified to nor am I representing myself as an expert on anything, especially medicine. Also, I am not offering medical advice and/or my opinion about what anyone's medical choices should be.
Not many patients of diseases and/or their caregivers have the opportunity to review this kind of information some would not even take advantage of the opportunity to evaluate it, if they did. This is a long, intensive study which requires time and dedication to discern the multi-level implications in this report.
My only objective is that others will reach the best conclusions about what to think and do regarding medical choices with their own lives. It certainly not my desire to distribute misinformation that can cause harm to anyone. That is why we all should make our own medical decisions.
I hope you will keep it on file and distribute it to others so they can benefit from it, if you agree with me about my report's value. The contents in this report can be applicable for other neurological degenerative diseases besides MS [such as diabetes, as well as other diseases], so do your best not to be discouraged by an 'information overload' complex.
Is the following a tacit admission by the UCSF MS Center that drugs (both pills and injections) that contain dangerous risk of adverse side effects are marketed and administered based on theory? Read between the UCSF MS Center lines.

From Phil
The monsters who running the world show behind the scenes love to feed us evil is good, good is evil propaganda in the medium millions are addicted to - entertainment.

While they are incrementally setting up their scientific police state gladiator world for real, which is centuries in the making, they are producing films where there are good vampires as well as bad vampires and shooting down zombies who are 'being human' or look like average, everyday people is not only necessary, but almost a sport.

As huge viewing audiences are behaving like children and investing inordinate amounts of their free time living in this fantasy world that tv is programming and movies are producing, the real bad guys are orchestrating regional, and soon to be global (if people don't wake up) gladiator games (wars) involving nations (countries) which are killing, maiming and subjecting vast populations to abject hunger too.

Young people, in our world's warring societies, are morbidly and ironically being turned into killers like the young people in Hunger Games (in the past, now and in the future) while real living zombies and vampires spill their blood on the battlefield as they sponsor macabre films that are fictional fantasies for the entertainment of their victims.

Now that's a movie theme I would like to see - something that exposes this whole charade. It's ok if it is fiction and it's ok if the names are changed to protect the guilty just as long as their con is represented`in a classic manner. Four past movies that come to mind is Oliver Stones JFK, Tom Tyker's The Internationalist, Ridley Scott's Bladerunner and Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. There are many others, of course, but film producers and directors are putting their careers on the line doing them.
Stanley Kubrick must have been too close to the target because he paid the ultimate price for trying to warn us about who is running the world and our lives.

The Red Shield (1 of 18)

If we don't stop watching the NWO fluff, things are going to get worse and we are going to continue to be played like the suckers the NWO want us to remain.

The whole thing has a "gladiator" feel to it... with a similar theme. Kill, and you will live... don't kill, and you will die. Roman bread and circuses.
The movie opened with the 3rd- largest opening weekend box office of all time.
Too late to unring the bell. Those who wish to see what they are up against can view the flick for free at . The story line is hideous. Interestingly, though, one viewer put a review on the main page, saying that while the book had him in tears, the movie paled in comparison and wasn't all that good. I haven't looked at the movie yet but I would bet they took all the bits of the book with positive emotions and actions and turfed them out, for the screenplay. Sounds really gruesome. And yes, it's indoctrination. Lots of that going on....

The psychopathic theme of this 'Hunger Games' movie trash is meant to desensitize people to murder and survival at the expense of other people's lives, just like all the other games shows about 'conspiracy', lies and elimination. I put it in the same genre as the current flood of 'zombie' themes in the media. This is not 'entertainment', it is psychological conditioning to endoctrinate naive and gullible people, especially young minds, from respecting the rights and lives of others and to only think of themselves.

Harry Potter films were designed to introduce the younger generation to majic and the occult.

Don't support the financial backers by paying to see this crap.



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