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From Phil Segrave

CDC calls homes, demands immunization records in vaccine surveillance program

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control, which has been comprehensively exposed as a vaccine propaganda organization promoting the interests of drug companies, is now engaged in a household surveillance program that involves calling U.S. households and intimidating parents into producing child immunization records. As part of what it deems a National Immunization Survey (NIS), the CDC is sending letters to U.S. households, alerting them that they will be called by “NORC at the University of Chicago” and that households should “have your child’s immunization records handy when answering our questions...

The CDC Connection

Question: Is the CDC a front organization for Big PhRMA, and a front organization for the US/NWO/UN agenda(s), meaning government domestic and foreign policies are authenticated by cooperative CDC employees who, as corrupt medical 'experts', validate the governments policies?

Answer: 'Called Big PhRMA with good reason, the drug companies wield inordinate power over CDC policies affecting their industry.

'...the pharmaceutical industry has a giant "revolving door" through which corporations and government agencies frequently exchange key employees. That reality was driven home in a huge way today when news broke that Dr. Julie Gerberding, who headed the CDC from 2002 through 2009, landed a top job with Merck, one of the largest drug companies in the world. Her job there? She's the new president of the vaccine division.

Dr Gerberding...' heads up a $5 billion division that sells cervical cancer vaccines (like Gardasil), chickenpox vaccines and of course H1N1 swine flu vaccines, too.'

The CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices [ACIP] helps the agency decide what vaccines are safe enough to recommend. It is made up of 12 experts from hospitals, universities and state health departments.

At the June 2002 committee meeting -- the last meeting for which minutes are available -- four of the 11 members present acknowledged conflicts with Wyeth, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer, Bayer and Aventis Pasteur. Two of the four did research or vaccine trials for manufacturers. One of the four was a co-holder of a vaccine patent as well as a consultant to Merck.

Note: There is a large population of scientists and doctors with conflict of interests who serve on supposedly independent committees such as the CDC's Vaccine Advisory Committee and the National Foundation For Infectious Diseases that abuse their authority as medical experts by falsely validating the safety and effectiveness of vaccines with fraudulent clinical trials and studies. These investigative committees are funded by vaccine producers.

From Phil Segrave
Comment: California state legislative coercion of parents ratchets up to a higher level. Parents are given an ultimatum: No vax, no school for their children. Will parents be prosecuted for not sending their children to school?

Bottom line: The state is assuming control of what we put in our bodies. Land of the free, home of the brave? How do you define slavery?

Door to Door Vaccinations: Mom to Nurse, 'Get The F☠ck Out!'

Natomas school officials go door to door to find unvaccinated students

A new state law requires students entering seventh through 12th grades to get vaccinated against the disease by the start of the 2011-12 school year.

The legislature gave districts 30 days beyond the start of the school year to make sure all students were vaccinated or had a formal exemption filed by their parents or guardians.

As the deadline passes, thousands of students remain unvaccinated. Many school districts have been defying state law and allowing them on campus...

Senate Bill S510 Makes it illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food

S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, may be the most dangerous bill in the history of the US

1. It puts all US food and all US farms under Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, in the event of contamination or an ill-defined emergency

2. It would end US sovereignty over its own food supply by insisting on compliance with the WTO, thus threatening national security.

3. It would remove the right to clean, store and thus own seed in the US, putting control of seeds in the hands of Monsanto and other multinationals, threatening US security

4. It deconstructs what is left of the American economy. It takes agriculture and food, which are the cornerstone of all economies, out of the hands of the citizenry, and puts them under the total control of multinational corporations

From Phil Segrave
Maui residents craft legislation to ban geo-engineering 'chemtrails'

The mainstream news media has been quietly releasing an increasing number of stories these days that openly admit the existence of geo-engineering programs, including accounts of various chemical and particle release programs similar to the "chemtrail" operations that those dubbed as conspiracy theorists have been warning the public about for years.

Consider this recent report in Scientific American, for instance, which speaks openly about plans in the UK for an advanced new device that will pump toxins in the atmosphere to promote atmospheric "cooling."

YouTube- Smart Dust is already in our environment.mp4


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