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From Phil Segrave
A highly infectious strain of mutant rabies is spreading among animals across the state of Arizona, says National Geographic News. The new strain probably first appeared in bats before it spread to skunks and foxes in the area. The frightening thing about this mutant virus is the way it is communicated, say officials at the Centers for Disease Control. Unlike most rabies strains, it’s not carried from animal to animal through bites. Instead, it is spread through close social contact, like the common cold or flu. At this point, the transfer of mutant rabies from animals to humans “should be a major concern,” says molecular virologist Hinh Ly. Fearful that infection could get to humans by contact between pets and such wide-ranging wild animals as the fox, officials in the city of Flagstaff have issued a 90-day pet quarantine. link

From Phil Segrave
Above Gavins Point, the Missouri River drains nearly 280,000 square miles from five states, a region bigger than Texas.

Comment: Why is it that government exercises or drills seem to precede and or run concurrently with catastrophic events such as the bombings in Oklahoma, New York, and London?

BBC Radio - Drills Ran on day of london bombings 7-7-05 = inside job

Imagine roughly 55 million acres — the entire surface of Nebraska and southwest Iowa — covered in a foot of water.

You can begin to grasp the unprecedented, slow-developing danger facing folks from Montana to Missouri from the Great Flood of 2011.
In more than a century of record-keeping, the nation's longest river has never coped with more water.
Floodwaters are breaching levees, triggering evacuations, closing highways, swamping thousands of acres of farmland, destroying homes and lapping against hurriedly reinforced floodwalls protecting cities, airports and power plants, including two in Nebraska that produce nuclear power.
The damage bill will tally in the hundreds of millions.
As bad as it's been, the hardest parts are still ahead, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the river system's managers.
The Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station turned to diesel-powered generators Sunday after disconnecting from the main grid because of rising floodwaters.
[...] At 1,010 feet, water would begin to enter the auxiliary building, “shorting power and submerging pumps. The plant could then experience a station blackout with core damage estimated within 15 to 18 hours,” under a worst-case scenario, the NRC said. [...] link

From Facebook
The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.
-- Gandhi

Laurie Thayne I'm so glad someone said that. I was feeling that forgiving a jerk was weakness. But, perhaps it is strength. As long as you don't trust them

Dawn Stone Forgiveness is the attribute of the humble..


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